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‘Detective Comics’ #1049 review

We’re back with another installment in the “Shadows of the Bat” storyline, currently running in DC’s Detective Comics. As always, for the main story we have Mariko Tamaki writing, Ivan Reis on art, and Matthew Rosenberg handling writing on the backup story with Fernando Blanco’s pencils. It’s a meaty issue this time, so let’s get into it, shall we?
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Marvel Preview: Silver Surfer: Rebirth #1

THEY’RE BACK! No, we don’t mean the guys on the cover… We’re talking about legendary creators Ron Marz and Ron Lim returning to tell a story set during their fan-favorite run of SILVER SURFER! Someone has stolen the Reality Gem, an object that allows the user to fulfill any wish no matter the consequences! But whoever has taken it is doing things like bringing back the dead hero Captain Mar-Vell. It’s up to Silver Surfer to team up with the least likely of allies, Thanos, to find the Gem and restore reality to its proper form!

Marvel Preview: Ben Reilly: Spider-Man #1

BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT! Iconic Spider-Man scribe J.M. DeMatteis (KRAVEN’S LAST HUNT, SPIDER-MAN: THE LOST YEARS) returns to spin his webs once more within the Spidey mythos, this time joined by explosive artist David Baldeón (WEB WARRIORS, DOMINO)! Together, they’re bringing you unlocked memories in the life of BEN REILLY, A.K.A. SPIDER-MAN! Darkness looms over New York City as murders begin to pile up…but how are they all connected? Do the answers Ben is looking for reside in the haunted halls of the RAVENCROFT INSTITUTE?

Marvel Preview: The Death of Doctor Strange: X-Men / Black Knight #1

LONDON’S BURNING! THE BLACK KNIGHTS RIDE AGAIN! All manner of vile extradimensional foes are invading Earth following the collapse of Doctor Strange’s magical safeguards for the planet. Dane Whitman, the Black Knight, and his daughter Jacks, now sharing the burden of the Ebony Blade with her father, ride off to confront a terrible evil attacking London—the X-MEN?! Krakoa’s greatest heroes have been transformed—but by what?! Jacks, Dane and Faiza Hussain—wielder of the mighty sword Excalibur—must team up to save the X-Men before an even deadlier threat destroys them all!

Marvel Preview: Marvel’s Voices: Legacy #1

WE’VE DONE IT AGAIN! ANOTHER STAR-PACKED VOICES SPECIAL GRACES THE STANDS FOR BLACK HISTORY MONTH! Stormbreaker Natacha Bustos makes her writing debut with a gorgeous tale of Wakanda! Superstar novelist Victor LaValle writes Moon Girl like you’ve never seen her before! Jessica Jones and Cloak & Dagger TV writer J. Holtham explores the legacy of Sam Wilson, Captain America! Amazing Spider-Man scribe Cody Ziglar visits Marvel’s black heroes through the ages in a celebration highlighting Luke Cage’s 50th Anniversary! And there’s so much more to come, including an incredible lineup of new and established artists. Marvel’s Voices is the program for every fan – don’t let this one pass you by!

Fantastic Five: The best comics of the week of January 12, 2022

Another week in 2022 is already in the books, and with it came another batch of great reads! This week’s Fantastic Five, where we recognize the very best single-issue comic books of the week, is evenly split between Marvel and DC, with a poignant debut from Image Comics as well. Let’s get to the books!

AIPT Television podcast episode 14: A 2022 TV Preview Extravaganza

2022 is upon us and with the new year comes a variety of new and returning shows. In this episode of the AIPT Television podcast, we do a preview extravaganza highlighting series you might be interested in that premiere this calendar year. We are joined by contributor, Nick Nafpliotis, as we give our assessments and opinions. In the end, we even reveal our Top 5 programs we’re anticipating the most.

Archie Comics First Look: The Fox: Family Values One Shot

The Fox: Family Values follows the life of the super heroic Patton family, all considered “freak magnets” who can’t help but do what they can to save the day… whether they like it or not!. First, Dean Haspiel returns to writing and art duties in “Mid-Life...

Watch ‘Marvel’s Voices: Heritage’ #1 trailer

Marvel Comics has released a trailer for this week’s Marvel’s Voices: Heritage #1 which is now available in comic book shops. The anthology one-shot features multiple characters on various adventures. Those adventures include:. New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Roanhorse and acclaimed Navajo artist Shaun Beyale will further...

‘The Scorched’ #1 fails to set comics ablaze

The Scorched #1 comes off the heels of a year filled with Todd McFarlane’s creations getting their series launches in the forms of Spawn’s Universe #1, King Spawn #1, and Gunslinger Spawn #1. The intention is to bring over thirty years of Spawn characters into a single series while recruiting some of the best talent comics have to offer. Unfortunately, The Scorched #1 is off to a rocky start. It’s a mixed bag of talent putting their best feet forward, but the story falls flat, the threat feels underwhelming, and in the case of the first issue, the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts.

Marvel Preview: King Conan #2

THE BARBARIAN KING OF AQUILONIA VS. THE UNKNOWN! CONAN must make an unholy alliance if he is to continue his journey on the Western Sea! But as the fallen warriors of this mysterious isle rise to fight once more, will Conan succumb to the lure of CURSED SORCERY after all this time? And what of his son, PRINCE CONN, and the Kingdom of Aquilonia left behind?

DC Preview: Detective Comics #1048

The mysteries of Dr. Wear begin to unfold as a new doctor named Frow joins the staff of Arkham Tower. The Bat-Family tries to figure out the best way to infiltrate the facility, but someone may have gotten the drop on them…someone not unfamiliar with psychiatric facilities…one Dr. Harleen Quinzel, better known to you dear readers as Harley Quinn! Backup: “House of Gotham” part two! A boy’s parents were killed by The Joker, and he fell through the cracks of the system. Instead of being sent to a facility that could care for him and his trauma, he was sent to Arkham Asylum! Will the villains inside eat him alive or show him how to survive in a city ruthlessly overseen by Batman??

DC Comics First Look: Spurrier & Campbell’s ‘Suicide Squad: Blaze’

DC Comics has revealed new details for DC Black Label miniseries Suicide Squad: Blaze. The three-issue Prestige Plus format series is written by Simon Spurrier, with art by Aaron Campbell, color by Jordie Bellaire, and letters by Aditya Bidikar. It’s the same creative team behind John Constantine: Hellblazer, which we loved, and it’s set for release on February 8th in comic book shops. Comic shops have till January 9th before the final order cutoff.