Apocalyptic Polygamy, Bell Witch, Troy, Lying, Sports in Heaven, Resurrected Kidneys, and More Patron Questions – Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World

We regularly give Patrons the opportunity to ask Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli their mysterious questions and make them available exclusively to Patrons first and then later to the whole audience in a special bonus release like this one. Help us continue to offer Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World. Won’t you...
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Circleville Herald

Pickaway County Probate Court

CIRCLEVILLE — Shelly Harsha, Judge of Probate Court, Division of Pickaway County Common Pleas Court, has issued the monthly report for November 2021. Civil actions: none filed; none closed/approved/issued. Estates: 19 filed; 36 closed/approved/issued. Wrongful death: none filed; none closed/approved/issued. Incompetent guardianships: none filed; four closed/approved/issued. Minor guardianships: none filed;...
The Daily

How the gays freed Britney Spears

In the middle of November, I, like so many other people my age, was glued to Twitter in the moments leading up to Britney Spears ending her 14-year conservatorship. As a person in the queer community and also born just at the turn of the millennium, Spears’ music has always been around, whether on the radio or blasting out of my sister’s pink boombox behind her closed bedroom door.
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Lessons From 'Free Britney' Movement to Fight COVID

The following column has been authored by a non-clinician. In December 1999, I turned 18-years-old. Around that time, my friend, who was also born in December 1981, told me that Britney Spears was only three days older than him. At that moment, I realized that my friend and I were...

Circuit and Probate Courts announce new leadership

The Michigan Supreme Court has announced the appointments of Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Jeffery S. Matis and Probate Court Judge Linda S. Hallmark as chief judges for the Circuit and Probate Courts respectively. Their terms officially begin on January 1, 2021, and will run through December 31, 2023. Matis is serving as chief judge for the remainder of the current term ending December 31, 2021, before starting his term in January.

What Britney Spears Can Teach Us About Probation Reform

As agonizing as it was to watch the Britney Spears conservatorship grind on for nearly 14 years, her ordeal did spark a wave of state reforms designed to ensure that a necessary tool is not abused by overreach in scope and duration. These changes, such as creating reviews at regular intervals and requiring effective training for conservators, are also needed to improve another facet of our justice system — probation supervision for 3.5 million Americans.

What Is a Conservatorship Specialist?

Many people become incapacitated at some point in their lives. This is usually due to old age, protracted illness, or both. And when this occurs, a conservatorship arrangement can help care for the incapacitated individual. If you’re a good candidate to become a conservator for a loved one and you’re in need of guidance, a conservatorship specialist may be able to help.

Westport-Weston Probate Court Newsletter - Fall 2021

Audrey Williams has been our chief clerk since 2016. A Westport resident for many years, Audrey is known for her devotion to people and dogs, in equal measure. Audrey is our numbers whiz; all the accountings pass under her watchful eye. Audrey is the beating heart of our court. We are blessed.
Cleveland Jewish News

What is a conservatorship?

Would the #FreeBritney movement transpired if her conservatorship were granted in Ohio under Ohio law?. Most people are aware of Britney Spears’ conservatorship as it has increasingly consumed the media, news outlets, and was the topic of several streaming service documentaries. Despite the myriad of articles and documentaries informing us what has gone on throughout her conservatorship, there is still a lack of understanding as to what a conservatorship is, how one ends up in a conservatorship, what a conservator does and how one could get out of a conservatorship.

Britney Spears Smells the Roses in Latest Photos Following End of Conservatorship

Britney Spears has been enjoying the official end of her 13-year conservatorship, and the pop star has been living her best life on Instagram. On Thursday, Spears shared a photo and a video of herself In a short-sleeve blush-colored top with rose emojis in the captions. Fans were thrilled to see the singer in such good spirits, obviously enjoying the fact that her life was her own again.

YAF Hosts #FreeBritney and Personal Freedom Lecture

Gettysburg College Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) presented the Toxic: #FreeBritney and Personal Freedom lecture on Nov. 11 in Bowen Auditorium. YAF is a nonpartisan group committed to ensuring that increasing numbers of young Americans understand and are inspired by ideas such as individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values. The group welcomed conservative journalist and commentator Elisha Krauss as a guest speaker. Krauss is currently the host of The Washington Examiner’s Newsmakers series and previously hosted a morning show in Los Angeles with Ben Shapiro. Krauss began the discussion by speaking about conservatorships and focusing on Britney Spears’ experience.

Britney Spears Says Fans Saved Her Life in Moving Video Message After Conservatorship Ends

Britney Spears is thanking fans involved with the #FreeBritney movement for saving her life four days after her 13-year-long conservatorship finally came to an end. In her first Instagram video statement since a judge ordered the conservatorship be terminated Friday, the pop star shouted out the #FreeBritney movement specifically for raising awareness of her situation.