Explaining the mysterious 'Moon Cube' with videogame theories

Ah, the moon. Constant celestial companion. Monochrome goddess of the tides. Creator of werewolves and backdrop for Stanley Kubrick's popular 'landing' comedy. Some say you are, in fact, just a somewhat pockmarked grey rock with little to recommend visiting beyond the fact you can be there and back in about a week.
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STAFF EDITORIAL: What is Excellence to Gov. Ricketts?

After the University of Nebraska at Lincoln announced a plan to promote racial diversity on campus, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts repeatedly attacked and criticized UNL Chancellor Ronnie Green. Ricketts says that the plan imposes “Critical Race Theory” and would violate the U.S. Constitution by discriminating against white people. “Critical Race...
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Iola Register

Kansas Republican conservatives lump everything with CRT

Let’s set the record straight about what critical race theory is. Critical race theory, sometimes referred to as CRT, is defined as probing how racism has become embedded in societal and cultural structures. The theory is most commonly taught at the university level in graduate courses.

CRT announces 50th summer season

Cortland Repertory Theater has announced their summer season lineup. They’re celebrating, in 2022, 50 years of live theater in Cortland County. Producing Artistic Director, Kirby Thompson joined us this past Saturday on Meet Cortland County. Listen to the interview below. Summer Season lineup:. The fist show announced is Hair, this...

NJ's Anti-Critical Race Theory Bill Likely Fails Constitutional Muster

We urge the New Jersey State Bar Association to vigorously oppose this ill-advised legislative proposal. The attack on Critical Race Theory (“CRT”) has landed on the shores of Trenton. On November 22, state Sens. Michael Testa, R-Cape May, and Joseph Pennacchio, R-Morris, introduced Senate Bill No. 4166 (S. 4166). Per...
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Trustees discuss food security, graduate student support, tuition costs

The University of Oregon’s board of trustees held its quarterly meeting on Dec. 1 and 2. Members discussed topics including safety, critical race theory, housing and food insecurity, support for graduate employees and the university’s updated finances. On Dec. 1, the university Senate passed a motion protecting faculty’s ability to...

Teachers Are Admitting the Truth About CRT. Why Aren’t Journalists?

Throughout Virginia and across the country teachers are confessing that schools are teaching critical race theory. Yet liberal journalists continue to abdicate their responsibility to report the truth and ignore this huge controversy. We shouldn’t be surprised, but it is disappointing nonetheless. As Bacon’s Rebellion reports:. Detroit’s school superintendent, Nikolai...
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Letter: Teaching all history means teaching race

I would like to respond to the open letter sent by Robert Chiaradio Jr. of Westerly. The purpose of this letter is to break down, one-by-one, the inaccuracies or inconsistencies in Mr. Chiaradio’s letter. As a high school social studies teacher, I am in the cross-hairs of this new “battle”...
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Republican Party has twisted priorities for keeping schools safe

Which is the bigger threat to America’s children: A. the knowledge that goes into their heads at school, or B. the bullets that are being blasted into their bodies?. Any rational person would answer B, but try telling that to the Republican Party’s leadership. The GOP has decided that censoring...