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It was inappropriate for Holstege to attend the Section 14 rally

Those evicted from Section 14 in Palm Springs and their descendants just amended their claim for reparations from the City of Palm Springs to $2 billion, an astronomical amount, and there at their rally in Los Angeles was Palm Springs City Councilmember Christy Holstege. Incredibly inappropriate, but I'm not surprised. I voted for Holstege in the race for the open California State Assembly seat not because I thought she was a good candidate, far from it, but because I wanted to get her off the Palm Springs City Council. I figured she could do less damage as 1 of 80 instead of 1 of 5 on the city council. Based on the current vote count it looks like we may be stuck with her for two more years, I just hope the rest of the council shows more common sense than she does.
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Surge of Respiratory Illnesses Packs Regional Hospitals

ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now ) — If you visit emergency rooms, pack your patience. Hospitals in our region are filling up, as respiratory viruses infect thousands of people in our area, with some catching multiple viruses at the same time. Cold weather always brings about a busy season...

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 4

While Santa Claus is saying HO, HO, HO, the Democrat Montgomery County Commissioners are once again saying GO, GO, GO to higher property taxes. I hate to be the bearer of bad news this Christmas season, but your county tax bill will surge a whopping 8% next year thanks to big-government liberals in Norristown.
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Noblesville resident collects items for homeless

A Noblesville woman is encouraging others to help those in need after creating a donation drive that collected more than 100 trash bags and boxes full of winter items for the homeless in Indianapolis. Heather Van Dame created Project North Star, an initiative to collect winter wear for those in...

‘Tis the Season to Watch Out for These Scams Throughout Texas

We are in the middle of the most wonderful time of the year. We’ve already sat down and enjoyed Thanksgiving with our family and we now get to enjoy Christmas lights and decorations throughout the month of December. But the FBI office out of El Paso, Texas posted online recently to remind fellow Texans that there are a lot of scams to watch out for during this holiday season.

EDITORIAL: Hick peddles pot legalization nationwide

If history remembers John Hickenlooper, it won’t be for his blink-and-you-missed-it run for president in 2019 — something Hickenlooper, no doubt, would rather forget. If anything, it ought to be for opposing Colorado’s legalization of retail marijuana — and then supporting it. It’s a flip-flop the Democratic former governor also would just as soon forget.
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Final steps for the wintertime garden’s ‘hibernation’

The real cold of wintertime is upon us and hopefully area gardeners have heeded my — and fellow Master Gardener Don Childress’s — “how-to’s” for mulching your landscapes for their annual sleep. My mulching was completed a couple of weeks ago, with lots of...

Runtz Disposable Vape Pen 1000mg Real Or Fake: How To Recognize A Fake THC Cartridge for Your Vape?

Runtz Disposable Vape Pen 1000mg Real Or Fake: Due to its explosive growth, the popular Cookies brand recently merged with the lesser-known Runtz brand. The Runtz strain has made its way throughout the world from its birthplace in California. This strain of cannabis is available in Cookies dispensaries all around the Golden State. It is quite unlikely to be authentic Runtz if purchased from any other retailer.

Ranchers in Mauna Loa worry about lava

(CNN) - As Mauna Loa continues erupting in Hawaii, officials have repeated that no homes are in danger. But one rancher says that's not necessarily true. As the lava advances, he's worried about his property and cattle. Guy Kaniho and his family have been stewards of Mauna Kea for generations.