Rochester is Testing New Way to Dispose of Branches, Yard Waste

The city of Rochester is trying out a new pilot program that will safely dispose of tree branches and other waste from city-owned land. If you've ever had a tree or shrub blown over or fall down in your yard, you know what kind of mess it can create. Heck, trees and shrubs that are still standing create a lot of sticks, branches, and leaves that need to be disposed of too.
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Sacramento’s Solid Waste Fees Going Up Due To New State Composting Mandate

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramentans will be seeing an increase in their solid waste disposal rates after the city council approved a new plan. Council members unanimously approved the hike on Tuesday. It comes as a new state requirement for cities to collect and compost food waste goes into effect. Residents are expected to see an average monthly solid waste bill increase of $3.83. By 2024, that increase is expected to hit $11.49. The first increase will be taking effect by April 1 and the city will start collecting the food waste by July. City leaders say the higher rates will also help streets to be swept more often.
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Kirkland's Tree Rebates Return For 2022

KIRKLAND, WA — Kirkland is bringing back its popular tree rebate program for another year, offering property owners up to $500 to help improve the city's tree canopy. The rebates, launched last year, were designed as an incentive to improve neighborhood shade, prevent flooding, help filter pollutants, and other environmental benefits trees offer.
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GENCO: Polystyrene, water bottles and compost

Jan. 1 brought the implementation of a ban on polystyrene takeout containers in New York state. Styrofoam is the brand name. Over the weekend, my wife and I ordered from Golden Pho on Pine Avenue in Niagara Falls. Our dinner came in foam containers. It's odd how much of our...

Austin bulk collection, large brush service suspended starting Feb. 21

The City of Austin is suspending its large brush and bulk collection "until further notice" beginning Feb. 21 for curbside customers due to staffing shortages caused by COVID-19. The city is also having trouble filling open positions within Austin Resource Recovery, even after recently increasing pay to help entice people to apply.

ISU introduces compost bins on campus as university moves toward zero waste

The Office of Sustainability has been working to make Illinois State University a zero-waste campus. To achieve this goal, 90% of consumable products, including food, utensils and containers, must be reused, recycled or composted. When thousands of students utilize the campus dining centers daily, the potential for waste is high....

Making a difference: Back to Earth Compost Crew making a dent in environmental issues

PLYMOUTH — Colonial School District Adult Evening School’s current lineup features classes on everything from arts and crafts to yoga. But given ongoing concerns about climate change and other environmental problems, Colleen Falicki’s workshop – Five Steps to Easy Composting – is particularly timely. The session is scheduled for Feb. 15 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School and costs $15.

Compost program would divert 50% of waste from landfill, council told

To compost or not to compost, that’s one of the questions city council must wrestle with after listening to a presentation during Tuesday’s meeting. This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Article content. Scott Tam, the City of Timmins’ manager of Environmental Services &...

Cleaning the Forgettable: Five Important Home Spots People Often Forget to Clean

There is more to cleaning your home than just vacuuming, dusting, washing the dishes, and doing laundry. These are just the basics of maintaining the household. Including sanitizing countertops and cleaning your outdoor area, some maintenance tasks are easy to forget and just as important. Here are five tasks of which you need to be mindful:

Snowball Cactus Care – How To Grow A Mammillaria Snowball Cactus

If you’ve started a cactus collection or just added a few types to go along with your succulents, don’t forget to include the snowball cactus. Mammillaria snowball cacti are easy to grow with only the most basic care. What is a Snowball Cactus?. The snowball cactus is botanically...

Survival essentials: 20 Items to take with you when you go off grid

Going off the grid means committing to living more sustainably and reducing the resources you consume. Most people who go off-grid also do so to be less dependent on utilities, which can be affected by natural disasters. When you live off-grid, you also get to be more in touch with your environment and learn valuable skills.