Jeremy Hunt warned plan to rip up bank rules is ‘huge mistake’

The architect of banking reforms designed to prevent a repeat of the 2008 financial crash has warned that Jeremy Hunt’s relaxation of his rules could “rebound on us very badly”.Sir John Vickers said that “chiselling away” at protections in the financial sector could have negative consequences for the whole of society.His warning came as the chancellor was accused of a “race to the bottom” on regulation in a bid to restore competitiveness lost by the UK financial services industry as a result of Brexit.Prime minister Rishi Sunak said Mr Hunt’s package of more than 30 regulatory changes – known...

Did Joe Lycett really shred £10,000 in protest at the Qatar World Cup?

Comedian Joe Lycett is well on his way to becoming a national treasure, increasingly beloved for his pointed stunts exposing corporate wrongdoing and for his ruthless satirising of Conservative politicians like Liz Truss and Nadine Dorries.Ahead of World Cup 2022 in Qatar this winter, Lycett took to social media to challenge Manchester United and England legend David Beckham over his decision to accept a lucrative ambassadorial role with the hosts despite their highly problematic human rights record.Lycett was, like many people, particularly incensed by the criminalisation of homosexuality in Qatar so posted a video on Instagram on Sunday 13...

Moving to a grammar school showed me how selective schooling can be a good thing for children

When political parties are vying for the votes of a disinterested and disengaged public, decades-old debates about historically polarising topics begin rising from the dead. Brexit, immigration and planning reforms have all resurfaced as both the Conservatives and Labour look to reaffirm their stance on important issues to their voters.

Brighton and Hove bike hangar scheme lacked proper scrutiny, says councillor

The scheme to site scores of bike hangars across Brighton and Hove was brought in without proper scrutiny, according to a councillor. In the coming week, Conservative councillor Robert Nemeth plans to call for a report so that the scheme can be debated in an open and transparent manner. Councillor...

Duke And Duchess Of Montecito? British MP Plans Bill To Strip Harry, Meghan Of Royal Titles

First, there was the matter of Prince Andrew. In response to constituents, British Labor Party MP Rachael Maskell introduced a bill that would give both King Charles and House of Lords committees broader abilities to take away royal titles. The bill is currently making its way through parliament and is aimed squarely at stripping the […] The post Duke And Duchess Of Montecito? British MP Plans Bill To Strip Harry, Meghan Of Royal Titles appeared first on Knewz.

Thatcher-era cabinet minister Lord Young dies aged 90

Lord Young of Graffham, the businessman who served as right-hand man for Margaret Thatcher during the state privatisations in the 1980s, died yesterday. The peer, 90, was a key figure in the Thatcher era who held a series of Cabinet posts in the 1980s, and famously never took a salary for his work.

Labour take seat from Tories in Hove by-election

Labour has taken a seat from the Conservatives, winning the Wish ward by-election in Hove. Bella Sankey won the seat in the by-election which took place yesterday (Thursday 8 December), with the count held this afternoon. She won by 763 votes and said that “change is coming”, with the local...

Harry and Meghan are neither contrived nor fake – what you see on telly is what you get in real life

There are few certainties in life: death, taxes, the terrible and endless fear that England are going to crash out of a major football tournament on penalties. This week, we can safely add one more to the list: the tabloids being outraged at Harry and Meghan’s titular documentary series on Netflix. “Orf with their heads!” is more or less the verdict – or at the very least, orf with their titles.