Teens charged with planning an attack at their high school on the 25th anniversary of Columbine

Two high school students in Pennsylvania have been accused of plotting a massacre at their high school on the 25th anniversary of the Columbine attack, according to charging documents obtained by CBS News on Monday. Alyssa Kucharski and Zavier Lewis, both 15, will be charged as adults due to the "serious nature of the charges," and two other students have been charged as juveniles, the office said.
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Terror plot foiled, Dunmore community left shaken

DUNMORE, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Students returned to classes on Monday after police stopped four teens on Friday from continuing to plan an alleged “Columbine-style attack” on the school. Hundreds of students returned to Dunmore School District after a threat towards the school was intercepted by law enforcement. Many of...
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News to Know (9/27/21)

GIRARD, Kan. – Girard Medicalodges closes its doors. A worker shortage forced the move of 19 residents from the Girard facility to Frontenac. Medicalodges says both residents and their families were notified of the move. However, when we reached out on Facebook to those affected, one woman said if she had been informed *before* the move her family would have moved her grandfather elsewhere because he was not getting the care she wanted for him. Medicalodges Girard residents move to Frontenac location due to worker shortages.

Students Accused of Planning a Mass Attack on a Pennsylvania School During the Columbine Anniversary

Four Pennsylvania students were charged with planning an attack on his school by 2024, when will the 25 years after the Columbine massacre. According to a statement from the Lackawanna District Attorney’s Office, two teenagers from Dunmore High School were charged as adults by the “Severity of the charges”, and two other students were charged as minors.

4 Pennsylvania Teens Accused Of Planning Attack At Dunmore High School On Anniversary Of Columbine Shooting

DUNMORE, Pa. (CBS) — A school shooting plot was foiled in Lackawanna County after a parent found a disturbing text thread. Police say four students at Dunmore High School were planning the attack on the 25th anniversary of the Columbine massacre in 2024. Some parents are upset because they say the suspects attended school while police were investigating the plot. Two suspects are 15 years old and being charged as adults. The other two are facing juvenile charges.

National Safety Shelters Help Protect Schools and Public Officials From Escalating Gun Violence Threat

FORT PIERCE, Fla., September 28, 2021 ( - National Safety Shelters, (NSS), an organization specializing in customizable safety shelters, is actively helping to protect schools and public officials from the rising trend of gun violence in the United States. In recent months, instances of gun violence targeting schools and public officials have increased. National Safety Shelters offers schools and public institutions a cost-effective and secure solution to keep students, school staff, public officials, and public official staff members safe.

September 28th: Yvonne Meyers and Jared Fiel HR 3

Health Systems Director for Columbine Health, Yvonne Meyers talks all about booster shots and whether or not you should get one, labor shortages in the health industry and more. CDOT Region 4 Communications Manager, Jared Fiel talks about continuous I-25 roadwork and 34 snow prep. Podcast: Play in new window...

Dunmore Community still reeling from Columbine-style attack plot

DUNMORE, LACKAWANNA CO. (WOLF) — The Dunmore Community is still reeling from the news of the Columbine-style attack plot at the high school with specific targets including the school’s principal and an English teacher, which is now making national headlines. “We're a small town and those things aren't supposed to...