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11 totally free things to do on a trip to Kansas City

When you’re thinking about a trip to Kansas City, there are three little words that should become your mantra: “Free in KC.” It’s not just a statement, it’s a promise, letting you know that this Midwestern barbecue, jazz, and arts capital also happens to be crazy affordable. To get you...
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Radiohead’s Thom Yorke is co-curating a ‘Kid A’ artwork exhibition

Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke is co-curating a new artwork exhibition in London based around the band’s forthcoming reissues of ‘Kid A’ and ‘Amnesiac’. The frontman along with Stanley Donwood, the artist behind the artwork of the band’s album covers, will host the exhibition from October 9-15 dubbed ‘How To Completely Disappear’ at Christie’s headquarters in the capital.

Georgia O’Keeffe’s Unsung Role as Patron and Collector

Known for her evocative depictions of budding flowers, animal skulls, and pigment-perfect gradients of desert sunrises and sunsets,. is one of the few American painters prominent enough to become a household name. Truly at home in the desolate mountain ranges of New Mexico, as much as O’Keeffe portrayed herself as a recluse, no great painter exists in a vacuum; O’Keeffe was no exception. She had a close-knit group of artists and confidants that uplifted and inspired her.

Art x Science: How Artists Launch Scientific Inquiries to Spark New Works

As the world of art broadens its borders and sets its sights on all realms of culture, ARTnews surveyed collaborations of various kinds for the August/September issue of the magazine. Stay tuned as roundups related to different categories—Art x Fashion, Art x Music, Art x Science, Art x Food, and Artists x Artists—join related feature stories online in the weeks to come.

Art Basel’s Other Exhibition Hall Is a City

It was an odd yet endearing interaction that would likely have stuck out in anyone’s memory. While in the countryside outside Oaxaca, Mexico, almost a decade ago, the Mexican artist Rodrigo Hernández saw a pigeon on the street. All of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, a monkey came up and gave the bird a hug.

The Power of Telling Your Own Story

We go about life immersed in our day-to-day tasks, responsibilities, and relationships, without necessarily thinking about our legacy or how we want to be remembered. But what happens when you’re gone?. In the case of African American choreographer and video artist Blondell Cummings, her multidisciplinary artmaking left behind a record...

Edge holds art camp

Leading and contemporary artists addressed diverse issues in a three-day art camp held at the Edge Gallery in Gulshan, Dhaka, said a press release. The art camp titled Edge Art Camp 2 was organised by Edge, The Foundation. Artists created 63 acrylic artworks at the art camp, which was held...

The Most Expensive Singaporean Artworks Ever Sold

Going once, going twice...These Singaporean artworks have been known for breaking international and local records for auction prices, and the appreciation for local art has never been greater since. 4. view Gallery. When people hear about Singapore, they most often associate the country with business, technology, economy and science. This...


The largest contemporary art gallery in Africa, the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA) opened its doors in September 2017. Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA) collects, preserves, researches, and exhibits twenty-first century art from Africa and its Diaspora; hosts international exhibitions; develops supporting educational and enrichment programmes; encourages intercultural understanding; and guarantees access for all.

CFCArts announce the hiring of three Vice Presidents

Central Florida Community Arts (Facebook | Website) has just announced the hiring of three newly created Vice President positions; Terrance Hunter will serve as the vice president of operations and education, Vicki Landon was named as the vice president of development and community affairs, and Justin Muchoney will be the new vice president of creative and production.
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An international juried exhibition of contemporary still life opens at the Art Center of the Bluegrass

Still life programming for all ages highlighted this fall. “The Object Seen: Contemporary Still Life” opened Sept. 15 and runs through Oct. 30 at the Art Center of the Bluegrass, one of Kentucky’s rising premier exhibiting art spaces. The exhibit celebrates one of art history’s oldest traditions, the study and practice of still life as subject matter. This exhibition honors both traditional realism as well as more experimental contemporary techniques and welcomes a variety of media.