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Report: GDPR fines surpass $1B in 2021; breach notifications also rise

Nearly 1.1 billion euros (U.S. $1.2 billion) worth of fines have been issued against organizations in the past year for violations of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), according to the latest annual report by law firm DLA Piper. The figure, totaled since Jan. 28, 2021, represents...
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3 Reasons to Buy CrowdStrike, and 1 Reason to Sell

Cybersecurity is a large and growing opportunity that CrowdStrike is tapping into. Crime is an unfortunate and unavoidable fact of life, and protecting yourself, your family, and your property from it is a high priority for many. The same is true in technology, and because hackers and cybercrime will always be with us, companies are girding themselves with the tools needed to protect their businesses, their data, and their customers' privacy.
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Ground Labs Launches Data Discovery Network Helping Partners to Solve Growing Compliance Requirements While Boosting Recurring Revenue Streams

Enhanced program for distributors, resellers, consultants and alliance partners empowers global community with technology, training and services to extend powerful data-discovery solutions across on-premise and in the cloud. Ground Labs, the leading provider of data discovery solutions, unveiled the Ground Labs Data Discovery Network, its expanded program to further welcome...
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Have You Left a Backdoor Open for Cybercriminals?

Hat are tIn the world of cybersecurity, a backdoor refers to any technique a person can use to grant themselves remote access to your device. A backdoor is a convenient tool for remote IT support. However, this method of intrusion is among the most popular with cybercriminals. Unlike tech support...

Indian Fashion Retailer Data Leaked on Darknet Marketplace

Ransomware group ShinyHunters has stolen 700 GB of data belonging to customers and employees of Indian fashion and retail firm Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail, ABFRL, Troy Hunt, founder of Have I Been Pwned, tells Information Security Media Group. Hunt has "confirmed and verified" the breach to ISMG, adding that...

SpyCloud Unveils its Identity Risk Engine

FinovateFall Best of Show winner SpyCloud has launched its latest solution to combat online fraud. The SpyCloud Identity Risk Engine, unveiled this week, analyzes billions of data recaptured from the dark web to help businesses and financial institutions make faster, more accurate, real-time fraud mitigation decisions. What’s unique about SpyCloud’s...

Top reasons to explore a career in cybersecurity

India is topping the charts when it comes to cyberattacks around the continent. According to the State of Cybersecurity, ISACA, 2021, 32% of Indian organizations said that they experienced more cyberattacks in 2021 than the year before. As cyberattacks become more frequent and cost organizations billions of dollars every year, the scarcity of specialists and trained.

BlackCat Ransomware Group is the one behind Moncler data breach

Moncler, a Italian luxury fashion giant has suffered a data breach when AlphV/Blackcat ransomware group. The attack happened last year on December 2021 and the stolen data has been published on the dark web today. The Alpv/Blackcat had compromised Moncler network on the last week of 2021. Initially it looked...

Ways To Make Cybersecurity A Team Effort

Global Director of Threat Research Advisory Center at Verizon. Whether it’s adopting a zero-trust architecture, embracing two-factor authentication or moving to secure, cloud-based applications, there are many practical ways businesses can better protect themselves from potentially devastating cybersecurity threats and breaches. But the most important factor in ensuring cybersecurity protocols are successful is not always the technology — it’s your employees. No matter the scale of the threat or the size of the business, employees play a critical role in thwarting the efforts of hackers, data thieves and other bad actors.

Cyberattacks 2021: Phishing, Ransomware & Data Breach Statistics From the Last Year

The year 2021 was a busy year for cybersecurity experts and IT professionals as businesses worldwide faced a barrage of cyberattacks. In fact, the last year has been a record-breaking year for cyberattacks. The number, intensity and variety of these attacks is expected to increase in 2022 as cybercriminals continue to devise new strategies to launch sophisticated attacks.

Protecting Your Website Against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks

This post will show you how to protect your website against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks. Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks are listed in the OWASP Top Ten and the CWE Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Weaknesses. These are some of the most common and most dangerous vulnerabilities faced by websites. XSS...

Report: A private equity firm is collecting the data of millions of children

The instances of data mining, data breaches, privacy, and security violations are numerous and frustrating. Our prediction for the future is that these instances will only get worse, and the net will grow bigger. According to a new report in The Markup, that net got bigger six years ago when a private equity firm called Vista Equity Partners started collecting data on tens of millions of American children.

What to do in the event of a data breach

Cyber ​​attacks continue to increase and information breach is one of the tactics used on the internet to commit fraud. No one is exempt from data leakage, so it is important that when it happens the person affected know how to react, especially if the information that is at risk is personal or involves the company where they work.

Employee information is the most vulnerable within companies

The cybersecurity situation at a global level is something to be careful with because despite the fact that companies increase their protection measures, the number of cyberattacks also increases. Kaspersky, one of the multinationals dedicated to computer security, conducted a survey of Colombian companies on digital security and found a...

How To Protect Remote Workers From Cybercrime

Remote working varies considerably from one company to the next. However, there are many similarities also – and one thing every company has, no matter what size, is facing the threat of cybercrime. Malicious actors took advantage of remote workers during the pandemic. With businesses unprepared to deploy a...

Data Breach Customer Relations: What NOT To Do

Data breaches have become an unfortunate fact of life. But just because data breaches happen every day doesn’t mean your own enterprise’s incident isn’t big news that should be handled with great care. During cyber incident response, one public relations misstep can multiply the damage significantly. Here’s...

Data Breaches Affected Nearly 6 Billion Accounts in 2021

Fuel Your Pipeline. Close More Deals. Our full-service marketing programs deliver sales-ready leads. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Learn more. Data breaches in 2021 set a new record with 5.9 billion accounts affected by digital thieves, according to a new report by a VPN provider. The biggest breach of the period was...