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Ahkeem Henderson Discusses the Future of Real Estate in Chicago

Post-pandemic, it's a seller's market in real estate across the country. Young families moving away from densely packed urban centers and renters who prefer the stability of homeownership are looking for reasonably priced homes. But this is in direct conflict with most homeowners' desire to stay put following over a year of uncertainty and unrest. This means the real estate that is available is priced at a premium and selling quickly, explains Ahkeem Henderson.
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DemandLab Reports 58% Growth Domestically and Internationally and Unveils New Content Division

B2B Marketing Consultancy Adds New Employees in U.S., Canada and Hungary to Better Support Enterprise and Fortune 2000 Companies with Content and more. oday, global marketing consultancy and marketing-led customer experience pioneer DemandLab, announced their expanded product and service offerings, a new Content Division, and impressive employee growth across the U.S., Canada and Hungary in 2021.
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5 Ways to Make Money Online

Do you agree if I say that the world is inclining towards online virtues instead of doing or acquiring everything physically? Today, you can get your hands on almost anything if you have the money and access to the internet just by ordering it from your mobile phone. In this time of the pandemic, social distancing is prevalent and it is ideally recommended and preferred to work contactless. Just like how we can spend money online, one can earn digitally as well.
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How Mobile Technology Has Revolutionized Marketing

Mobile technology has an impact on so much of our daily lives. Seemingly, there is an app for everything. Marketing is no different. The evolution of mobile technology has made it vital for brands and companies to plan their marketing strategies to account for this. There are many different ways...

Enhance your marketing and digital guest journey to drive more visitors

Blooloop’s Innovation Session, presented in partnership with LaneTerralever, looked at how attractions can enhance the guest’s digital journey. During the session, Hannah Tooker, Director, Content Marketing at LaneTerralever, explored how attractions can engage guests at each stage of their digital journey. After a difficult year for the attractions industry, visitor...

5 Tips to Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Digital marketing is an ever-growing part of business success. According to Statista, in February 2020, U.S. marketing executives were devoting a whopping 13.2% of their company’s revenue toward marketing budgets. The allotted budget spend was up from an average of 7% to 10% in previous years. The statistics website also reiterated that digital marketing continues to increase while traditional channels shrink.

This Is What Makes an Effective Digital Health Campaign

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. While digital marketing may well be a newbie to the education and health industries, it is not new to sectors like ecommerce and online entertainment. During my career, I spent some years working with pioneers of what is known today as digital marketing: a multi-disciplinary approach that includes marketing, user experience, product marketing and online business analytics. In my roles, I had the chance to lead product-marketing teams, with responsibility over consumer journey design and innovative business opportunities.

MarTech Interview with Neil Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer at Kasada

Working with a modest marketing budget requires marketing leaders to further optimize and prioritize their martech tools and choice of features to drive business ROI; Neil Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer at Kasada shares his expertise:. ______. Welcome to this martech chat Neil, tell us more about Kasada? And what inspires...

Top 7 Smarter Tactics for Digital Marketing in 2021

The changing digital market calls for new strategies every year. Here is a conclusive list of top marketing trends for 2021 that we found useful for growing a business. The fast growth of the digital market has launched a new era of human engagement in all aspects of life. Smarter tactics of digital marketing are becoming the next requirement to deliver and create an online brand and product awareness. This has also given rise to several digital trends careers in the market. There is the significant value of digital marketing trends such as:

BlueJeans by Verizon Reimagines Virtual Events to Drive Brand Loyalty and Marketing Excellence

New BlueJeans Events product features and partner integrations streamline virtual event practices. New Forrester data highlights key business challenges and opportunities for marketers to improve virtual/hybrid events strategy to achieve success. Customers demonstrate success in executing virtual events in new and exciting ways. According to a recent Forrester Consulting survey...

Contentful Closes $175 Million Funding Round led by Tiger Global

Contentful, the leading content platform for digital-first business, announced it has closed a $175 million Series F funding round, with a valuation of over $3 billion. Tiger Global led the round with Base10 Advancement Initiative and Tidemark also joining Contentful’s existing investors. Born in Berlin with hubs in San Francisco...

Everything You Need to Know About Segmentation Bases

Market segmentation is a powerful process because it separates your audience into groups so you can effectively target them based on traits such as the challenges they're facing and/or how they'll respond to certain marketing efforts. The most effective way to determine which traits you'll use to group your audience...

Four B2B Trends Fueling ABM Adoption

Gone are the days when B2B deals could be closed over a simple round of golf, or when a tradeshow booth was all you’d need to capture qualified leads. B2B buying habits have evolved, bringing about a whole new era of sales and marketing—one where buyers are primarily digital, self-directed, and harder to engage than ever before.