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How to Use Machine Learning and Other Technology to Make the Most of Your Data

If your company isn't treating data like an asset, you could be missing out on a major growth opportunity. That's according to Swami Sivasubramanian, vice president of Amazon Machine Learning. Sivasubramanian was speaking during a keynote conversation on data and machine learning Wednesday at AWS re:Invent, a conference for business owners and other technical decision-makers hosted by Amazon Web Services in Las Vegas.
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What big data reveals about online extremism

As extremist groups and fringe movements like QAnon have gained mainstream awareness, their ability to rapidly proliferate misinformation and conspiracies has put social media platforms under heightened public scrutiny. Facebook, Twitter, and other tech companies have been reprimanded by Congress and media outlets alike for failing to seriously address online radicalization among their users. As the United States has grown increasingly politically polarized, the question of whether these platforms' algorithms—unintentionally, or by design—help users discover extreme and misleading content has become more urgent.
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18Birdies Hits a Hole in One by Selecting mParticle as Customer Data Infrastructure

#1 Rated Golf App Leverages Customer Data to Grow Golfer Participation and Loyalty. mParticle, the largest independent Customer Data Platform, announced that 18Birdies, the #1 rated game improvement and social platform for golfers, has selected mParticle as it’s customer data infrastructure. 18Birdies will rely on mParticle as the foundation of its marketing technology stack to manage data quality, enforce governance, and drive more personalized interactions with its millions of customers.
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New Report From Ithaka S+R: “Big Data Infrastructure at the Crossroads”

As “big data” has moved from the margins to the center of a growing number of academic disciplines, how well are universities, funders, and publishers supporting researchers? To better understand how big data research is pursued in academic contexts, Ithaka S+R partnered with librarians at more than 20 colleges and universities, interviewing over 200 faculty members, to explore how researchers work with big data and identify the challenges they face. “Big Data Infrastructure at the Crossroads: Support Needs and Challenges for Universities,” published today, provides insights into the support needs of researchers working across a wide range of disciplines.

How data mesh is turning the tide on getting real business value from data

There’s hardly a company on the planet that hasn’t recognized the need to make a significant investment in data, insights, and analytics. Many have been early adopters, eager to maintain their competitive edge. Many have invested heavily, motivated by promises of hyper-personalization and acceleration to business outcomes with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Yet many are still looking to see their investment come back in a meaningful way, particularly as they’re used to a straighter line when they invest in things like infrastructure.

AWS re:Invent 2021 kicks off with an announcement-filled keynote

From rapidly-deployable private 5G to no-code machine learning workflows, there was a ton of stuff announced during AWS CEO Adam Selipsky's keynote. AWS CEO Adam Selipsky took to the stage to kick off the 10th AWS re:Invent, and he announced a lengthy list of new services available, or coming soon, from the web hosting giant.

A better future in artificial intelligence

The need for people skilled in artificial intelligence has increased to meet the technical needs of companies after the digital revolution that took place around the world in the last decade. Due to this, this field is not only in the center of discussion today, but immense career opportunities have also been created in it. The prevalence with which the use of artificial intelligence (AI) careers is growing in all fields today makes this field look quite promising as compared to other fields. After majoring in artificial intelligence, the areas which open various career options for the students are:

Community Innovation and Action Center looks to deepen its impact under new co-directors Kiley Bednar, Paul Sorenson

The Community Innovation and Action Center at the University of Missouri–St. Louis was created to be a facilitator of collaboration between community partners looking to address large-scale challenges in the St. Louis region. It’s fitting then that the center is adopting a collaborative leadership model with Kiley Bednar and Paul...

Immuta SaaS enables customers to control their own cloud environment | #cloudsecurity

Immuta announced the availability of Immuta software as a service (SaaS) deployment. Immuta SaaS, which recently received its SOC 2 Type 2 Certification, enables data teams to automate data access control while eliminating the need to self-manage and maintain the deployment. Immuta’s SaaS deployment is a fully managed cloud service...

How the learning environment pivoted post-pandemic with these emerging design trends

Even in the best of circumstances, there is an achievement gap among students due to factors such as learning style, socioeconomic status, parental involvement, and access. As schools around the world have been challenged to carry on during the COVID-19 pandemic, all these factors, and their effects on student outcomes, have been magnified.

Data Engineer Roadmap | What is Data Engineer Roadmap?

Data engineers develop and build pipelines that allow data scientists to acquire data from numerous sources and generate and deliver big data insights. For translating data into a usable form, data engineers are highly regarded. They use established methodologies and statistical tools to analyse and interpret the results. The information they supply is used at all levels.

AWS’s analytics services go serverless

As Selipsky argued, some AWS competitors may argue that one database can just do it all, but he argues that different workloads need the right databases to back them — and he argued that the same is true for analytics services. But customers also don’t want to have to worry about the infrastructure that comes with running these services — and in addition to doing away with having to manage clusters, users will also only have to pay for the resources they use. For Redshift, for example, that means users will only pay when the data warehouse is in use, not when it sits idle.
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Why mid-market transactions need tech due diligence

It is surprising to me how little technology due diligence happens as part of investment, merger, and acquisition transactions, especially in the mid-market. I am surprised because any investment, merger, or acquisition transaction relies heavily on technology for that transaction to make sense from both operational and financial growth perspectives.

RChain and Hoo: The Arrow Has Already Been on the String

On November 27th, 2021, RChain‘s founder Greg Meredith and blockchain scientist Atticbee were invited as guests to an AMA hosted by the Hoo Exchange. Hoo is a Dubai based innovation driven crypto exchange and has their in-house developed public chain, HSC, built for the global cryptocurrency market. In this session, Greg Meredith and Atticbee shared the latest developments in RChain and remarkable ideas about the future of the blockchain and metaverse.

Analyzing the Supply Chain Logjam: Where Freight Procurement Factors In

There is no shortage of issues that supply chain professionals are trying to tackle during this virtually unprecedented period of turmoil within the supply chain industry. From sourcing challenges to route analysis, each component of the supply chain today is under incredible stress. Freight procurement, in particular, is right in the thick of things.