Lithuania and its peculiar, little-known farmhouse ales

Aldona Udriene sat at her dining room table near a painted portrait of herself. As the undisputed queen of Lithuanian farmhouse brewing, she is allowed to have a painting of herself. She offered us glass after glass of a strong, spiced brandy that was distilled from Jovaru, the beer she brews. If we finished one, another would appear. My guide had warned me about the local etiquette: “You have to drink, because if you do not drink, it means you hate her.”
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The expenditures of Ukrainians in Poland are increasing, but it is still three times less than before the epidemic

Expenditures of Ukrainians from the first half of this year. Three times less than in 2019. Personnel service experts note that this is not only the impact of the pandemic. At the moment, fewer workers from Ukraine come to Poland, because they are beginning to leave for other countries, which are also aggressively striving for economic migrants.

Democracy Digest: Polish-Czech Feud Disturbs Orban’s Populist Bromance

Democracy Digest: Polish-Czech Feud Disturbs Orban’s Populist Bromance. The Hungarian PM’s beloved gathering of populists and nationalists in Budapest was missing a key member as a dispute between Poland and Czechia over a coal mine caused the Polish premier to scrap plans to attend. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki didn’t...
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York Czechs welcome their new queen

YORK -- After being crowned in a ceremony to be the new queen, Alisha Vavra joins the legacy of Czechs who are a part of the club in the York County area. The Gresham native is currently a junior at the University of Nebraska-Kearney. She is currently studying music education in hopes of becoming a high school band teacher following her graduation.

Friday’s FTB: a way-too-early look at the Leafs lineup

We are one day into on-ice practices for the Toronto Maple Leafs and I’m already way too interested in what the Leafs lines look like and what they mean. I thought I would share the two groups from Twitter and share my many thoughts on what’s happening. From these two...

There is no Budapest in Warsaw. Hungary raises interest rates again, Poland still looms

Who will suffer more from high electricity prices? ‘Business will pay more’. This is the fourth increase in interest rates in Hungary. The Hungarian National Bank has been doing this every month since June. This time, the main price rose from 1.50 percent to 1.65 percent. In total, since June, the benchmark has been raised by a total of 1.05 points.