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Cawthorn sparks outrage after using phrase 'earthen vessels' in anti-abortion speech

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) has come under fire after commenting on abortion during a House floor speech Friday, Daily Kos reports. The 26-year-old pro-Trump congressman — who has a history of inflammatory rhetoric and has been accused of sexually harassing college classmates — began with a thought experiment in which he compared a fetus being aborted to a Polaroid picture being ripped up before it could fully develop.
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Hispanic group targets Oregon congressional district

A group of House Democrats focused on electing Latinos is looking beyond states with the largest Hispanic populations in its first round of endorsements. The initial list of endorsements by BOLD PAC, the campaign arm of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, provides a glimpse of Democrats’ strategy in 2022, when holding on to their narrow House majority requires steps to address recent Republican gains among Latino and other minority voters.
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DACA beneficiary strongly advocates for immigration relief in new ad

“My family is undocumented,” Miryam says in the ad. “When I was 7, I knew I wanted to be a doctor to help and heal people. My family worked so hard so that I could go to medical school. Every time I take a step forward, I’m pushed back five. And I’m sick of being scared. I am a good American and I deserve citizenship.
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Cartoon: RIP, dad

I don’t get autobiographical very often, but I needed to write this one. I hope you’ll indulge me. . This article is republished from DailyKos under an open content license. Read the original article at DailyKos.

Ready to resist and not sure where to start? Our new activism roundup is here for you

Daily Kos is an organization powered by people. Specifically, a community of activists and progressives who, for almost 20 years, have been working to advance progressive values. Our Activism department is an initiative to organize this community and affect policy conversations across the nation through strategic campaigns, coalition and relationship building, and political education.

Asian Woman beaten on train; hundreds march as violence on Philadelphia SEPTA train continues

Following an attack on an Asian American teen on Philadelphia’s Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) train on Nov. 16, hundreds have rallied together to show their support and condemn acts of violence against Asian Americans. Students and other residents of the city were heard chanting “Stop bullies!” and “Stop Asian hate!” Tuesday as they marched from City Hall to the School District of Philadelphia headquarters.

Stacey Abrams ‘bullish’ about passage of voting rights legislation like the John Lewis Act

Voting rights is at the top of lawmakers’ minds for the 2022 midterms, where new redistricting maps will take effect across the country. Already, some of those maps have faced pushback because lawmakers seemingly can’t even be bothered to be subtle about gerrymandering. And according to the Brennan Center for Justice, between the beginning of the year and Sept. 27th, “19 states enacted 33 laws that make it harder for Americans to vote.” More than 450 Congressional seats are up for grabs next November—34 in the Senate and all 435 House seats—making the midterms especially consequential.

Cartoon: Own the libs

You can help support my work & go behind the scenes with me over on Patreon:-) As the omicron variant spreads across the world and COVID-19 keeps killing people around the world, Republican politicians in some states have started to pay people to NOT get vaccinated. Florida, Iowa, Kansas and Tennessee have decided it’s a good idea to cut unemployment checks for people who have been fired from their jobs because they didn’t comply with vaccine mandates. Anti-vaxxer? Here’s your check!

Talking to the guy who has been tracking COVID for Daily Kos from the very start: Mark Sumner

We at Daily Kos were prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic from the very start thanks to comprehensive and relentless coverage by Mark Sumner. He wrote his first story on the emerging pandemic on Jan. 23, 2020, and has since written 382 additional stories, including today’s update on the omicron variant. I can honestly say the reason no one in my circle of friends and family has died of COVID-19 is because Mark had me properly scared shitless, and I prepared not just for the inevitable lockdown, but I made sure to educate everyone around me on the importance of taking this pandemic seriously months before the virus burst into the mainstream.

News Roundup: Another shutdown fight; Boebert ‘crossed a line’

In the news today: Another government shutdown battle. What’s the reason for this one? It doesn’t matter. It literally never matters. In the meantime, Rep. Lauren Boebert is being called out by a Colorado paper for her ongoing, incoherent attacks on a Muslim colleague; former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows is now calling himself fake news rather than standing by the leaked book revelation that Trump had tested positive for COVID-19 before he showed up—and refused to be tested—at the last presidential debate; and a second look at the videos from that period make it pretty clear that Trump was both sick at the time and knew it. Just call him Typhoid Trump?

Caribbean Matters: Congratulations to Barbados, a republic after nearly 400 years

In a dramatic overnight ceremony and celebration in Barbados, which began Monday, Nov. 29, and continued into Tuesday, Nov. 30, the sun set on Barbados’ status as a colony of the British Empire, with Queen Elizabeth as its titular head of state. Barbados is now a parliamentary republic and though it will retain membership in the commonwealth, after close to 400 years of being a colony, the island will no longer bow to royalty.

It’s not looking good for Roe v Wade

Yesterday, it seemed like there was the possibility of a chance that SCOTUS could so something other than eviscerate abortion rights nationally. Today, not so much. I don’t have the energy to write a real post about it, so I’m just going to point you to coverage at The 19th, Slate (twice), TPM, Mother Jones, and Daily Kos. Or you could have spent five minutes on Twitter, or you could be like me and get a billion campaign/action/fundraising emails from a multitude of organizations, all with the same message.

Anti-mask parent attacked school board chair by outing her 8-year-old trans daughter

As Daily Kos continues to chronicle, school board meetings across the nation have been steadily picking up both local and national media attention, and for an important reason. Why? If it’s not people protesting mask mandates, it’s people speaking up for (or, sadly, against) trans rights. In both of these cases, the people affected are students and the people who work with them—teachers, janitorial staff, bus drivers, and so on. As reported by CNN, a school board election in the small town of Hastings, Minnesota, involves conservative hysteria on both masks and trans rights—and led to an 8-year-old trans girl being outed. After she was outed, she was allegedly bullied by her peers.

Nuts & Bolts—Inside a Democratic campaign: Why don’t we take these races more seriously?

Welcome back to the weekly Nuts & Bolts Guide to small campaigns. A few months ago, I wrote a Nuts & Bolts diary about the lack of solid representation in local offices, particularly law enforcement. Sheriff’s offices and District attorneys are overwhelmingly older white men, and organizations like Reflective Democracy have pointed this problem out repeatedly. In a large number of cases, these positions are held by elected officials. In many states, local judges as well are elected officials. Sheriffs have an oversized position in law enforcement power, often provided to them by state constitutions, but over 60% of them run for office unopposed. 90% of the sheriffs in the United States are white men, but white men are only 30% of the United States population. The fact that they run unopposed, sometimes for multiple decades, leads to this imbalance.

Community Spotlight: The brilliance of Animal Nuz, Daily Kos’ first exclusive comic strip

Unless you’ve been at Daily Kos since the early days, you may not realize how much of the front-page content originated in the Community. Many staff writers and elections team members began as Community members, whose special interests and skills were first expressed in their personal Daily Kos blogs. The site lacked a comic strip, however, until 2010, when Eric Lewis, aka ericlewis0, launched Animal Nuz.