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Ford Foundation to divest millions from fossil fuels

Its called “The Great Reset” folks. Klaus Schwab and The World Economic Forum are running the show. This is what evil people can do with FEAR, which is the real “pandemic”!. Be prepared to watch small businesses and the middle class finish getting destroyed. Its no coincidence that car repair...

FOX56 Forecast | Looking More Mild Late Week

We'll keep the pattern of partly sunny sky for Thursday with patchy fog to start but temperatures are headed to the middle 70's and upper 70's through late week. This is 10-15 degrees above the seasonal average for this time of year, not uncommon but definitely going to be a difference compared to what's coming by the end of the weekend and early next week!

Muggy midweek followed by cool weekend

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Good morning and happy Wednesday! As we reach the midweek we are tracking a much muggier morning compared to what we saw 24 hours ago thanks to the warm front that rolled through. We are tracking a very toasty day this afternoon to go along with those muggy conditions with highs close to the 90 degree mark. After mostly dry conditions today we are tracking more showers to the move back in Thursday thanks to moisture from Pamela as well as a cold front moving towards the ArkLaTex. That cold front will finally push through later Friday ushering in true fall weather over the weekend and next week with highs in the mid to upper 70s with zero humidity.

Why do some people second guess themselves so much?

Because if you screw up with the counting it could result in you losing your job so sometimes it’s better to get someone help to also count the money to make sure you haven’t miscounted cause. At the end of each shift when the store closes for the day retail...

What could lead to Less Adoption of Bitcoin and Ethereum?

If you are a consumer at times you would realize that not everything that is on the paper is correct as compared to what is on the ground. Heaven on earth is always promised in order to draw the attention of consumers otherwise if you do not do so then you will likely lose potential clients.