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America’s Biggest New Age Expo Welcomes Conspiracy Theories Back In

The Conscious Life Expo is the largest New Age health and wellness expo in the United States, and one of the longest-running. It’s usually a genial, chaotic circus. For three days every February, the halls of a Los Angeles Hilton burst with psychics, UFO experts, self-proclaimed lightworkers, and healers of all stripes, plus table after table of crystals, pyramids, oils, potions, and dubious cure-alls. And as founder Robert Quicksilver said recently, the expo made it through the pandemic by the skin of its teeth.
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Examining the Historical Facts and Dispelling Conspiracy Theories to Understand the Myth of the Illuminati

The Illuminati is a secret society that is said to have been founded in the late 1700s in Bavaria, Germany. The society's goals were to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life, and abuses of state power. The Illuminati is said to have infiltrated many organizations, including governments, banks, and secret societies, in order to influence them to achieve their goals.

Did Glorilla Join the Illuminati? How Luka Doncic is Connected Glorilla’s Illuminati Hand Tattoo Conspiracy Theory

Did Glorilla become an Illuminati member to reach her new level of fame? Rapper Glorilla recently shocked the world when she unveiled a mysterious new tattoo on her hand. On the surface, the tattoo appears to depict animals and geometric shapes, but upon closer inspection it appears to contain images and symbols that are synonymous with the Illuminati and occult conspiracy texts. This has conspiracy theorists convinced that Glorilla sold her soul in a satanic Illuminati ritual.

Reversed Video Fuels Conspiracy Theory Beyoncé’s Dubai Concert Was a Satanic Illuminati Devil Ritual Hidden in Plain Sight

After an incredible performance in Dubai, some fans on social media are claiming that Beyoncé may have conducting a tribute to the illuminati during her show. The set of the show was allegedly inspired by the gothic aesthetic of the 90s, and included a costume change by a masked figure. However, the firework display during the final act made people start to wonder if the aesthetic was just attire fit for a devil worshipping ceremony. The conspiracy theory really starts to get eerie when you reverse the video of her performance.

Narcissists And Conspiracy Theories

Not all conspiracy theorists are narcissists. And not all narcissists are conspiracy theorists. But research shows a definite correlation between narcissists and conspiracy theories. These narcissists seem to talk about conspiracies non-stop. Like it’s an obsession. And they speak as if these conspiracies are water tight facts. Despite flimsy evidence....

Fringe-right doubles down on Pelosi lies even after videos prove their conspiracy theories wrong

For months after the attack on Nancy Pelosi's husband, the far right has promoted conspiracy theories that Paul Pelosi was engaged in a gay lover's quarrel and that he knew the attacker. It's a fact that even the attacker denies. Another came from an image that circulated on Facebook before the video dropped showing a man in a thong looking out of a hotel window. It claimed that this was a teaser of the video. It wasn't.

The Strange Conspiracy Theory About Beyonce And Jay-Z Explained

Wild conspiracy theories are nothing new; they've been around for centuries. Smithsonian notes they were rampant in the 1800s, whipping up fear and mistrust for political purposes and gain. However, the cray's been ramped up in the 21st century with the QAnon insanity, which as Rolling Stone reports, includes Hilary Clinton running a child sex trafficking ring from the (non-existent) basement of a pizza parlor and JFK Jr. faking his death and undergoing extensive plastic surgery to become Vincent Fusca, a financial services manager from Pittsburgh, who's going to be Donald Trump's vice president, per Independent.

Establishment Demands You Stop Damar Hamlin Conspiracy Theories

From MSN: It seems like no one is immune to a conspiracy theory these days — even if you suffered a serious health emergency on live TV. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Damar Hamlin after the Buffalo Bills confirmed he experienced a cardiac arrest during the team’s January 2 game against the Cincinnati Bengals, per ESPN. The horrific moment, which was being watched by millions, saw Hamlin drop to the ground following a tackle before having to be resuscitated by medics.