Illinois hopes ‘better angels’ prevail in Lincoln desk rehab

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — The storage-room merchants’ desk where President-elect Abraham Lincoln penned his first inaugural address, beseeching southern states to recall the “mystic chords of memory” and invoke “the better angels of our nature” to circumvent the Civil War, was unveiled by Illinois officials Thursday after a painstaking restoration to its 1850s splendor.
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The Last Remaining Confederate Statue on Maryland Public Land Will Be Removed

The last remaining Confederate monument on Maryland public land will be taken down after a vote this week by the Talbot County council. The 105-year old “Talbot Boys” statue, depicts a young soldier holding a Confederate battle flag. Its podium lists names of the county’s soldiers who fought on behalf of the Confederacy in the Civil War.
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Boston faces its own monumental reckoning on race

Boston’s landscape is replete with historic markers that buttress its reputation as the hub of the antislavery movement. There’s the African Meeting House, the nation’s oldest surviving Black church building. Tremont Temple Baptist Church, an underground railroad depot and gathering place for abolitionists. The Joy Street plaque marking the former home of Maria Stewart, the Black 19th-century activist who became the first American woman of any race to give public political speeches.

See Lincoln’s desk

There’s something new — or, rather, something very old — at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library in downtown Springfield. A recently restored “merchant’s desk,” at which then- President-elect Lincoln wrote his First Inaugural address, is – for about six months, anyway – part of an exhibit called “Lincoln’s Life in Letters.”

Disney Actor And Comedian Sarah Silverman Endorses Secession

Disney actor and comedian Sarah Silverman recently endorsed secession on an episode of her The Sarah Silverman Podcast. The Wreck-It Ralph actress posted her endorsement to Twitter prefacing it saying, “Maybe we should break up.”. In the clip, Silverman states, “I mean this may be a negative thought, or maybe...
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Lessons Not Yet Learned: How Post-Civil War Reconstruction Never Ended

Over a century and a half after the end of the Civil War, the Reconstruction era that followed that conflict remains a critical turning point in the history of American democracy. During Reconstruction, the nation’s laws and Constitution were rewritten to guarantee the basic rights of the former slaves, and biracial governments came to power throughout the defeated Confederacy. These governments created the South’s first public school systems, began the process of rebuilding the Southern economy, and sought to protect the civil and political rights of all their constituents.

Trump: “May Have No Choice But to Run Again”

Donald Trump recently appeared on Fox News and was asked about running for president in 2024. Trump responded, “It is disgraceful when you look at Afghanistan and what happened, and the death for no reason. It is getting to a point where we really have no choice.”. Wreck-It Biden and...
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King George board wants detailed info about moving Confederate memorial

King George County officials are verifying the one bid they’ve received to remove a controversial Confederate memorial from the courthouse lawn. County Administrator Chris Miller recently asked if the Board of Supervisors wanted a report later in September after the process is complete. Turns out, members want lots of questions answered before they decide the fate of the monument.

Alton's connection with 'The Gallant Pelham'

The Gallant Pelham is a Facebook page that carries news and views with a decidedly progressive slant. Recent posts include an article with this introduction: “The atrocious legislation passed in Texas, which effectively bans abortion in the state, is likely to be copied by numerous Republican state legislatures unless the courts step in, and the conservative-dominated, Trump-packed Supreme Court is unlikely to be of any help.”

Chess champion sues Netflix over ‘sexist and belittling’ line about her in ‘The Queen’s Gambit’

A single line of dialogue from The Queen’s Gambit has earned Netflix a $5 million defamation lawsuit. Chess champion Nona Gaprindashvili filed a defamation lawsuit against Netflix on Thursday over a line referencing her in the hit streaming show that she described as “grossly sexist and belittling,” The New York Times and Deadline report.