Netflix Drops New Crime Series 'The Chestnut Man'

Netflix is fast becoming the home of crime, having released a number of documentaries, fictional crime films and TV shows recently. Their latest offering is a crime series called The Chestnut Man - a Danish-language show about a psychopathic serial killer who is terrorising the capital city of Copenhagen. The...
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Los Angeles Port Logjam Has Enough Containers to Cross Half the U.S.

By Brendan Murray (Bloomberg) The number of container ships waiting to enter the biggest U.S. gateway for trade with Asia reached an all-time high of 65 vessels, carrying potential payloads of cargo boxes that would stretch halfway across the country if lined up end to end. Outside the neighboring ports...
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Fall City farmer opens forest school

When Christina Lathrop first bought her residential farm, located minutes from downtown Fall City, its six acres were overrun with blackberry bushes. Alongside her four kids, ranging in age from three to 14, Lathrop spent every day of the last year, including through the cold and wet winter, clearing the invasive plants and preparing the property.

The 'world's safest city' for 2021 revealed

(CNN) — Safety has long been a paramount concern for travelers when it comes to deciding which destination to visit. But the world has been turned on its head in recent years due to the global pandemic and the notion of exactly what makes somewhere "safe" has changed significantly. This...
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Bakey opens downtown with fresh babka and loaves of bread

Baker Uri Scheft wants his customers to have baked goods straight from the oven. “As a baker, I always like to take the croissant that just came out of the oven,” Uri Scheft, co-owner of the recently opened Bakey, told “I don’t want to take the one that’s been sitting in the case for five hours.”

Babka, Burekas, and Breads: Bakey Has Arrived in Boston

Uri Scheft and Or Ohana — cofounders of Boston’s newest bakery and cafe, Bakey — are obsessed with freshness: right-out-of-the-oven, almost-burn-your-mouth baked goods, gooey with melted chocolate or stretchy cheese. “People often ask me what product I like best,” Scheft, a Danish-Israeli baker with decades of experience and countless recipes,...

How a baker from a tiny Scottish island became a TikTok star

TikTok stars come from all walks of life, but when Coinneach MacLeod started posting traditional Hebridean recipes and lifestyle videos from a small village on the Isle of Lewis, no one could have predicted that he’d soon have almost a quarter of a million followers. Not to mention 14 million views of his videos. His marmalade pasties, Highland cow cupcakes and haggis bon bons – as well as his thick accent and adorable terrier Seòras – have proved such a hit, in fact, that he’s just published a cookbook packed with the best bits of his channel that you can...

Something Wicked This Way Comes: Saoirse Ronan & James McArdle On Bringing Their “Apocalyptic” Take On Macbeth To The Almeida

It’s a mid-August afternoon on London’s Hackney Marshes, and four-time Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan is darting through the grass, with fellow actor James McArdle close behind her. In the middle of their Vogue shoot, the clear weather has suddenly given way to a downpour – with peals of thunder rumbling in the distance – and the crew has been forced to take refuge.

Zenvo Getting Ready To Launch Their New Hybrid Supercar By 2023

Five years after the TS1 / TSR, and three years after the hardcore TSR-S, Zenvo is reportedly ready to unveil their next supercar which will arrive before 2023 with a hybrid powertrain. Zenvo Automotive from Denmark is a well-known supercar maker amongst automotive enthusiasts despite the fact that it has...

Denmark Lifts All COVID-19 Restrictions Due to Amazingly High Vaccination Rates

The country of Denmark has reached a joyous milestone. After 548 days living with government-imposed restrictions designed to lessen the spread of COVID-19, the last of these rules has at last been lifted. This return to normal was made possible by the country's amazingly high vaccination rate among citizens over the age of 12. Because of their collective good-citizenship, Danes can now enjoy their restaurants, night clubs, and other events much like they did before the global pandemic.

K0nfig to reportedly leave Complexity at the end of his contract and potentially join Astralis

Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke won’t renew his contract with Complexity and is close to joining Astralis, according to a report by Danish website Jaxon. The superstar rifler of Complexity is in the process of recovering from surgery after he broke and dislocated his wrist in an accident prior to the start of ESL Pro League season 14. The injury will cause him to miss a good chunk of the end of the season, potentially even the PGL Stockholm Major, if the Juggernaut qualify. The international team recently signed Marcelo “coldzera” David, at least until November to fill in for k0nfig.