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Woman creeped out as gas man leaves his number & waits outside her house for an HOUR after saying her pjs ‘turn him on’

A WOMAN was left seriously creeped out after a gas man left her his number and sat outside her house for over an hour while texting her. She explained that she had messaged the guy as she was intrigued to see what he was going to say, but was instead left feeling weird when he told her seeing her in her pyjamas had "turned him on".

I'm getting creeped out, what should I do?

I was once trying to read a banner from afar and a guy standing next to it thought I was staring at him. Ever since, we kinda had this thing where we'd of look into eachother's eyes for like 20ish seconds straight like we're in some trance (if you stare at something for some time you'll know what I mean). Anyway, I only saw him occasionally (lk 2-3 times a year) and since he didn't approach me or reply when I tried talking, I eventually decided to ignore him.

Even Duff Goldman Is Creeped Out By This Super Realistic Cake

Duff Goldman is known for making stunning cakes that range from the super realistic to the creatively fantastical. Remember the incredibly real-looking and functional R2-D2 cake he and his team at Charm City Cakes made for "Star Wars" producer George Lucas? The Maryland native also recently made a cake that looked so much like a canister of classic Old Bay Seasoning that some fans thought it was a close-up of the actual spice container. Of course, his most iconic cakes were the series of Harry Potter confections, complete with special effects like lights and smoke effects, for the movie premieres of the films.
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This apartment complex that has indoor balconies is creeping people out

An outdoor balcony is a sought after feature for any property, but one woman was particularly creeped out when she discovered an apartment complex had balconies that different from any ones she had seen before. TikToker Rachel (@rayyy.of_sunshine) was in the middle of moving house and had been staying over...