We will not provide financial support for culled animals – Prentis

Farming Minister Victoria Prentis has ruled out the provision of any funding from Government for animals culled as a result of backlogs on farms caused by staff shortages in pork plants. The NPA is aware of 35,000 healthy pigs that have been culled and disposed of on farms, as farmers...
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Farming minister rules out compensation over culled pigs

Victoria Prentis MP has confirmed there will be no compensation provided for pigs culled due to on-farm backlogs caused by the labour crisis. The Farming Minister was asked a question by Shadow Farming Minister Daniel Zeichner, about what discussions Defra had held regarding a compensation package for pig farmers who had had to cull healthy animals due to capacity restraints at abattoirs.
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Jujutsu Kaisen Cosplay Highlights Maki's Brutal Culling Game Makeover

One awesome Jujutsu Kaisen cosplay has given the spotlight to Maki Zenin's brutal new makeover ahead of the Culling Game! The newest chapters of Gege Akutami's original manga series are still making their way through the Culling Game arc, but it took quite a bit of setup as the franchise is still experiencing the fallout from the status quo shifting Shibuya Incident. There's no better character to be an example of all these changes than Maki Zenin, who arguably made it out of the massive fight back then with the most changes inside and out going forward.
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Ask ELi: What’s Going on With the Deer Cull?

What safety precautions is the City of East Lansing taking during the ongoing deer cull in some City parks? What metrics is the City using to determine if culling deer has been successful? We bring you the answers to these questions and more in this Ask ELi to Investigate grab bag.

Deer Culls To Resume At Kensington

After a pause last year, deer culling will resume at a local Metropark. To address concerns of the overabundance of deer in the Metroparks’ 13 parks system, the Huron Clinton Metropolitan Authority Board authorized conducting white-tailed deer culls in some of those parks, including Kensington, back in 1999. The practice has continued nearly every year since, but was canceled last year due to a threat of violence.
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S.Korea culls chickens over bird flu outbreaks

Seoul, Jan 23 (SocialNews.XYZ) South Korean quarantine officials began culling about 427,000 chickens on Sunday as a precautionary measure after the outbreaks of the H5N1 avian influenza virus or bird flu, at two farms, the Agricultural Ministry said.

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam defends culling thousands of hamsters over Covid-19 fears as cases rise

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has warned Covid-19 infections could be growing exponentially in one area of the city as she defended a cull of pet hamsters. Earlier this week authorities ordered the killing of around 2,000 hamsters from dozens of pet shops after tracing a coronavirus outbreak to a worker at a shop, where 11 hamsters later tested positive for Covid-19.
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Coronavirus in Hong Kong: Only one hamster tested positive as part of preventive culling

Hong Kong authorities said on Sunday that only one of 77 hamsters handed over to the government by their owners had tested positive for Covid-19 as part of a culling campaign put in place after positive cases emerged at a pet store in Hong Kong. the city. More than 2,000 hamsters were slaughtered as a “precaution” after some of them, imported from the Netherlands by a local pet store, tested positive for Covid.

Hong Kong warns animal lovers not to obstruct hamster cull

Hong Kong's government Friday warned local animal lovers not to obstruct its ongoing cull of small animals, a policy triggered when hamsters in a pet shop tested positive for the coronavirus. The Chinese city adheres to the mainland's strict "zero-Covid" policy, in which even the slightest sign of the virus is stamped out with contact tracing, targeted lockdowns and long quarantines. The discovery of Covid-positive imported hamsters in the Little Boss pet store saw roughly 2,000 small pet shop mammals -- mostly hamsters, but also rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs -- culled as a "precautionary measure", with owners urged to surrender pets purchased after December 22. But the policy has sparked a backlash, with animal lovers stationing themselves outside the government-run hamster collection facility to dissuade owners from giving up their pets -- a move the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department condemned Friday.

COVID Concerns Prompt Planned Hamster Cull in Hong Kong

There are a host of reasons to be concerned by COVID-19 and its numerous variants — and, unfortunately, its transmission rates and ability to decimate the health of those infected are only two on a long list. There’s also the pandemic’s ability to spread from humans to animals, where it’s possible that it could mutate further or spread back to humans. Or, you know, both.

HK govt condemns intimidation of experts over hamster culling

HONG KONG - The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government on Thursday condemned the intimidation against anti-epidemic experts after hamsters were humanely culled to minimize the potential risks of COVID-19 transmission in Hong Kong. A pet shop worker has earlier been confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 and samples collected...

Culling Bucks for Genetic Improvement: Fact or Fallacy?

As explained in the article below, deer culling does not improve deer genetics, therefore, it does not increase the antler size of the remaining bucks in the herd as many people believe—and desire. Stated differently, culling, the most-employed practice of deer “management” for the last 40 years not only...

Explained: Why has Hong Kong decided to cull over 2000 hamsters?

Following an aggressive zero Covid policy, Hong Kong has recently decided to cull over 2,000 hamsters, after 11 of them tested positive for the virus and the first possible case of animal to human transmission was recorded in the city. Hong Kong has also ordered that 34 pet shops be...

Killing hamsters | Animal organizations jointly urge the government to withdraw the culling order and urge the survival of animals with negative tests

The government's humane destruction of a large number of hamsters caused social controversy. A number of animal organizations issued a joint statement today (21st) expressing deep grief, shock and regret at the authorities' actions, believing that this move may fail to stop the "small animal transmission" that has not been fully verified, and even deprive small animals that have tested negative for survival. right.

See Tool perform “Culling Voices” live for the first time

This past Saturday (15), Tool performed “Culling Voices” from their latest album Fear Inoculum at Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California. This marked the very first time the band has performed the song live onstage. You can see the fan footage below. Tool’s Fear Inoculum Tour kicked off...