Bankruptcy Judge Orders Celsius to Return $44M in Cryptocurrencies

It will only impact Celsius users who stored their funds in custody accounts rather than the firm's interest-bearing Earn program. The U.S. bankruptcy judge responsible for the Celsius Network case has ordered the bankrupt crypto lender to return around $44 million worth of cryptocurrencies. According to Bloomberg, the ruling by...
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How is blockchain revolutionizing the mobile app economy?

Blockchain is the force behind the rise of Cryptocurrency. This is why they won the confidence of millions of people worldwide, especially the business community. Do you trade in Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies? You can do it using the Bitcoin loophole. Visit the website to know more about this.
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Biggest Movers: LTC, ATOM Extend Declines, Hitting 10-Day Lows

Litecoin fell for a third consecutive session on Thursday, as the token continued to move away from recent highs. Cryptocurrencies have been mostly lower in recent days, as traders continue to fear a global recession. Cosmos also remained in the red during today’s session. Litecoin (LTC) Litecoin (LTC) dropped...

Court Directs Celsius Network to Return $44M in Cryptocurrencies

Judge Martin Glenn’s decision, would affect a very tiny portion of the total client money. Just 15,680 consumers held around $43.87 million in “Pure Custody.”. An American bankruptcy court overseeing the insolvency of cryptocurrency lender Celsius Network has directed the return of about $44 million in digital currency.

Is Big Eyes Coin Set To Overtake The Market As Tron And Uniswap Fight The Crash?

TRON (TRX) – Helping The Content Creators Get Their Content Acknowledged. TRON (TRX) was initially a TRC-20 compatible token, but later on, it shifted to its blockchain. The main reason is the high transaction fees and low speed on the ETH platform. It has created a system that offers cost-effective transactions.

CFD: Bitcoin – The 5 Steps to Start Trading

Cryptocurrency trading has seen an incredible spike in popularity in recent years. In a survey conducted in 2022, millennials (ages 26-41) were found to be more likely to invest in digital currency than the older generation (ages 42-76). Millennials have a lot more years to go before they’re going to...

Cryptocurrency Price Prediction: ETH, BTC, Cardano, 9th Dec 2022

The cryptocurrency market is no exception. Cryptocurrencies, as one of the most important contributors to the financial world, have enabled many people to earn significant amounts of money through digital assets. Cryptocurrency, also known as crypto-currency or crypto, refers to any type of digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography...

Here’s why you should invest in BudBlockz (BLUNT) and Polkadot (DOT) by the end of the year

Cryptocurrencies are unstable as the market is constantly advancing and changing. Multiple undervalued coins are creating ripples now, which can be attributed to the bear market. Traders are introduced to new cryptocurrencies every other day. But experts believe by investing in promising projects, such as BudBlockz and PolkaDot, traders can make impressive gains in the future. This blog will discuss why you should invest in these two profitable coins by the end of the year.
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Different Types of Cryptocurrencies and Their Characteristic Features

Cryptocurrencies have been the latest update in the financial sector, with investors pouring money in as assets. After 2009, the start of the crypto era with the development of bitcoin, so many cryptocurrencies have been utilized for the last decade due to their volatile characteristics. Many organizations are taking cryptocurrencies as the favored mode of payment. Buying things and getting services like purchasing cars and booking a hotel can also be done with cryptocurrencies. Learn more
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Distinct Factors to Check Before Utilizing a Bitcoin Exchange

Cryptocurrencies have been on the rise in recent times, and individuals are putting their money into it by purchasing some popular cryptos like bitcoin. Bitcoin is in huge demand, and individuals are spending physical money for storing bitcoins for future purposes. The cryptocurrency market is quite volatile, and there are chances of ups and downs in the rates and values. Thus, it is essential to check for Bitcoin Exchanges that can help individuals transact using Bitcoins. For more information, visit:

While the crypto market is still under the FTX debacle, some coins are starting to form trends of their own.

The spirit of the World Cup and the date of December is something that has been circulating in recent weeks. As the market began to recover from the collapse of the FTX Exchange and its Alameda subsidiary, cryptocurrencies breathed a sigh of relief and some even began to form trends of their own. It is the soccer World Cup that has greatly affected the prices of some altcoins.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About These Top Innovative Crypto Projects.

You can access unlimited resources on the blockchain; specific crypto projects are also being released regularly. If you are new to crypto, buying and holding new projects is a good idea. Cryptocurrencies have the potential for exponential growth. We talk about Solana, Siliz, cryptoons, and croton. Solana is an innovative...

Bank of Korea propose regulations for stablecoins

The Central Bank of Korea has released a proposal on the issuance of stablecoins in the country. The report revealed that issuers of stablecoins in South Korea have to meet certain requirements before attempting any stablecoin project. According to the apex bank, the move is to curtail the control of...

CNBC’s Jim Cramer Warns XRP, Cardano, Dogecoin, and Polygon Could Plunge

Renowned CNBC presenter has commented on current market positions. Cryptocurrencies are at a point where their prices can fall at any time, generating large losses. Cramer considers that Tether is a stablecoin that does not generate great confidence in the market. Renowned CNBC host Jim Cramer has spoken about altcoins....