Guide To R Markdown

If you are looking for a tool to present a neat and effective report, R markdown is an ideal option!. For my study, I have been working on a lot of reports, which involve coding with R and annotating my codes. And R markdown has been a great support tool in getting these reports done. It can combine your codes, their results and your comments in one place. Then, it helps render outputs in different formats like PDFs, Word, and more with just a click of a button.

South African girls acquire coding skills

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – MORE than 600 South African girls are to receive coding training in an effort to encourage more girls to explore these careers. Vodacom has launched the #CodeLikeAGirl programme to benefit the girls aged between the ages of 14 and 18. The training scheme will run from...

Implementing Infinite Scroll with Vanilla JS: It's Easy as A.B.C & D

Infinite scroll** is often used on social media sites such as Twitter or Pinterest. The feature allows users to load some pictures/contents on a website and then load more once reaching the end of the webpage. This article will focus on how to use JavaScript to make use of some properties to achieve infinite scroll. You can find other project files ( HTML or CSS files) in this [repo](

The Top 7 Websites to Learn Web Development Online

Web development has become one of the most critical skills in today's economy. That's because, behind every mouse click, there's a computer program that's making things happen. However, learning to code is neither easy nor effortless. In fact, it requires the mastery of complex tools, frameworks, and languages wherein every...
FOX 21 Online

25th Annual Inline Marathon Rolls Through Northland

DULUTH, Minn.– Close to 2,000 racers of all ages sped down the North Shore Saturday morning for the nations largest Inline Marathon that makes it’s in person return after being held virtually last year. It was a beautiful fall morning to mark the 25th annual North Shore Inline Marathon. “It...

An Eighth Grader Was Tired of Being Late to Zoom School. So He Made an App for That.

Seth Raphael was in middle school when the pandemic hit, sending millions of students from the classroom to Zoom practically overnight. As virtual schooling carried on from one month to the next, Seth and his friends found themselves facing a surprisingly common problem: being frequently late to Zoom class. That’s because, during this period of adjustment, teachers stored links to their classes in what felt to Seth like a jumbled cascade of Google docs and spreadsheets.

The CSS perspective: Robotics and automation

Robotics and automation are playing a greater role in distribution than ever before, as supply chain professionals strive to boost efficiency and keep pace with escalating fulfillment demands. So what lies ahead for the industry? DC Velocity Group Editorial Director David Maloney recently gathered five experts from MHI’s Conveyor and Sortation Systems Industry Group to get some answers and find out what the future holds for the automation and robotics markets.

Modern WordPress Websites 2021 Elementor & Adobe Photoshop Free Download

Https:// Learn how to make breathtaking, responsive wordpress websites using Elementor and Photoshop with 2 real world projects. What you’ll learn:. Building aesthetic and responsive real world websites using Elementor and Photshop. Locally Hosting WordPress websites using Local by Flywheel. Complete understanding and usage of the wordpress interface. Basic Understanding...

12-year-old coder made 6-figures selling Weird Whales NFTs

Benyamin Ahmed isn’t your average 12-year-old. When he’s not at school, he enjoys swimming, taekwondo — and learning how to code. At just 5 years old, Ahmed began programming after watching his father, Imran, work as a web developer. He started with HTML and CSS, and continued to advance his coding skills, later learning JavaScript and other programs.

Elementor Web Design Make Responsive WordPress Websites Free Download

Elementor Web Design Make Responsive WordPress Websites Free Download. Elementor Web Design | Make Responsive WordPress Websites. This web design course will teach you to make a professional portfolio website using the free frontend builder Elementor. What you’ll learn:. Elementor. Web Design. Wordpress. Responsive Design. Requirements:. Installed WordPress. Description:

Front-End Web Development Quick Start With HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript Free Download

Front-End Web Development Quick Start With HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript Free Download. Front-End Web Development Quick Start With HTML5, CSS, and javascript. Getting started in web development can be daunting. In this course, you will learn how to use HTML, CSS and javascript to start your journey towards web development.

D3.js alternatives | Learn the Various Alternatives of D3.js

D3.js stands for Data driven documents, is a JavaScript library used for producing dynamic, interactive data visualizations in web browsers. D3.js uses various standards such as. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and HTML5. It provides built in functions which allows users to create SVG objects, select elements and style them and add dynamic effects and tooltip to them. Google chart, chart.js, AnyChart, Highcharts, Chartist.js, ZingChart, pixi.js, RTCjs and webix are some of the alternatives to D3.js which provides the same functionality as D3.js. In this article, we will discuss these alternatives.

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 6.5.4

The latest minor release for GD bbPress Toolbox Pro, version 6.5.4 is the fourth minor release since 6.5 was released back in June, and once again, it fixes several more bugs reporting in the past few weeks. The four minor updates released in the past 3 months have fixed more...

Getting gRPC Right: An Introduction and Review

The question of APIs and their best implementation through online websites will always remain a tough nut to crack as the web undergoes scaled changes each year. It’s hard to think that the web was once draped by HTML and PHP alone until CSS and Javascript made introductions to make it more fluid and responsive. But if there is one interesting framework to study about APIs, it’s gRPC.