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Miyazaki says there would have been no Dark Souls without Ico

The creator of the Souls series, Hidetaka Miyazaki, has said that his games would never have existed without PS2 game Ico. In a new Famitsu article celebrating the 20th anniversary of Ico’s release in Japan, a number of iconic creators pay tribute to the game. This includes Miyazaki, who explains...
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Creator Hidetaka Miyazaki credits ‘Ico’ for ‘Dark Souls’ existence

Grim, forboding, and relentlessly challenging, the Dark Souls series seems a world away from Ico’s gentle, introspective, and minimalist world. However, if it weren’t for the latter, the former might not exist, says Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki. In a retrospective in Famitsu celebrating the 20th anniversary of PS2 classic Ico...
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Why Dark Souls’ Leveling System Is Useless – Anatomy

In this episode of Anatomy, JM8 continues his discussion of FromSoftware‘s Dark Souls series, this time discussing why its leveling system is useless. Check out part 1 of the discussion from last week, about how the series is designed for horror.
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Dark Souls Wouldn’t Exist Without PlayStation 2’s Ico, Says Creator

It was recently revealed that the mind behind Dark Souls and Elden Ring sought to create video games after playing the PlayStation 2 title Ico. The creator of Dark Souls and the upcoming Elden Ring reveals that none of his games would exist had it not been for the 2001 action-adventure game Ico on the PlayStation 2. Representative director and president of FromSoftware, Miyazaki started working in game development in 2004, specifically on the PS2 game Armored Core: Last Raven. He was soon assumed the role of director for the Armored Core sequels. In the late 2000s, Miyazaki’s interest in creating a fantasy action-RPG began, which led to PS3’s Demon’s Souls and the Golden Joystick Awards 2021 Ultimate Game of All Time Award winner: Dark Souls.

Big New Dark Souls 3 Upscaling Mod Improves the Textures of all Weapons and Armor

A brand-new Dark Souls 3 upscaling has recently been released, which upscales the textures of all armor and weapons. Created by modder ‘Pink Bish’, this texture overhaul mod can be considered quite big and weighs in at roughly 19GB. The mod uses AI-upscaling techniques to greatly improve the game’s standard textures while retaining the art style of the original textures in the game. We’re pretty sure that Dark Souls 3 fans will like this new texture pack.

Dark Souls 3 gets a 19GB Mod that overhauls all armors and weapons

Modder ‘Pink Bish’ has released a new HD Texture Pack for Dark Souls 3 that overhauls all of the game’s armors and weapons. This mod, which is 19GB in size, uses AI techniques in order to improve the textures of all weapons and armors. Since this pack uses AI techniques,...

Fans of Dark Souls Will Love This: They Made a Dark Souls 2

Calling all Dark Souls fans! You’ll want to sit down for this: we have uncovered a huge announcement regarding the hit medieval video game, and it is nothing short of astounding. If you loved the punishing, crushingly difficult 2010 game, you’re about to lose your shit because yes, it’s true: they made a Dark Souls 2.

Everything you Need to know about Dark Souls 3

Dark souls 3 or also known as DS3 is the best game that has come to date. If you’re hesitant to buy the game just because you are unfamiliar with the events of its previous versions of game, don’t be. The plot is so complicated that nearly no one understands what occurred in those games. They’re just distantly related, but the key point is that you’re an outsider in a weird planet where everyone wants to murder you. Here are some of the most crucial things to remember about Dark Souls games such as Dark Souls 3, as well as some tips that will help you a lot in playing this game if you are playing this kind of game the first. Nevertheless, here is everything you need to know about Dark souls 3.

Dark Souls bonfire – sit down, relax, and die again later

Many dangers are lurking in Lordran, from standard enemies, to angry bosses, and ledges – the latter might be the most dangerous if we’re being honest. With all these things that put your life in peril, it’s important to have a safe place, and that’s where a Dark Souls bonfire comes in handy. These rest points are great and vital to surviving in such desolate lands.

Will Elden Ring be on Game Pass?

From the brilliantly creative minds of George R. R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki comes one of the most anticipated fantasy games of the past few years. Considering how influential both the Song of Ice and Fire series and the Dark Souls franchise has been on the world of fantasy, seeing what both of these two minds have created will be amazing, whether you play the game or not.

Dark Souls - Fan-Made Nightfall DLC Delayed to January

Wccf Tech reports that the fan-made DLC for Dark Soul has been delayed to January 2022. Dark Souls Nightfall, Fan-Made Dark Souls Sequel, Has Been Delayed By One Month; Now Releases in January 2022. Dark Souls Nightfall, the upcoming fan-made sequel to the original Dark Souls, has been delayed by...