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Fractal Joins Forces with SINE Foundation to Solve Data Privacy and Data Sharing Dilemmas

We’re thrilled to come together to build an innovative, highly secure, and privacy-preserving ecosystem for safe and efficient data collaboration. SINE Foundation is a non-profit organization, consisting of professors of cryptography and economics, as well as innovative entrepreneurs: a “think-and-do tank” combining state of the art cryptography with proven governance mechanisms to make Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC) more than a theoretical possibility.
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What is Data Lineage? Benefits, Use Cases & Techniques

Businesses need to understand how data is processed, transformed and where the data comes from in order to run their operations in a data-driven manner. Tracking the flow of data from source to destination is essential to evaluate the quality and accuracy of business-critical data. Data lineage provides a map of the data journey within business systems.
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Data Governance for Enterprises: Important Principles for Value Generation

Data Governance has emerged as one of the top priorities for organizations across the globe. Given this reality, organizations are handling their data consistently to support business outcomes. So, what is Data Governance for enterprises, and why is it important?. Data Governance is a set of laws implemented in an...

Country CDO Ambassador for the State of Ohio, USA Announced

(USA) We are pleased to announce that Ashok Chennuru accepted the position of Country CDO Ambassador State of Ohio, USA as part of our global partnership representing the MIT CDOIQ, the International Society of Chief Data Officers, Institute for Chief Data Officers and CDO Magazine. Ashok Chennuru is currently the Chief Data and Analytics Officer for Anthem, where he manages enterprise data management, cloud data infrastructure, data quality, data governance, and enterprise analytics application engineering, with an emphasis on delivering actionable insights to all lines of business. Through these initiatives, Ashok allows Anthem to better understand healthcare consumers and provide personalized care by using the power of data and AI-driven insights. The CDO Magazine community welcomes Chennuru as he joins our growing list of Country CDO Ambassadors.

Meet Raluca Alexandru, Forrester’s Newest Data Governance And Data Management Analyst

I have a mixed academic background in communication and advertising and environmental studies, yet I somehow always end up being attracted to technology. I don’t fully identify with the infamous Millennial label, yet somehow I’m constantly drawn to all things innovation. I have a long list of languages I would like to learn, places I would love to visit, and ways to help make the world a better place. Born and raised in a small city in the north of Romania, I moved to Amsterdam in 2010 and have called the Netherlands home ever since. I’m a dog person at heart, yet completely smitten with our two black cats while patiently waiting for that spacious home with a garden on the edge of a dreamy forest.

UK government publishes standard and guidance for AI algorithmic transparency

The UK government is hoping to boost transparency around its use of algorithms by launching a new standard and providing guidance for public sector organizations using AI. The move is being led by the Cabinet Office's Central Digital and Data Office, and follows the launch of the government's National AI and National Data strategies.

What makes a good data strategy?

Data has become one of the most valuable assets any business has — not just for digital giants like Google, Alibaba, or Facebook, but for small and midsize firms, too. Data allows companies to make better decisions, understand market trends and customers more accurately, deliver smarter products and services, improve their business operations, and generate new income streams.

The Value of Incorporating Master Data Management into your Data Governance Strategy

As a data governance professional, I am frequently asked if master data management (MDM) should be incorporated into an overall data governance strategy. The answer is absolutely YES. Informatica’s data governance framework (and most industry-standard data governance frameworks) identifies master data as a main component to an overall data governance...

Press Release: Agenda Announced for Enterprise Data Governance Online 2022

November 30, 2021 – DATAVERSITY announced the agenda and opened registration today for the seventh annual Enterprise Data Governance Online (EDGO). This free online event will take place at on January 26, 2022, from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Pacific Time. EDGO is designed to teach anyone working with...

Zaloni Introduces New Acceleration Program for AWS Data Governance

Zaloni’s acceleration program provides a cost-effective way to quickly implement data governance on AWS. RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC – Zaloni™, an award-winning leader in data governance and DataOps, today announced a new program to help customers achieve better data governance faster and more cost-effectively on Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) with the new Zaloni Arena DataOps Platform’s Concourse package.

Zaloni Automates Data Governance and Fast Tracks Data Access with the 6.4 Release of the Arena DataOps Platform

Zaloni’s latest platform release provides new features to improve data pipeline efficiency and user productivity. RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC – Zaloni™, an award-winning leader in data management and DataOps, today announced the 6.4 release of the Zaloni Arena DataOps platform. The latest release adds new features that expedite data discovery and data access requests and improve user productivity through customizable business glossaries and data governance automation.

Zaloni Launches Unified SaaS Data Governance Offering on AWS

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC - Zaloni™, an award-winning leader in data management and DataOps, today announced the release of a new fully-managed, software as a service (SaaS) offering in its Concourse level package of the Zaloni Arena DataOps platform. The offering brings enhanced business-focused data cataloging and data governance capabilities, purpose-built and optimized specifically for Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Top Government Chief Data Officers to Watch in 2022: FERC’s Kirsten Dalboe

Data is arguably the most valuable asset in government, according to Kirsten Dalboe, who heads up the data initiatives within her agency with a wide variety of priorities. That includes regulating electricity’s sales and infrastructure, energy’s environmental impact to the reliability and future investments within energy resources. “Our mission is...

Top Government Chief Data Officers to Watch in 2022: HHS’ Kevin Duvall

Former Acting CDO, Department of Health and Human Services. Kevin Duvall actually founded his own office in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, in response to the urgent need for accurate information about the spread and impact of the virus. He did so by transforming HHS’ ability to translate data into action.

Battle for Data Pros Heats Up as Burnout Builds

“Tell me about your motherboard.” This bit of grim psychological humor accompanied a rather gruesome statistic in a recent data engineering survey, which found 78% of data engineers say they wished their jobs came with a therapist. The flip side of the burnout-inducing workload is exploding salaries amid heated competition for data professionals.

A Relational Theory of Data Governance

Abstract. This Feature advances a theoretical account of data as social relations, constituted by both legal and technical systems. It shows how data relations result in supraindividual legal interests. Properly representing and adjudicating among those interests necessitates far more public and collective (i.e., democratic) forms of governing data production. Individualist data-subject rights cannot represent, let alone address, these population-level effects.

The next stage of data management: Data 3.0

Organizations have modernized their data capabilities past simple ETL and data warehouse-based systems to ELT (extract, load, transform)-based cloud native data platforms—but these shift in data processing and its value aren’t over. Automation, governance, and observability are connecting previously unseen dots to drive value past analytics. Access this white paper...

5 Best Practices To Forge A Data Education Governance Framework

Over the past couple of years, it has become increasingly difficult for colleges and education facilities to manage and collect data. However, there are a few ways these colleges and schools can make this job much more manageable. For example, some schools have launched what is known as a data...
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Using Self-Service Data Quality to Gain an Edge

Amidst ever-changing regulatory requirements and hype around the potential of data-driven technologies, demand for better quality data in the financial industry has never been higher. Stuart Harvey, CEO of Datactics, writes that self-service data quality could be the key that unlocks significant competitive advantage for financial firms. Demand for higher...