My Hero Academia Cosplay Heats Up With Smoking Dabi

My Hero Academia has introduced just as many colorful and in-depth villains as it has heroes over the years, with the League of Villains introducing a young cadre of evil-doers that have amassed power over the years and pushed Shigaraki to the same level as All For One. With Dabi continuing to be one of the most powerful villains, it's no surprise that he's also become a fan-favorite, as one Cosplayer has given a unique take on the twisted firestarter, incorporating smoke in order to bring the Paranormal Liberation Front member to life once again.
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My Hero Academia: Ragdoll in action in this Stellasaurus cosplay

My Hero Academia is back on Mediaset. The expected episodes dubbed in Italian have finally been distributed and, after a rerun of the first two seasons, the local broadcaster has begun to broadcast the unreleased episodes. As you may recall, the third season of My Hero Academia led to the clash with the new League of Villain.
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Cosplay: Terra and Kefka’s Epic Final Fantasy VI Dance Battle

In the epic dance to save humanity, who will win? We’re solving the mystery with these Terra and Kefka Cosplays. Final Fantasy VI (also known as Final Fantasy III if you’re a fellow heathen from the USA), is one of the most revered games in the Final Fantasy franchise. It is a haunting story of man versus magic, the search for power versus the desperate desire to love and live. This week, we are swooning over these Terra and Kefka Cosplays.
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Cosplay Connection Interview at Los Angeles Comic Con

Cosplay Connection is all about getting to know cosplayers and their journeys, struggles, and triumphs within their hobby. Now that conventions are happening in person, cosplay connection interviews will happen in-person as well. Host Maddie (she/her) interviewed cosplayer MadsJedi (she/they) at Los Angeles Comic Con in December of 2021. Mads’...

Cosplayer Reviews Manga|Corpse party #1

Corpse Party was all the rage back in 2014 thanks to Pewdiepie playing the game series of Blood Drive that pushed the well loved anime and manga out into the world beyond the ‘weebs’!. Today, Dragon who is cosplaying as Ayumi from the series will be doing a...

League of Legends Arcane cosplayer lets loose as explosive Jinx

Lilya ‘Lilya0o’ Victorovna has dished up another fantastic cosplay, and this time, she brought Jinx, one of the pivotal characters in League of Legends Arcane, to life in incredible detail. Arcane, the critically acclaimed animated Netflix series that takes place in the League of Legends universe, took the...

‘Demon Slayer’: All Tengen’s Wives Are Represented By A Single Cosplayer

In a new collection of costume photos from one cosplayer, all three of Sound Hashira’s demon battling wives are brought to life. Hinatsumu, Suma, and Makio from “Demon Slayer” have all been portrayed by one cosplayer, reports On Instagram, Thala, a content creator and artist, dressed...

Demon Slayer cosplayer enters berserk mode as terrifying Nezuko Kamado

Jannet, a talented cosplayer with an army of followers on social media, treated Demon Slayer fans to a frightening glimpse of Nezuko Kamado’s wild side with this stunning transformation. Nezuko Kamado is, by far, the most popular Demon Slayer character in the cosplay community. Just look at some of...

Kimetsu no Yaiba recibe hermoso cosplay de Mitsuri Kanroji

Fans of Kimetsu no Yaiba They have a big month ahead of them, as the first film in the franchise, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, will finally hit theaters in the United States, Mexico and Latin America at the end of April. And now a fan is celebrating the occasion with a cosplay del Love Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji.

Cosplay: Warhammer 40k’s Drazhar is the Silent Executioner

All fear him, this “Master of Blades”, and this week we are in awe of this Drazhar Cosplay. The Warhammer universe is vast, filled with myriad armies and eons of lore. The Eldar shine the brightest with their elegant lines and gorgeous colors. With this in mind, we are diving into the lore of the Dark Eldar, the Drukhari assassin Drazhar Cosplay.

Fan of Demon Slayer’s Nezuko Slays on Her Body Paint Cosplay

An artist, honors Nezuko of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba on her Instagram post, as she cosplayed the famous anime character with body paint. In Season 2 of Demon Slayer, Nezuko transformed into a full demon, making a huge impact on the cosplayer and artist. As the most recent episode...

Black Widow Cosplay Imagines What If…? The Hero Was Captain America

Black Widow suits up in her own Captain America-inspired costume in an awesome new Marvel Comics cosplay from the talented @katrinavvera. In a stunning new cosplay recreating an iconic Mark Brooks cover, cosplayer @katrinavvera does her take on Black Widow becoming Captain America. The original cover was part of a line of variants that saw artists do their own “What If….?” takes on different heroes becoming their version of Captain America. Brooks’ cover featured the Black Widow getting her own suit and shield – which is now being recreated in real life in the awesome cosplay.

League of Legends cosplayer zooms into bot lane as electrifying Zeri

The latest addition to the League of Legends roster, Zeri, fuses electricity and speed to take down the enemy bot lane, and this cosplayer is channeling that power in a stunning recreation of LoL’s newest champion. League of Legends Season 12 is starting off with a bang. With new...