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Cool people dress like angsty teens

Nostalgia often rears its rose-tinted head in fashion, luring kids who weren’t even there towards trends like the Pied Piper of bygone eras. Maharishi bombers, Prada America’s Cup trainers, olive Helmut Lang sports jackets and Evisu jeans are all relics of the past – and my wardrobe. But online shopping...
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7XMOM: Watch for two cool people going on a road trip

After years of driving old cars, a van with 240,000 miles and a truck with 280,000 miles, David and I bought a new-to-us car. It’s a 2020 with only 17,000 miles on it. I get to drive it, and I love it! It has a blind spot alarm on it, and I love that! It beeps when you don’t use a turn signal fast enough when changing lanes, and I guess that’s helpful.
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Exclusive Interview with Liv Byrne

You are releasing your new song next week! Will you tell us about it?. I am! Of course! On Oct. 22nd I am releasing my single “mad at you.” It discusses one of the first stages of getting out of a toxic relationship – admitting to yourself you don’t want to be treated like this anymore.

What a trip !

Having a trip with friends , will make you feel alive again !. I hope we try it again and I encourage everyone to try it especially in nature !

What are your opinions on trans people?

Personally, I think they're annoying. I believe you are what you are from a biological POV, but I don't think I've met a trans person before or been introduced to one anyway. That being said, if they're a nice person and nice to me and everything, I'm not going to be an asshole to them, there's no need.