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These depression drugs may lead to higher death risk

In a new study published PLOS ONE, researchers found an increased death risk in adults with depression who initiated augmentation with newer antipsychotic medications compared to a control group that initiated augmentation with a second antidepressant. The study is from Rutgers and Columbia University. One author is Tobias Gerhard. Although...
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This Delicious Keto-Friendly Ice Cream Can Actually Help You Lose Up to 12 Pounds in a Week

YouTube videos of folks making keto ice cream in mason jars have racked up millions of hits, and it’s no wonder: The recipe is stunningly easy, the results are decadent, and the treat boasts a secret ingredient that kills appetite as it triples fat burn. “I’m a huge fan,” says New York weight loss expert Tro Kalayjian, MD, who personally shed 150 pounds while enjoying lots of keto ice cream and milkshakes. “This is more than just a substitute for Häagen-Dazs — it’s a powerful weight-loss tool.” Women once struggling to shed a single ounce report using flavors like mint chip and double-chocolate peanut butter to trigger losses of up to 12 pounds a week. “I have also seen many diabetic patients get off insulin,” adds Dr. Tro. “Keto ice cream can help transform your health for the better!”
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The black immigrant who challenged US segregation - nearly 190 years ago

It was a cold, rainy day in November 1832 when Brazilian immigrant Emiliano Mundrucu boarded a steamboat - the Telegraph - with his wife Harriet and their one-year-old daughter Emiliana. They were taking a business trip from the Massachusetts coast to Nantucket Island, in the northeast of the United States.
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As first victim of Chicago’s 1919 race riots finally receives a grave marker, here’s a look at other notable people buried in Lincoln Cemetery

The burial site for Eugene Williams at Lincoln Cemetery in Blue Island — which was unmarked for 102 years — is finally receiving recognition Saturday thanks to the efforts of a group of concerned citizens. The Black 17-year-old, whose raft drifted south past an invisible line segregating neighborhoods by color, was stoned to death by an unidentified white man near 29th Street Beach on July 27, ...
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Julius Abraham remembered as influential educator, faith leader

The Rev. Julius Abraham Jr., principal of historic Willow Hill Elementary School, first African-American principal of Statesboro High School and later pastor of area A.M.E. churches, was remembered with honors when the flags over Statesboro City Hall flew at half-staff and with a special service Friday at Statesboro High. Abraham...
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There’s No Growth Without Health: Employee Wellbeing Is Non-Negotiable

“Workers now expect their employers to view them as individual human beings and provide benefits that support them on a personal level.”. —Kayling Gaver, co-founder and chief operating officer at Tapcheck, in an opinion piece for Employee Benefit News. What’s incredible to me about this statement is, first, I wholeheartedly...

The Navy's New Aircraft Carrier Was Just ‘Blasted’ in Shock Trials

Despite years of delays, cost overruns, and technical development hurdles, the ship will, it is safe to say, usher in a new era of maritime warfare for the U.S. Navy. The Navy’s USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier may be prepared to survive ocean bombing attacks, depending upon how it performed in its first scheduled “explosive event” on the Atlantic Ocean for Full Shock Trials, a process intended to ensure the ship is ready for massive, high-end combat on the open ocean.
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Sabin selected to finish out term of vacated South Orange–Maplewood BOE seat

SOUTH ORANGE / MAPLEWOOD, NJ — Chris Sabin was appointed to the South Orange–Maplewood Board of Education on July 12, chosen by the board members to complete the last six months of the term vacated by Kamaljit Kaur Zubieta on May 31. Sabin was chosen by a vote of 6-2; BOE members Elissa Malespina and Johanna Wright cast the opposing votes. Sabin previously served on the board from 2016 to 2019.
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These Apps Are Perfect for Identifying Unknown Plants

Have you ever encountered a strange weed in your garden and wondered what it could be? Or walked past a beautiful flower and wondered if you could grow it in your home garden? If these questions appeal to you, or if you’re an amateur botanist, a backyard gardener, or just someone who appreciates nature, then these four plant identifying apps are for you. All you need to get started is a smartphone!
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Sleepy Hollow Student Named U.S. Presidential Scholar

a Sleepy Hollow resident and a senior at Stanford Online High School, has been named a 2021 U.S Presidential Scholar. Dugan is one of 161 students nationwide, and one of only four from New York, to receive this recognition. These students are recognized for their exceptional achievements, unconditional service and outstanding character.
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Refugee: 'American Wokeism Worse Than North Korea' | Yeonmi Park | Ep 111

Yeonmi Park experienced freedom for the first time at 13, when she watched "Titanic." She didn't see it in a plush movie theater seat; she watched it over the course of several days because electricity is sporadic in North Korea, where she grew up. "We don't have a word for oppression," Yeonmi tells Glenn. "There is no hope. There is no moving forward. You are doomed." Against unbelievable odds, Yeonmi escaped and eventually made it to New York City. Then, she went to Columbia University, where she couldn't believe how American students defined "oppression." She and Glenn discuss the ridiculousness of pronoun checks, the consequences of White House-led censorship, the importance of the Second Amendment, the authoritarianism of Big Tech, and the insanity of corporations' love affair with China. But even more shockingly, she explains her fear that where her new country is heading could be worse than what she escaped: "Even North Korea wasn't as crazy as American wokeism."

Landslides kill 44 in India, dozens missing

Forty-four people have been killed in landslides caused by monsoon rains in western India, authorities said Friday. As many as 38 others were missing after three separate landslides on Thursday evening in Maharashtra state’s Raigad district, south of India’s financial capital Mumbai. ‘Forty-two people have died due to landslides in...

The 1964 Games Proclaimed a New Japan. There’s Less to Cheer This Time.

TOKYO — Under crisp blue skies in October 1964, Emperor Hirohito of Japan stood earlier than a reborn nation to declare the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games. A voice that the Japanese public had first heard announcing the country’s surrender in World War II now echoed throughout a packed stadium alive with anticipation.
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Texas Democrats are getting into ‘good trouble’

(TriceEdneyWire.com) – One year after the death of the great civil rights icon John Lewis, a group of Texas Democratic lawmakers is following Lewis’s lifelong call for people to make “good trouble” and “necessary trouble” to secure equality and justice for all. Congressional Democrats should bring the same level of commitment to resisting and overturning a new wave of voting restrictions that voting rights activist Stacey Abrams has labeled “Jim Crow 2.0.”