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Review: ‘Cry Macho’ a sentimental reminder of Eastwood’s talent

No movie star or for that matter actor or director has done it better for longer than Clint Eastwood. At 91, he’s still acting and directing, and his latest film, “Cry Macho,” opens this weekend in theaters and is also streaming on HBO Max. Despite his age, Eastwood’s star still shines as a director and actor.
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Candyman, Cry Macho, and every new movie available to stream from home

Just a few weeks after release, Nia DaCosta’s Candyman has arrived on VOD. A direct sequel and spiritual follow-up to the 1992 horror movie (also named) Candyman, DaCosta’s film picks up 27 years after the original and stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Watchmen) as a young artist who unwittingly reawakens the murderous spirit and unleashes havoc and horror on his loved ones.
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The Truly Amazing Al Ruddy Delivers ‘Cry Macho’ After All These Years

Every once in a long while, I manage to have an encounter with the film producer Albert S. Ruddy. It’s always—what? Funny? Fascinating? Enlightening? Unexpected? I think I’ll go with amazing. It’s certainly amazing to see Al Ruddy, at the age of 91, credited as a producer of Cry Macho, which is set for release by Warner Bros. and HBO Max on Sept. 17–and not just because the movie is directed by and stars Clint Eastwood, who is also 91. To put things in perspective, Ruddy has been trying to get the picture made since I was an struggling doctoral student of Modern...

Coming Attractions: ‘Shang-Chi’, ‘Cry Macho’ & More.

On Shang-Chi & The Legend Of The Ten Rings, Cry Macho And The Rest Of September 2021’s Top New Releases, Limited Showings And Repertory Screenings. The summer is over. But did we even really have a summer movie season?. There were some popular movies, sure, but no full-blown phenomena. Even...

‘Cry Macho’ is a sunset rodeo for Clint Eastwood at 91

This “macho thing,” says Clint Eastwood in his latest film, is “overrated.” Same with grit, he says. What? What is this, some sort of rickety, sweet-tempered road movie about an old man, a boy and a rooster?. “Cry Macho” is exactly that, in addition to be a few other things....

Clint the Legend in this Featurette for Cry Macho

Steven Spielberg, Hilary Swank and Mel Gibson appear in this featurette for Eastwood. One of the ways Hollywood and the Oscars can bring the country together, or at least bring back the half of this country they lost by becoming overtly political in the past four years is to broaden the reach and one way to do that is to not “cancel” Eastwood in the 11th hour of his career. One way to instantly boost ratings is to include something the other half of the country will at least watch. Just saying.

New to streaming this week: 'Cry Macho,' Scotty McCreery and 'The Morning Show'

Here's a collection curated by The Associated Press' entertainment journalists of what's arriving on TV, streaming services and music platforms this week. • Clint Eastwood has gone back to his Western roots with "Cry Macho," which the 91-year-old directs and stars in as a former rodeo star who's hired to bring a young man in Mexico back to his father in the U.S. People have been trying to adapt N. Richard Nash's novel since it was published in 1975, with everyone from Roy Scheider to Arnold Schwarzenegger attached over the years. Even Eastwood himself reportedly circled the role over 30 years ago. Like all Warner Bros. films in 2021, "Cry Macho" will debut simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max on Sept. 17.

7@four Film Review: “Cry Macho”

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - The new Clint Eastwood movie “Cry Macho” is headed to Virginia big screens. Watch the video to see Hollins University film professor Brent Stevens talk about it.

At the Movies | “Cry Macho” & “Copshop”

It’s time for our weekly look at the movies! As always, Movie Mike is here is discuss last week’s hits and misses and preview the new films coming out this week! This week we have 2 new films: western drama “Cry Macho and action flick “Copshop”. For more Movie Mike...