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Yale Law School is triggered. Welcome to college life in 2021.

A sign on my desk reads: “I’ll be nicer if you’ll be smarter.”. I’m not feeling nice today — and I’m talking to you, Yale. No offense intended toward my many friends — and certain family members — who attended the university in Connecticut. But the recent campus skirmish over an alleged triggering event has revealed the absurdity of, oh, just everything — students’ overindulged self-regard; the failure of colleges and universities, generally, to encourage maturity and intellectual rigor in its charges (rather than indulging crippling sensitivity); and our exaggerated notions of triggering as a social and civil guard rail.
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Sleep is important for college students and their mental health

Xenia Gonikberg is a junior journalism and sociology double major with a minor in media arts. The newfound freedom of college life can be both exhilarating and demanding. However, as students attempt to balance their work schedules and personal lives, a common method students try to juggle all of their obligations is to sacrifice sleep — which is a major problem.
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NMSU moves up national rankings for top colleges

With a significant emphasis on student retention and social mobility opportunities, New Mexico State University has earned improved standings in multiple national rankings. NMSU President John Floros praises the university’s faculty and staff for focusing on student success initiatives. “We have made significant progress, and credit should go to the...

Starting Your College Search

There are thousands of colleges to choose from, but which should go on your college list? Use these steps to begin your college search. Open up a discussion. Talk to your family about your interests and goals. Ask them about their experience with college, if any, and find out what kind of support they can give you. If there are money concerns, it’s best to know now.

Janet W. Lee

Feel like you're missing something in 'Squid Game'? Here's a rundown. You've Made It To Campus! Now What? These Tips Can Help You Navigate College Life. Life Kit Episodes That Will Bring You Closer To Financial Independence. By Janet W. Lee • Jul 10, 2021. This story is adapted from...

The 3 Best Self-Care Rituals for Stressed College Students

Approaching midterms means a sudden onslaught of new worries. Here are three activities that you can do to relieve stress and possibly even combat anxiety and depression. College is, without a doubt, extremely stressful. As college students, we face myriad stressors. Not only do we grapple with academic demands but also social, emotional and financial stress. Balancing academics while managing finances and maintaining an active social life is not an easy task. While most college students can overcome these barriers, others are unsure of how to navigate the stress and thus suffer from exacerbated symptoms of anxiety and depression. Although many factors can contribute to these issues, stress tends to be one of the leading causes. Stress-induced anxiety and depression take both a mental and physical toll on an individual, but forming good self-care habits can greatly alleviate such symptoms.
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'Everyone I know is struggling': Students, mental health experts share ways to cope with burnout following midterms

As midterms approached, Colby Mitchell found it difficult to juggle his sophomore chemical engineering classes with his social life and extracurriculars. The stresses of a busy college lifestyle reached an apex when Mitchell had his first exam for one of his more difficult engineering courses and quizzes for several other classes to prepare for. On top of coursework, it was a rehearsal day for Tiger Band.
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Upcoming Jay Harris leadership event

Scheduled for Oct. 21 at 7 p.m., students and faculty at ETSU will have the opportunity to hear from special guest, Jay Harris. An Emmy award winning reporter for ESPN SportsCenter, Jay Harris will be speaking on his own experiences in college and how being a college student and the decisions made in college can influence both a student’s career and overall future. He will also be giving a presentation on leadership, specifically on how being a leader is something that can influence responsibility and how leadership impacts others.
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OPINION: Life is a rollercoaster

As college students, we understand that life is many things, but it is not easy. No matter what background you come from, what race you are, what gender you are, what age you are, everybody has their own setups and setbacks. College life has been a rollercoaster with the sharp...

Back to school: What non-traditional students wish they’d known

Most people can imagine a freshman college student: nervous, insecure, trying not to feel wholly out of place and ill-prepared for what lies ahead. Now take a moment and truly picture this student. What do they look like, how old are they? What is this student’s story?. You probably did...

Fantasy Football: Who to start and sit in Steelers vs. Seahawks, Week 6

Learning how to balance college life and fantasy football is more difficult than what it appears to be, as I am now 0-5 in my dynasty league, 1-4 in the BTSC league, and 2-3 in the league with some of my friends. I just wanted to set your mind at ease and let you know that you have nothing to worry about when you trust the advice I give you on starts and sits. Having said that, this is by far the worst start I have ever done in fantasy football, and I have made some impressive comebacks in fantasy in past years thanks to trading.

The Pandemic Continues To Strain The Mental Health Of Students

As college begins this fall, millions of young adults across the country will head to their schools, feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and uncertain about what the second part of 2021 will bring. Many are returning to school while grappling with new uncertainties created by the coronavirus pandemic, including their ability to pay tuition, carry health insurance, find housing, work, and be financially stable.

The alumni love behind a candy surprise

Cheerful words and happy comments could be heard around Cornell’s Mail and Service Center as first-year students checked their mailboxes during Block 2. “Oh cool, candy!” was commonly overheard by staff as students found the surprise behind their small, metal mailbox doors. Each one of Cornell’s 404 first-year students received...
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Preparing for College: A Guide for Anxious Parents

Image source: As a parent, nothing can be both intimidating and exciting quite like sending your kids off to college. It’s a milestone you can be proud of, but it can also be a cause for concern. It’s quite normal for any parent to feel daunted. Your kids will...

How colleges can leverage outdoor spaces to expand campus activity

“An asphalt lot is such a waste of space. The land is very precious and valuable. As landscape architects and planners, this is our mantra: don’t mess with the land. If we take care of it, it will take care of us.” – Kona Gray. Kona Gray is a landscape...
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The best thing I’ve done since return to campus

What’s the best part of being back on campus? Some say it’s the people. Others say it’s the museums or just the feel of being in a classroom again. Now that students are back, the Gazette asked a few to talk about their best experiences since resuming — or, in some cases, starting — in-person College life.

Meet Ken Smith

Ken Smith ‘92, chief budget officer and proud alumnus, loves working at UNC Charlotte and pouring himself into a job that helps those around him. Learn about Smith’s role, who he spends his free time with and his love for Charlotte athletics. Describe your job and what you do at...