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This Little Python Package Creates Huge Augmented Datasets

After months of hard work, you and your team have gathered a vast amount of data for your machine learning project. The project budget is almost over and what’s left is only enough for training the model. But as soon as you train the model, you start to see...
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UPSC ORA Admit Card 2022 Out on

UPSC ORA Admit Card 2022: Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has released the admit card for the various post including that of Senior Scientific Assistant (Electronics), Senior Scientific Assistant (Computer), Data Processing Assistant (DPA), and others on its official website. Candidates can download the admit card from the official website, and Read – RSMSSB Recruitment 2022: Apply For 1092 Junior Engineer Posts on
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Learning protein fitness models from evolutionary and assay-labeled data

Machine finding out-based totally models of protein well being most incessantly be taught from both unlabeled, evolutionarily associated sequences or variant sequences with experimentally measured labels. For regimes the set up totally small experimental records are accessible, fresh work has urged programs for combining each and every sources of records. Toward that diagram, we propose a straightforward combination methodology that is aggressive with, and on moderate outperforms extra sophisticated programs. Our methodology uses ridge regression on dwelling-specific amino acid good points combined with one chance density characteristic from modeling the evolutionary records. Within this methodology, we safe that a variational autoencoder-based totally chance density mannequin showed the top likely general efficiency, though any evolutionary density mannequin would possibly well maybe be ancient. Moreover, our evaluation highlights the importance of systematic opinions and enough baselines.
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5 Fundamental Concepts to Understand Big Data Processing with Spark

Many of you may have experienced that your computer fails to perform well at some tasks. It either cannot do the task or takes forever to complete. Data processing, especially when working with large datasets, is one of those tasks. Your computer may not have enough power or resources to do large-scale data processing.
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Is Holographic Data Storage the Next Big Thing?

Every email you send, every selfie you take, every TikTok video you post adds to the amount of digital data in the world. And that pile of data is growing at an astonishing rate. According to recent estimates, by 2025, there will be in the neighborhood of 200 zettabytes of data zipping around in the world. To give you an idea of how much that is, one zettabyte contains a whopping 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes, the basic unit in digital storage and processing. That’s a lot of information.

3 Data Management Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Cloud-Based Vendor

In 2022, ensuring best-in-class Data Management is anything but straightforward for CIOs and IT leaders. The volume, variety, and velocity of data being collected have grown exponentially, as has the number of cloud solutions that require the use of this data without your direct control. To be successful, you must enable your organization to leverage this data fully, and choosing the right partner requires thoughts about security, scalability, and future-proofing.

Machine Learning Magic: How to Speed Up Offline Inference for Large Datasets

Running inference at scale is challenging. In this blog, we will share our observations and the practice on how Microsoft Bing uses Alluxio to speed up the I/O performance for large-scale ML/DL offline inference jobs. In this blog, guest writers Binyang Li (Software Engineer at Microsoft), Qianxi Zhang (Research Software...

Data Science Trends in 2022

The year 2021 was out of the ordinary as global businesses struggled to keep afloat amid the pandemic. This unusual situation accelerated digitization in businesses, which led to a surge in “digital data.”. This year witnessed a record number of hires of data scientist and data analyst positions as...

Top Edge Computing Predictions to Keep an Eye on in 2022

The significant growth of smart devices has put pressure on internet infrastructure, forcing cloud-based businesses to adapt and find new methods to serve their consumers. Edge computing, which involves storing and processing data as near to the end-user as possible, is a fast-growing business striving to keep up with demand.

Optimization Techniques Using Java Streams

The incredible amounts of data collected by digital technologies have created an explosion of big data analysis. It allows companies, governments, and other organizations to find patterns and predict future behavior. For example, it can aid in sale projections, marketing campaigns, solving and preventing crime, etc. The possibilities are disparate and limitless.

Top 10 Data Science Certifications in 2022

Data science certifications give you a deep understanding of the methods used to generate insights about processes and behaviors. As an interdisciplinary field, data science certificates vary in the type of knowledge and skills they offer. Data science is constantly evolving, and professionals in this field need to keep up...

Ricoh Europe enhances its Digital Mailroom solution with Intelligent Data Capture from ancora Software

Ancora Software, Inc., a global leader in Intelligent Process Automation solutions including Intelligent Document Classification and Data Capture, announced today that Ricoh Europe has signed an agreement to integrate ancoraDocs into its Business Process Outsourcing services and SaaS Digital Mailroom solution. Ricoh can now rapidly deploy these solutions across its extensive European customer base.

Zacks: Brokerages Expect Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADP) to Post $1.63 Earnings Per Share

On average, analysts expect that Automatic Data Processing will report full-year earnings of $6.77 per share for the current year, with EPS estimates ranging from $6.70 to $6.86. For the next fiscal year, analysts expect that the firm will report earnings of $7.47 per share, with EPS estimates ranging from $7.28 to $7.60. Zacks’ earnings per share calculations are an average based on a survey of research firms that follow Automatic Data Processing.

Notable enterprise data trendsetters, 2002 – 2022

As a former tech trends forecaster, I’m always pondering what we could achieve and how a better understanding of history could help us navigate the decades in front of us. Companies large and small have overcome major data handling obstacles over the past 20 years. It may not seem so, but we’ve gone a long way in 20 years. Remember, Nick Carr was only beginning to declare that “IT Doesn’t Matter” in an article in Harvard Business Review in 2003.

What Product Data Model Best Practices You Should Not Ignore?

Just like a roadmap or an architect’s blueprint, a data model acts as a conceptual representation to facilitate more profound understandings of the storage and relationships of datasets in databases and/or data warehouses. This crucial task of linking data portfolios, characteristics, and interrelationships becomes even more mission-critical when the target database is product-related that needs to be fed into a Product Information Management (PIM) solution.

From Vague to Value — Data Science & Analytics Practitioner Insights

As data professionals, we all want to work on cool data problems and to be successful in those projects. However, what often comes as a surprise is that the definition of cool and measure of success evolves as you go from school to industry. A paradigm shift happens when we go from working on data projects in a controlled environment (like school, bootcamps, etc.) to tackling data projects in the real world. With my years of experience as a data professional, being part of various conversations, and serving as a mentor for aspiring data scientists, I would like to share a few practitioner insights with this article.

Data and analytics are driving the next industrial revolution

In the second of our series with Stuart Deignan, Managing Director, UK at Globant, we find out why he feels that data and analytics are driving the next industrial revolution and what this could mean for businesses of all sizes. Why does Globant believe data and analytics are driving the...

Small-Scale Logs Processing and Analysis

Occasionally you need to process some HTTP server logs and extract analytical data from them. It can happen that you don’t have an enterprise-grade log processing pipeline available, and it’s good to know how to process and extract data from logs manually, using tools that are already available or easy to bootstrap.