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Jessica Thivenin (Les Marseillais) not comfortable with her physique before cosmetic surgery? She makes a request to Internet users

Jessica Thivenin made a special request to Internet users. In this article, we tell you everything. A few days ago, Jessica Thivenin tackled the filters that change the face and she was lynched by Internet users. And for some time, the young woman has been regularly criticized on social networks. It turns out that since she remade her mouth, Internet users no longer recognize her. For them, Jessica thivenin has gone too far in surgery and aesthetic medicine. And a lot of times they make photo montages of Jessica before and now.. Just to realize how much she has changed. And that made the main interested party react, as you can see below.
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Australian cosmetic surgeon who boasted 13 million TikTok followers is banned from operating after more than 140 patients complained about botched procedures and him filming during surgery

Dr. Daniel Aronov has reportedly been barred from performing surgery Cosmetic surgeon had racked up over 13 million followers on TikTok He had been working at a controversial Melbourne clinic run by Dr. Daniel Lanzer. A doctor who became the most followed cosmetic surgeon on social media has been banned...
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Why Cosmetic Surgeries Are Becoming Very Popular

People have many reasons for wanting to get cosmetic surgery. Some people feel that they are not attractive enough and need surgery to feel better about themselves. Others may have medical conditions that can be corrected with surgery. Whatever the reason may be, cosmetic surgeries have become really popular. Here’s why:
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Mom And Daughter Have Spent Over $86,000 On Matching Plastic Surgeries To Look Like Their Favorite Model

Cosmetic surgery is evolving by the day, and it’s becoming more accessible. The growing demand for anti-aging solutions and the constant craze to stay youthful has contributed immensely to the existence of the industry. Depending on the icon fantasy one has in their head, they will strive to epitomize them by all means. While it's not a bad idea to admire a celebrity and notice their stubborn features, some come with negative impacts.

How to know if cosmetic surgery is right for you

As we wrap up 2021 and look forward to 2022, you may be thinking about a new look with a fresh start. Plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular while helping some patients feel better about themselves. You might be wondering if this is right for you. There are...

10 Biggest Korean Celebrities Who Had Plastic Surgery Done

With an increasing acceptance of foreign language content, celebrities in South Korea have become known worldwide. Shows like “Squid Game”, films like “Parasite” and music groups like BlackPink and BTS have become a global phenomenon. As Korean stars become well-known celebrities both locally and internationally, fans strive for their flawless good looks.

EXCLUSIVE: Actress, Eniola Badmus, goes for tummy and waist line reduction plastic surgery in Turkey KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Nigerian actress, Eniola Badmus, has been gone for tummy and waist line plastic surgery in Turkey. Taking to Instagram page, an accurate blogger, Cutie_Juls, revealed that Eniola Badmus was recently in Turkey to make some adjustments to her body. According to information, Eniola, had...

The Best Face Lift Procedure – What to Expect?

A facelift is a surgical procedure that cosmetic surgeons perform to make you appear younger than your actual biological age. In this treatment, the medical specialists elevate your facial skin to tighten the underlying tissues and connect muscles. Then, they proceed to sculpt, cutaway and re-distribute the fat covering your face. Finally, the surgeons will re-drape the facial skin over the new contours of your face. I doing so, they remove the excess skin to give you a youthful appearance.

How cosmetic surgery affects mental health

While plastic surgery initially started as a restorative procedure for patients who were either involved in an accident or burn victims, this has changed over the year. Currently, many plastic surgeons mostly do cosmetic procedures. As years go by, the number of people willing to go under the knife and get transformed has increased rapidly. The question many ask is whether this is worth it or not. Here are some of the mental effects that come from having plastic surgery.

Is Plastic Surgery A Safe Procedure?

People who are about to undergo surgery of any kind may be concerned about their safety as a result of the procedure. Despite the fact that plastic surgery has been shown to be extremely safe, no medical procedure is completely risk-free. This is true both during the surgical procedure and...

How Advanced Technology Has Improved The Cosmetic Surgery Industry

The plastic surgery market is growing at an impressive rate. There is a greater demand for minimally invasive surgeries using innovative technology. Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, from breast augmentation to facelift procedures. In fact, the plastic surgery market is projected to reach a whopping $66.96 billion by 2026 – according to Fortune Business Insights.

Did Charlotte Flair Undergo Plastic Surgery for WWE?

In her record-setting sixth reign, Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr, known by her alias, Charlotte Flair, is the current SmackDown Women's Champion. The WWE fighter won the title after making a comeback after a long break from the wrestling world. Flair made her sensational return on Sunday night for WWE's TLC: Tables,...

Check out fans reactions as Eniola Badmus reportedly undergoes body surgery

Plus-size Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus has reportedly gone under the knife to improve her body stature and remove belly fat. According to reports, Eniola allegedly went to a hospital in Turkey where a large percentage of fat in her belly was removed. It was also alleged that she trimmed down...

TikTok celebrity cosmetic surgeon reprimanded by regulator

Other conditions relate to social media and include the removal of published material or information relating to cosmetic or surgical procedures on his social media accounts. Dr Aronov did not respond to requests for comment. Dr Aronov is the world’s most followed cosmetic surgeon on TikTok, with 13.4 million followers....