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FBI: International - Pilot - Review

We all know that when it comes to franchise crossover episodes, Dick Wolf is the king. And for the series premiere of this new member of the FBI family, what better way to welcome them than with a 3 hour crossover event that paralleled the level of detail, intricate connections and drama of the One Chicago "Infection" marathon crossover event.
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The Young and the Restless Alum Michael Graziadei Celebrates Birthday

Though it’s been some time since Michael Graziadei graced the daytime landscape with his presence, he remains a very busy man – and that’s reason to celebrate. As is the very special milestone being recognized by the actor. Happy Birthday, Michael Graziadei. And that’s because he was born on September...
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Is Castle coming to Netflix?

We have good news for anyone who is a Castle fan! Castle will be making its way to a streaming service very soon. We’ll tell you if that streaming service is Netflix here. Castle is a crime drama series with sprinkles of romance and comedy. It aired from March 9, 2009, to May 16, 2016, and had a successful eight-season run on ABC, reaching a total of 173 episodes.
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The Three Worst Criminal Minds Characters According To Fans

Having aired for over 300 episodes since debuting all the way back in 2005, it's safe to say that "Criminal Minds" is one of the most successful procedurals to grace the small screen in the 21st century. The CBS ratings sensation was supposed to conclude last year, but it didn't take long until plans were made to resurrect the show, though it's still far from certain whether we'll get to see a potential 16th season on Paramount+. If that happens, fans can rejoice in knowing they'll get to spend more time with the top-tier investigators — and serial killers — they've grown to love and loathe throughout the years.

The Sibling Moment That Criminal Minds Fans Loved

One of the main themes of "Criminal Minds" is family. Now, that may seem an odd choice for a crime procedural that, episode after episode, featured some of the most heinous crimes and criminals to ever appear on network television. But, with an impressive 15-season run, clearly a focus on family was the right choice.

‘Criminal Minds’: Do Fans ‘Believe JJ’s Love Confession to Reid Was Real or Not?’ – ‘She Loves Him, but She’s Never Been in Love With Him’

Fans of Criminal Minds will recall SSA Jennifer Jareau (A.J. Cook), or JJ’s mouth-dropping confession to Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) in the finale of season 14. It’s still a shocker that fans can’t help but discuss. Recently, fans weighed in on if they believed her “love confession to Reid was real or not.”
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Criminal Minds reboot: What We Expect?

Criminal Minds is the long-running American police wrongdoing dramatization series, made by Jeff Davis. Only one year in the wake of finishing up its 15-season run on CBS. Restoration of the show is right now underway at Paramount Plus. We have all that you need to think about the Criminal Minds reboot including delivery date, cast, trailer, plot, and then some.

Archon returns after COVID-induced hiatus

COLLINSVILLE — Attending Archon can be full of surprises — especially this year after the regional science fiction/fantasy convention returns after a COVID-induced hiatus last year. “It feels really good. It’s been a long two years,” said Alan DeVaughan, co-chair of the convention. “I don’t even know what to expect;...

Hallmark Channel: Finding Love In Mountain View: Plot, Cast & Trailer

This Sunday on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries fans can enjoy a heartwarming family drama tinged with romance and a touch of humor. Starring Danielle C. Ryan and Myko Oliver, Finding Love in Mountain View is the perfect film to sit back and relax to close off the weekend. Hallmark Channel...

Upcoming TV Reboots You Didn't Know Were In The Works

Reboots, revivals, remakes, and reimaginings of TV favorites across genres and target audiences from recent (and not-so-recent) years have dominated television and streaming services lately. They provided new delights alike as well as closure for fans of the original shows. Some have even earned critical acclaim, too. It seems like everything from the '90s or 2000s with at least a moderate level of name recognition made a return to the air (or a streaming service), including "The X-Files," "Twin Peaks," "Will & Grace," "iCarly," "Mystery Science Theater 3000," "The Tick," "Gilmore Girls," "The Twilight Zone," "Dallas," "Charmed," and, most recently, "Friends."

Criminal Minds: The Best Reid-Centric Unsub According To Fans

"Criminal Minds" certainly had its fair share of memorable antagonists — or "unsubs," as the series would come to call them — over the course of its original 15 season run. These villains were often standalone antagonists that the members of the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) were forced to match their wits against in order to bring down. At least, that's the format the show followed almost exclusively throughout its 324 episodes, and it was a formula that worked to keep its fan base engaged every single week.

‘Criminal Minds’: Fans Reveal Which Actor They’d ‘Choose’ to Direct Them for an Episode of the Show

Criminal Minds is a show unlike any other. With a focus on the members of the Behavioral Analysis Unit catching the unsubs all across the country, it’s become a go-to series to watch for fans. Viewers have been known to discuss the show on social media, including Reddit, where an interesting poll is highlighted here about which actor fans would “choose” to direct them for an episode of the show.

Criminal Minds: Who Penelope Should've Dated According To Fans

Coming to a conclusion in February 2020, "Criminal Minds" has cemented its place as one of the most praised, longstanding crime drama series of the 2000s. The show focuses on fictional stories from the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), an actual division of the FBI that became official in 1997, but started forming in the mid-to-late seventies due to the establishment of the "serial killer," which is explored in the recent Netflix series "Mindhunter."

The Biggest Similarity Between Criminal Minds And Lie To Me

The CBS series "Criminal Minds" became a major hit upon its premiere in 2005. The show, which follows the members of a Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) within the FBI that solves crimes across the country, kept fans hooked throughout its 15-season run, with performers such as Kirsten Vangsness and Matthew Gray Gubler quickly endearing themselves to viewers.