Lil Nas X Hints At Lizzo Collaboration

Lil Nas X has revealed that he is talking to Lizzo about a possible collaboration and that he thinks one will “definitely happen” soon. The rapper confirmed that he intends to work with Lizzo on a new track during an appearance on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge. “I was actually...
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Versace & Fendi's Collab Is Gucciaga 2.0

Remember Gucciaga? Balengucci? That ol' song and dance is so 2021. According to the Business of Fashion, Fendace is nearly upon us. Yup, Fendi x Versace. or Versace x Fendi. Take your pick. An insider has shed some light on the affair, which was only barely hinted at by some...

Lil Wayne & Rich The Kid Announce Collab Album "Trust Fund Babies"

Lil Wayne is quite possibly the furthest thing from a Trust Fund Baby -- he's been working diligently on his music career since his age was still in the single-digits -- but he's got a new album on the way with Rich The Kid, which he's called Trust Fund Babies.

‘My Universe’: Fans say BTS and Coldplay collaboration is the ‘song of the year’

BTS fans are calling the band’s new single with Coldplay the “perfect collab”.The two musical giants have teamed up for new track “My Universe”, which was released on Friday (24 September) and features lyrics in English and Korean.“They said that we can’t be together / Because we come from different sides,” the lyrics explain, with the rousing chorus including the refrain: “You are my universe / And I just want to put you first.”With the Max Martin-produced song and lyric video finally dropping today (24 September), fans were left delighted by the highly anticipated collaboration, which will feature...

Todd Snyder and L.L. Bean’s Second Collaboration Is a Worthy Sequel

Any student of culture knows it’s hard to do a sequel. Improving on what’s come before is often a complicated process. Most of the time, sequels offer diminishing returns, but now and again, you luck out and end up with an Aliens or The Empire Strikes Back.  We preface this to say that the second collaboration between L.L. Bean and Todd Snyder comes with pretty high expectations. When we covered the first collection last fall, we loved how Snyder managed to dive into the L.L. Bean archives to create something unique. We hoped the collab would be the start of a long...

BTS & Coldplay Drop 'My Universe' Collab: Stream It Now

BTS and Coldplay invited their fans into "My Universe" on Friday (Sept. 24) when the global superstar groups joined forces on their first proper collaboration. The British rock band's label Parlophone Records announced a schedule of upcoming releases tied to the single with the K-pop boy band, including the Inside My Universe Documentary on Sunday at 8 a.m. and the Supernova 7 Mix and acoustic version at 7 p.m. ET that day. The official music video, directed by Dave Meyers, will be "coming soon," according to Parlophone's update.

Lil Wayne & Rich The Kid Announce Collab Album

Lil Wayne and Rich The Kid have a new collab album on the way! Rich The Kid confirmed the rumors and announced the collab album, Trust Fund Babies on his Instagram with the cover art of him and Lil Wayne as illustrated babies in front of stacks of money. The...

Whataburger Fans Rejoice! Keep it ‘Cool’ With New Igloo Collab

I may have lived in Louisiana or 5+ years now, but I am a Texas boy through and through. That means I: Have to love the Cowboys or the Texans, have to know how to ride a horse, and must love Whataburger. None of those requirements pose a challenge for me, especially the last one. I could eat a delicious burger from that orange and white striped paradise at least 5 out of 7 days of the week (you have to leave room for BBQ).
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Doctor P & FuntCase Unleash New Collab “Arcade Fire” Ten Years In The Making

Before every set ever was available online in some fashion, before camera phones with high quality video and audio, there existed dubplates. Dubplates were single (or very few) pressings of songs that only a select few were given the privilege of spinning live, and these were some of the tracks that fans clamored for at every single show. Nowadays, with streaming services and the constantly revolving 24-hour news cycle, many artists feel forced to continuously release new material for fans.