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LookingGlass Acquires Attack Surface Management Company AlphaWave; Gilman Louie Quoted

LookingGlass Cyber Solutions has acquired AlphaWave, an Austin, Texas-based cloud security technology startup, for an undisclosed sum in a move to expand its portfolio of attack surface management platforms. “AlphaWave’s cloud-native foundation enables them to clearly understand the nuances of managing one’s attack surface across the cloud and containers. This...
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10 Ways to Apply the MITRE ATT&CK Framework in Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Even after decades of investment in cybersecurity defenses, adversaries are still managing to slip through the cracks. And, as it turns out, it’s primarily known threats that are most likely to penetrate an organization. But how do those threats become “known?” And how can security teams proactively avoid attacks using this knowledge?

CyberThreat - Screenshot Saturday 19th Jun 2021

CyberThreat is an upcoming turn based RPG with a modern day setting. You play as a young man or woman going into their final year of study in a new school. Up to and after their arrival however, there’s been a string of mysterious deaths of students their age. The one thing they all had in common, was that they were badly abused by their peers through cyberbullying. The death toll is on the rise and the police don’t have any leads on these unexplained deaths. But what happens when the target of the cyberbullies is you?
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The Wicked Horizon Designs sound team music highlight

The Wicked Horizon Designs sound team music highlight:. The W.H.D team is pleased to announce our partnership with Music Producer Kyle Misko who will work in conjunction with our in-house sound team for Project Orion's original Ost. Each member of our sound team brings exceptional talent into our game project. Kyle has created music for several different titles in the indie game scene and in numerous other genres. Most notable are his game Ost remakes & remixes “Re-visited by Kyle Misko.” He has completely recomposed the soundtrack for “Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen & Soul Reaver” and wrote music for indie side project “Dark Renaissance.” Additionally, he recomposed the main theme for “Myst.” Remixed soundtracks for “Riven, Diablo, Warcraft, Gothic” and many other titles. His personal work includes such titles as “Dead Fury, Cyberthreat, Silica Nexus Project, Total Miner, Snoot's Adventure, Daybringer, Griff the Winged Lion” and many more exciting titles that are yet to be released. Kyle has also released 2 full scale electronic albums "Life Infused Music, Part 1 & 2" under "Dj Axaw" pseudonym, as well as an Indie / Alternative Rock EP's "Spring Thoughts & Amelioration.”

Managing the Cyberthreat for Microsoft 365: Balancing Collaboration and Security

Organizations worldwide are looking for innovative ways to organize and manage enterprise information, to both facilitate collaboration and reduce costs. The draw to the cloud is clear: it gives organizations the flexibility to support their de-centralized workforce's productivity, no matter where they work, for a reduced total cost of ownership and a consolidated IT infrastructure. So it wasn't surprising when, in the midst of a global pandemic, deployments of cloud solutions across enterprise workplaces exponentially rose. But many organizations did so quickly and without security considerations in mind for their Office 365 deployments, which are a treasure-trove of potentially sensitive and unprotected information.

Avoiding Security Risks with Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

This is part of Solutions Review’s Premium Content Series, a collection of contributed columns written by industry experts in maturing software categories. Business advantage is at the core of nearly every IT mission. Cloud-borne technologies add a seemingly endless number of capabilities to the organization, as well as a focus on services, applications, architecture, consumption, compliance, and a host of additional requirements. Cloud environments and the systems built upon them create a landscape of digital diversity that many enterprises are challenged with.
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Clop stopped? Ransomware gang loses Tesla and other treasures in police raid

Ukrainian law enforcement officials announced Wednesday that they had arrested several individuals involved in criminal activity committed by the Clop ransomware gang, a cybercriminal gang that helped popularize the “double extortion” model of not only threatening to encrypt a victim’s files, but also threatening to release confidential data that was stolen in an earlier breach.
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Cryptocurrency Monero Gains Popularity Among Cybercriminals

Experts point out that privacy-centric cryptocurrency Monero (CRYPTO: XMR) is becoming increasingly popular among cybercriminals, taking away a part of Bitcoin's (CRYPTO: BTC) cake. What Happened: According to a Sunday CNBC report, Chief Information Security Officer at cyberthreat intelligence company Digital Shadows Rick Holland said that "the more savvy criminals...

DIU selects LookingGlass’ cyber threat intelligence and analytics platform

Software company LookingGlass Cyber Solutions has received a contract from the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) to support US military cyberthreat hunting operations. The Department of Defense (DoD) organisation DIU has chosen the company’s cyber threat intelligence and analytics platform, scoutSuite. scoutSuite is an integrated platform designed to deliver customised cyber...

Revenge of the SaaS: Mandiant uses services to escape FireEye

Mandiant has untangled itself from FireEye (FEYE) by selling the product portion of the firm to Symphony Technology Group (STG) for $1.2 billion. FireEye's history as the most "almost acquired vendor" is finally over as STG takes the reins. In a cybersecurity divorce that had fewer leading indicators than the...

Revenge Of The SaaS: Mandiant Uses Services To Escape FireEye

In a cybersecurity divorce that had fewer leading indicators than the dissolution of Kim and Kanye, Mandiant has finally untangled itself from FireEye (FEYE) by selling the product portion of the firm to Symphony Technology Group (STG) for $1.2 billion. FireEye’s history as the most “almost acquired vendor” is finally over as STG takes the reins. The long and winding saga of two companies that never should’ve been put together will come to a close in Q4 of 2021.