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13 Adorable Dogs with Big Ears That Are Too Cute

There are some cute dog breeds out there, and by "some," we mean "all." That goes double for the dogs with big ears. There's just something about their disproportionate features that make them all the more adorable. So we rounded up some of our favorite small, medium, and large dog breeds and asked dog expert Jamie Ruden, founder of the website Dog Spotted, to point out key personality traits.
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Most Dog Breeds Are Really Inbred

When looking to add a canine companion to the family, some people already have a specific breed in mind. But many dogs' distinctive features—like a black-and-white Dalmatian's spots or a French bulldog's stubby snout—are the result of remarkably high levels of inbreeding, according to a study published this month in Canine Medicine and Genetics. Overall, scientists found the average level of inbreeding was around 25 percent, which is the same level of genetic similarity siblings usually share, reports Ed Cara for Gizmodo.

How this One-Meal-a-Day Diet Might Significantly Improve Your Dog's Health

According to a recent study, you feeding your dog once a day can minimize the likelihood of developing age-related health problems. Researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle obtained data from over 20,000 pet owners via surveys to assess their pets' cognitive abilities and how feeding habits affected canine health.

Do dogs grieve?

Dogs may not experience and process grief the same way we do, but the behavioral changes that occur after a human or animal companion passes indicate they do feel a sense of loss and bereavement. Back in 1969, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross wrote the definitive book about grief, titled On Death and...

Ice-skating Las Vegas dog gets an American Kennel Club award

(AP) -- An ice-skating dog from Nevada is one of five canines honored at this year’s American Kennel Club’s Humane Fund Awards. Officials with the New York-based club say the awards celebrate loyal, hard-working dogs that have significantly improved the lives of their owners and communities. The five winners were...

Therapy Dog “Teddy” Awarded For Extraordinary Sense of Empathy

Teddy is one of five 2021 AKC Awards for Canine Excellence recipients, winning the Therapy Dog category. This category recognizes certified therapy dogs working in hospitals, schools, disaster sites, war zones, and wherever else the affection of a good dog can provide comfort. Team Teddy is all about emotional acuity...

These are the dog breeds that won't make you sneeze

Stacker looks at hypoallergenic dog breeds that won't make you sneeze. Read on to find out which 3,000-year-old breed, popular fluffy pup, and obscure Eastern European dog made the list—and get excited to adopt a new furry family member.

Cute Dog Names 2022: The Best Names for Your Puppy

Just like babies, coming up with cute dog names adorable enough for your fur-child can be hard. For some owners, they can just look at a pooch’s smushy face and know. For others, however, it can be a struggle. Sure, it’s a tough job, but we’re glad to do it for you. For 2022, many of the names reflect what’s trending in popular culture, but many classics sneak up on the list too, according to’s latest report. From Covid-inspired names suited for a pandemic pup, to our latest favourite characters, singers and more, here are the cutest dog names for 2022.

Superman star Henry Cavill says his dog, Kal, has saved his mental health

Superman star Henry Cavill has revealed not all heroes wear capes — some just have fluffy paws. The British actor, best known for portraying the DC Comics character in the DC Extended Universe, has credited his dog for saving his mental health. Cavill appeared alongside his pooch, Kal, on British...

Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Here is some of the coolest pet furniture designs that will not only serve the purpose of spoiling your favorite companion, these unusual designs will also add some pizzazz to your home. We all love our dogs, cats and birds and love the pleasure that these wonderful animals give to us.