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Unrest in Colombia: share your experiences

Hundreds of people have been injured during street violence in Colombia amid anti-government demonstrations and a fierce crackdown by police. So far, 23 protesters and one police officer have been killed in the unrest. We’d like to speak to those caught up in the events about their experiences. We’re particularly...
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Colombia's bloody protests could be a warning to the region

Tensions have hardly dissipated in Colombia after President Ivan Duque withdrew a controversial fiscal reform proposal this weekend. More than a week of violent protests have seen at least 24 people killed, the country's Ombudsman Office reported Wednesday, and the demonstrations have evolved into a broader popular show of anger.
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'Police opened fire' on protesters in Colombia; UN, NGOs pressure Iván Duque

BOGOTA, Colombia — The United Nations human rights office said it was “deeply alarmed” over violence against protesters in the Colombian city of Cali, where “police opened fire on demonstrators” and allegedly killed and injured several people Monday night. The statement from the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights comes...
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Colombia protests: UN 'deeply alarmed' by bloodshed in Cali

The United Nations' human rights office has accused Colombia's security forces of using excessive force against protesters. The UN said it was particularly shocked by events in Cali on Monday, where it said police had fired on protesters. It said that fatalities had been reported but it had not yet...

Colombians march in eighth day of protests, police deploy tear gas

Riot police fired tear gas at protesters in Bogota on Wednesday during an eighth day of nationwide anti-government demonstrations, after crowds attacked police stations in the capital overnight. The protests were originally called in opposition to a now-canceled tax reform plan, but demonstrators have broadened their demands to include government...

What is happening in Colombia?

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process. Colombia has become a viral issue due to several days of protests against the tax reform of its president Iván Duque, which caused more than 20 deaths. We briefly explain what is happening in the South American nation:
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Top 10 books about Colombia

Growing up in Colombia in the 1990s, I rarely saw any tourists. That has changed dramatically in the past decade, especially following a historic peace deal with the Farc in 2016. My novel The Anthill examines the transformation of Medellín from a war-torn city wracked by violence into a trendy, rapidly gentrifying destination for digital nomads, bitcoin investors and self-righteous religious groups. But the past is never easily shed.

Colombia: Officials report 24 deaths related to protests against tax reform

The deadly protests in Colombia against proposed tax reform continued on Wednesday. The Ombudsman’s Office of Colombia, the government agency that oversees human rights violations, reported 24 people have died in relation to the protests. The majority of them died during clashes in Valle del Cauca, a department in the...
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UN human rights office urges calm, after bloodshed in Colombian city of Cali

The United Nations human rights office (OHCHR) on Tuesday voiced deep alarm over the violence in the city of Cali in Colombia overnight, as a number of people were reportedly killed and wounded as police opened fire on demonstrators. Spokesperson Marta Hurtado said that the OHCHR office in Colombia is...
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Mass protests in Colombia continue into second week amid deadly repression

Amid Colombia’s worst economic crisis in recorded history and its deadliest wave of COVID-19 infections, hundreds of thousands have joined mass marches, roadblocks and other protests across the South American country every day for the last week. The recent protests began with a national strike on April 28 called by...