Covid: Conspiracy and untruths drive Europe's Covid protests

Further Covid protests are being planned this weekend in Austria and the Netherlands, after recent demonstrations against reimposed coronavirus restrictions tipped over into violence. Many of the concerns being expressed, both on the streets and in social media posts, contain legitimate questions about recent political decisions, but there is also...
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Teaching About “Froot Loop Conspiracy Theories” and Web Literacy

It’s hard to believe, this month we wrapped up the first trimester of our 2021-22 academic year. For the fourth trimester, I’m LOVED the opportunity to teach my 6th graders about web literacy through a unit I call, “Froot Loop Conspiracy Theories.” I started developing this unit 2 years ago with my Chicago colleague Brian Turbaugh (@wegotwits), who I met through the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy in 2019. Rather than focus on current and politically contentious conspiracy theories, this unit focuses on the Apollo Moon Landings and using the “SIFT web literacy framework developed by Mike Caufield (@holden). My students created their culminating video projects using a Google Slideshow planning document and a Google Doc video script I’ve updated, and the free platform Adobe Spark Video. In this post, I’ll share a little about things I’ve changed and updated in this fourth “iteration” of this media literacy unit. Please use and remix ANY of these resources with your own students, and let me know if you do!
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Demand advertisers boycott news outlets that promote birther conspiracies against Kamala Harris

As soon as Joe Biden announced Black and South Asian heritage Sen. Kamala Harris as his VP, the racists emerged from their executive offices to launch the attacks. Taking a cue from themselves (Trump was a leading voice claiming President Obama was born in Kenya), the Trump campaign immediately released a birther conspiracy theory against Harris, questioning whether she has the legal right to run for Vice President. (She definitely does.) And right-wing news pundits began to claim Harris isn't actually Black. (She definitely is.)

With his coal holdings exposed, Matt “Sub-Prime” Ridley now pushing covid conspiracies instead of climate denial

About six years ago, British landed gentry Matt Ridley was a recurring voice in climate denial-land, penning long opinion pieces about the never-not-debunked pause in warming, criticizing the now-repeatedly-reproven hockey stick graph and otherwise leeching credibility from legitimate science institutions. But DeSmog’s revelation that his pro-coal and anti-climate lobbying might stem from the millions in annual fees from coal mines on his family estate seemed to put a damper on his eagerness to publish climate denial.

(WATCH) Sean Stone: When Conspiracy Theory Meets Fact

Filmmaker and media host Sean Stone dives into the psychology of conspiracies and control. He also discusses about his famous dad: filmmaker director Oliver Stone. When some of the craziest conspiracies prove true, where does that leave us?. For more on Stone’s new documentary series “Best Kept Secret, Globalist Power...
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Mike Lindell Blames a Vast GOP Conspiracy for His Supreme Court Failure

MyPillow chief and 2020 dead-ender Mike Lindell has long promised that he would file an election-fraud complaint with the Supreme Court on Tuesday morning. But now he claims to have missed that goal because he was silenced by Republican National Committee Chairperson Ronna McDaniel. It was a last-minute pressure campaign...

The Weirdest Literary Conspiracy Theories People Really Believe

I used to love conspiracy theories as a kid. I found them a fun way to read and to kill time. Today? Not so much. I feel like conspiracy theories are, in a way, responsible for many terrible, terrible things, especially on social media. But we’re not here to talk about those kinds of things, we’re going to talk about literary conspiracy theories, ones I love. I’m going to discuss ones that revolve around the authors of famous books and ones that happen in books themselves. So put your tin foil hat on, we’re diving in.

Basij; strong arm to thwart enemies' conspiracies

Founded on November 26, 1979, by the order of the late Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini, the Basij is one of the lasting and efficient institutions of the Islamic Revolution of Iran which is considered strong arm to thwart enemies' conspiracies. 207.
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'Chasing Ghislaine' examines the mother of all conspiracies

Every time conspiracy theories seem too “out there,” something happens in the real world to top them. And no collection of rumors and fact, shadows and light has more power than the story of Jeffrey Epstein, his influential friends, mysterious death and cache of potentially incendiary secrets. The Epstein saga...

Latest Social Media News – Conspiracies, Misinformation, & More

In recent times, social media has become immensely important around the world. It is undoubtedly an integral part of modern society. People far and wide use social media to chat with friends, find new friends, buy products, and check the news. Although these platforms are helpful, they can lead to major issues as well. There is always a risk that the user is reading misinformation. Unfortunately, that could come back to haunt them. With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, misinformation found on social media can be deadly.

How to dissuade parents from believing in anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories

Older people may be more vulnerable to COVID, but in the UK it’s the young that are now driving the pandemic. Last month, school-age children in Britain were 15 times more likely than people over 80 to have the coronavirus. Leaving young people unvaccinated partly explains why cases have been...

Schools must stop students falling down conspiracy theory rabbit hole: experts

The wild spread of conspiracies during the pandemic has experts worried about students' exposure to misinformation online – and schools' readiness to deal with it. To prevent young people falling victim to dangerous beliefs, experts say there is an urgent need to teach critical thinking in schools. To prevent young...