Where to buy PS5: Latest stock updates and all the best PS5 deals on Sony’s elusive console in the UK

It’s official. The PS5 is the fourth fastest selling console of all time in the UK, just two years after the console launched in the country, having sold 2 million consoles. But it could have done even better, were it not for the persistent stock shortages that are only now starting to abate. While the PS5 restock situation has improved in recent months ahead of the Christmas rush, it’s still rare to find a console being sold on its own, without any games or accessories. Most retailers are selling the PS5 in a bundle, though we have spotted...
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Warp Drive - Official Console Launch Trailer

Warp Drive is available now on consoles. Check out the Warp Drive console launch trailer to see the colorful world and fast-paced action of this racing game. This updated version of Warp Drive features new game modes including Tournament and Challenge mode, as well as a revamped Survival mode with new features.
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Bethesda boss prefers 'incredible' PS5, Xbox Series consoles to PC

Todd Howard, Bethesda's big enchilada, has recently stated that he prefers playing on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X over the PC. And he's right. Hold on now, there are plenty of merits to playing on PC. If you build your own, you're able to customise your rig and upgrade to the latest graphics cards and processors as you like. Plus, I'm yet to see a "bubble tea powered" PlayStation.
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Greyhill Incident announced for console release in 2023

Greyhill Incident is a story-driven Survival-Horror game developed and published by Refugium Games. The game depicts a classic alien invasion that occurs in the early 1990s. Players will assume the character of Ryan Baker, who is armed with a baseball bat and a handgun. The story takes place in the atmospheric neighborhood of Greyhill, which has been overrun by UFOs and Grey Aliens.

Callisto Protocol a Bit Closer to Perfection on Consoles

Console versions of The Callisto Protocol have received a patch to stabilize fps and eliminate bugs. More patches are on the way. Yesterday we informed that the PC version of The Callisto Protocol received an update that significantly improved its performance. On the same day Striking Distance Studios released a patch that boosted the game's performance on consoles.

card-sized 'arduboy mini' game console fully functions with 300+ games

If smaller-sized tablets are still hard to carry around and fit the hands, creator Kevin Bates puts forward another solution by pivoting back to the gaming scene in the earlier decades. His game console Arduboy Mini packs a punch with its open-source, 8-bit system that loads up over 300 games on a tiny circuit board. Just imagine playing games on a credit or debit card. That’s how small this miniature game console is! It is lightweight, functional, and surely reminds players of the heyday of the two-button consoles with low-quality graphics.
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Cheap PS5 Restock Deals (December 5): Cheapest Place to Buy the Console

Now that we’re in the run-up to the holiday season, a PS5 console may seem like the ideal gift. While some retailers are struggling to get consoles before the end of the month, here are all of the PS5 restock deals that we managed to find today, December 5, 2022, as well as the cheapest place to buy the console (if you’re quick!).

Survivor Horror Alien Game Greyhill Incident Announced for PC and Consoles

Developer Refugium Games and publisher Perp Games has announced that its narrative alien survival horror game Greyhill Incident will launch in Q2 2023 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC via Steam, along with other consoles. An announcement trailer was also released. In the game, players will play as Ryan Baker, who is “equipped with a baseball bat and a few bullets in his trusty revolver, the story takes you across the atmospheric neighborhood of Greyhill, which is invaded by UFOs and Grey Aliens.”
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Loupedeck Live S editing console now available: A compelling option for the photographer on-the-go

In June, Loupedeck announced the compact, customizable Loupedeck Live S console controller on Indiegogo. Following the successful crowdfunding campaign and shipment to early adopters, Loupedeck has now released the Loupedeck Live S to the general public for $179, making it Loupedeck's most affordable console by $90. The Loupedeck Live S...

Digital Foundry Tested Console Versions of Need for Speed ​​Unbound

On Friday, EA released its latest Need for Speed ​​game, Need for Speed ​​Unbound. Performance experts from Digital Foundry spent some time with the game and shared their findings on how the game performs on various consoles. The game uses cel-shaded characters and elements mapped to...

Monster Hunter Rise Will Be Digital Only Release For Consoles

With the recent announcement for Monster Hunter Rise on Consoles, fans were already ecstatic about playing a brand new entry to the series on modern systems with better visuals and improved controls, but some news could sadden physical collectors of the game as Capcom has announced there are no plans for a physical edition for the console release of the title.

Corn fields and Roswell aliens – Greyhill Incident is coming to consoles!

Humanity will forever be fascinated by aliens, and the question about whether we’ve actually been visited by them (and whether they’d be friendly). Greyhill Incident, an upcoming survival horror release currently set to come out sometime next year, taps into that fascination… and now it has been announced that it’s coming to consoles as well.

11 Megadrive/Genesis Games That Helped Defined The Console

The Sega Megadrive (or Genesis as it was known in the States) had over 700 games made for it during it’s main run from 1988 to 1998 and took a huge amount of market share away from the unstoppable Nintendo during the 90’s (outside of Japan that is)

Survive An Alien Invasion in Greyhill Incident Coming to Consoles in 2023

Highly Anticipated Greyhill Incident to be released on current and next-generation consoles. REFUGIUM GAMES & Perp Games announce a partnership to bring digital and physical console versions of the classic Alien Invasion Survival Horror, Greyhill Incident to market. Greyhill Incident is a story-driven Survival-Horror game that takes place during the...

Xbox will raise prices for new console games – including Starfield

Microsoft’s gaming division plans to increase the prices of a number of Xbox Series exclusive games starting in 2023. The list includes Forza Motorsport, Redfall and Starfield, as well as some other games from in-house studios. Currently released games cost about $60, but next year the price will rise to $70.

2D Adventure Game “Watch Over Christmas” Now on Consoles

Indie game developer and publisher Dionous Games recently released their 2D adventure game Watch Over Christmas for Xbone, SeXbox, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. The game was released on Steam PC last holiday season. Inspired by classic PC adventure games, Watch Over Christmas features point-and-click controls, a colorful, 2D art...

GKD Plus Retro Game Console: 2,500+ Games In Your Pocket

Game Kiddy is back with a new retro gaming handheld console, the GKD Plus, for mobile gamers who prefer nostalgia over modern titles offered by modern handheld consoles like the previously mentioned GPD WIN4. Billed as the ultimate retro game console with joysticks, the GKD Plus boasts over 25 emulators...

UK’s best-selling console in 2022 will come down to the wire as ‘only 20,000’ units separate all three

The race to be the UK’s top-selling console in 2022 will come down to the last month, it’s been claimed.Following the publication of an article on the best-selling games and consoles in the UK for November, head Christopher Dring tweeted that the Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 are almost neck-and-neck this year when it comes to total sales after 11 months.“Which console comes out top in the UK in 2022 is going to come down to December,” Dring tweeted.“Currently PS5 leads, but just 20,000 units separate the three main platforms.