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Cured meats and cheeses withdrawn from the shelves ‘don’t eat them’, better check in the fridge: brand and Lotti

A new recall has been disclosed by the Ministry of Health: cured meats and cheeses withdrawn from the shelves, here’s what they are. Well four large supermarkets they have removed from sale some products because of bacterial contaminations and presence of foreign bodies. InformationToday Let’s talk about Lidl, Aldi, The Giant and Carrefour. Unfortunately, once ... Read more
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Chr. Hansen and CP Kelco co-develop shelf-stable, plant-based yoghurt alternatives for consumers ‘unwilling to compromise’

The ingredients majors have combined expertise and technologies to develop their ‘vegurt’ offerings. FoodNavigator asks Chr. Hansen and CP Kelco about the challenges they’ve overcome to create ambient, plant-based yoghurt alternatives. The plant-based dairy alternatives market is booming. According to Fortune Business Insights, the sector is projected...

Bisquick Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Bisquick Pineapple Upside Down Cake – Pineapple Cake with Bisquick is not only a simple version of the classic cake, but it is very tasty!. You may already have them in your cans at home. You can often find biscuit in most grocery stores, but if you can’t get your hands on it, read on to learn how to make your own version at home.

How To Manage Food Waste n Restaurants Near Ikeja

Every year, areas near Ikeja lose and waste a significant portion of their total food production, which is never preserved despite the existence of hunger and undernutrition. One of the primary reasons is that food loss and waste continue to rise in the absence of significant government or business intervention.
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Letter: Lab-grown meat is healthier and better for the planet

In a landmark ruling destined to save billions of animal and human lives, the Food and Drug Administration has recently ruled that meat cultivated from animal cells is safe to eat. (“FDA Approves First Lab-Grown Meat Product” Nov. 17). The ruling was granted to Upside Foods, funded by Bill Gates and Richard Branson, but also by meat industry giants Cargill and Tyson Foods.

They point out that the November food rise is the lowest so far this year

“In the fourth week of November the index closed with a weekly 1% price increaseaccelerating 0.3 pp compared to the previous week. Average monthly inflation slowed for the sixth consecutive week, reaching 4%, the lowest value in forty-three weeks (end of January).”, they pointed out from the firm. “This...

Easy Ways To Cut Grocery Costs

Consumers might not think it, but eggs are an expensive commodity. As of August 2022, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the average price of a dozen Grade A, large eggs was $3.12. Eggs are just one example of foods that have become significantly more costly over the last year or more. Flour, butter/margarine and dairy products also have become more expensive. According to CNBC, food prepared at home now costs 10 percent more than it did a year ago. Comparatively speaking, restaurant prices have risen by 6.9 percent, making it more affordable for some people to eat out...

The VegNews Guide to Vegan Holiday Nog

Raise an extra-large mug to this creamy festive beverage! Usually containing milk, cream, and eggs, it’s a miracle there’s not just one but a plethora of vegan options for eggnog. Whether you save it for Christmas Eve or down nog all season long, here is an exhaustive list of all the vegan nogs available on the market, as well as five fabulous recipes to make it at home. Cheers!

Mucus stuck in your throat? 6 natural ways to get rid of it | The Times of India

Turmeric is an absolute superfood. It relieves pain, reduces inflammation, and boosts immunity—exactly what the doctor ordered!. “In a glass of hot non dairy milk, combine half a teaspoon each of black pepper and turmeric, and a scant teaspoon of honey. You can drink this delicious concoction every day until the mucus clears up”, suggests Dr Patil.

Give them time: the fight between Tnuva and Shufersal continues Israel today

The battle on the shelf: After Shufersal, the largest food chain in Israel, did not approve the price increase of Tnuva from last week, a shortage of certain products of the dairy is expected in the branches. In the meantime, there is a slight shortage in some Shufersal branches, but...

How to Bring a Food Product to Market

Did you know the U.S. packaged food market is forecast to grow 4.8 percent annually from 2022 through 2030? It’s a trillion-dollar industry, which means there’s plenty of cake for anyone who’d like to have a bite. In fact, there couldn’t be a better time to launch...

Shufersal will flow money for the operation of the Golan Heights dairies for 3 months by Davar

Shufersell (TASE:) confirmed this morning (Sunday) that it will inject money into the operation of Golan Heights Dairies, which produces the chain’s private label, and will allow it to resume production immediately. Shufersal pledged to support the dairy in the next three months, and to allow the trustees to look for investors for the full operation of the dairy.

Farmers’ Souq Initiative kicks off its second season

The Farmers’ Souq Initiative, launched by the Dubai Municipality, welcomed public to its second season that kicked off on November 19 at the Palm Parks, Dubai. The initiative is a free agricultural, social and investment platform that seeks to gather all the Emirati farmers under one roof to sell agricultural, organic, and local products directly to consumers. It will be open from 5 pm to 8 pm every Saturday, until March 11, 2023.

#GivingTuesday: Support Arlington groups

The following local organizations are among those participating in #GivingTuesday. Is your nonprofit participarting? Send info to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:. Support the arts, others. #GivingTuesday, the annual global day of giving, is on Tuesday, Nov. 29, and YourArlington...