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Which of these indian girls will you date? Describe each of them ( you can use as many as words to describe)?

I pick the first one because she looks like she'd have a good personality like Dimple Cheema or Dimple Cheema or like @tatianamay. Anyway, Captain Vikram Batra, who got the highest military award in India and died fighting the Pakis in 1999 when they tried to send their army and Islamist fighters to take over Indian territory in Kashmir. Recently a Bollywood film (badly made one) was made on his life and I found out about his girlfriend of the time, Dimple Cheema. She was a Sikh girl while Vikram Batra was a Hindu guy from the mountains. They met in college and fell in love however when Vikram Batra died, Dimple didn't leave him. Instead even now after 22 years she is still single and unmarried. Being unmarried in India for a woman is very uncommon. In fact over 700 million of them in the country where the men outnumber women 1000-933. However Dimple out of her love and loyalty for Vikram Batra has remained unmarried choosing to live with his memories and teaches children in a small school. She shuns media and didn't even try to hog the limelight when Bollywood made a movie about her love story with Vikram batra. While Dimple completely avoids media or social media, Vikram Batra's family has hogged the limelight. His family said in numerous interviews on how they all tried to get Dimple to forget Vikram, move forward and get married to someone else. But Dimple Said no she would rather stay with the memories of Vikram Batra rather than marry someone else. Dimple even said that she knew "she was going to meet Vikram one day again, it was only a matter of time". What she said melted my ice cold heart. And it became warm again.
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Eternal love (Ishq mein marjawan 2 FF) Chapter 22

Hii guys I am back with chapter 22 of our FF Eternal love. Guys today’s upadate maybe short as I have 2 test in my coaching. I am updating only because it’s more than a weak I upadated I don’t want that you guys have to wait more. **************************************. After...
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Elton John’s ‘Cold Heart’ Sets Australian Record – Billboard

The Rocket Man blasts to a different chart file, this time in Australia the place “Chilly Coronary heart” (Warner/Common) soars to No. 1. Elton John’s “Chilly Coronary heart,” that includes vocals from Dua Lipa and remixed by Sydney trio Pnau, makes the journey to the highest in its twelfth week on the ARIA chart, all of which have been spent within the Prime 10.

Cold Air, Cold Heart: Exploring How the Brain Processes Polysemous Words

Researchers from the HSE School of Linguistics and the Centre for Language and Brain carried out an experiment to find out how language speakers perceive the different meanings, or senses, of polysemous words. They found that the proximity of figurative senses to the literal sense affects their perception as semantically different. In addition, they noticed that context affects one’s ability to notice semantic distinctions—it is harder to perceive the differences between perceive meanings that differ only slightly when they are presented together with drastically different meanings. This is related to general cognitive mechanisms of attention: people pay attention to more salient stimuli, which diverts their attention away from subtle differences. The study was published in the Frontiers in Psychology (Language Sciences) journal.

Elton John Becomes Member Of Royal Order Of Companions Of Honour

Elton John has been a staple of musical culture since the 1970s. He has topped the charts through the decades with hit singles like “Bennie and the Jets,” “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart“ and his newest release in 2021, “Cold Heart.” Though John has been the face of English music for years, he only recently received one of the country’s most prestigious awards – the Order of the Companions of Honour for his services to Music and to Charity.

Rob Riches

"You are Rob Riches. Solve the temple mystery" You are Rob Riches, fearless adventurer and treasure hunter. Plan your steps carefully as you traverse ancient temples filled to the brim with dangerous traps and mysterious puzzles. Visit ancient and mysterious temples, each from a different world with their own unique...

Hot 8@8 Countdown: 11/15/2021

Welcome in to the Hot 8@8 Countdown, brought to you by Juanito’s Mexican Cocina! Be sure to check them out this Saturday for their Anniversary Fiesta!. 1. “Easy on Me” – Adele (12th Night @ #1) 2. “Cold Heart” – Elton John feat. Dua Lipa (Showdown Winner) 3. “Ghost” –...

Dunkin's New Hot Chocolate Bombs Can Warm Any Cold Heart

Hot cocoa is such a good cold-weather treat. It can warm up even the coldest hearts and hands with its creamy sweetness and rich chocolatey flavor. Fans can now get their hot cocoa fix at Dunkin' like never before with the new Dunkin' Hot Chocolate Bombs. The new Hot Chocolate...

ABBA's 'Voyage' Sails to No. 1 In Australia

It’s ABBA-Mania once more in the land Down Under, as the reunited pop legends blast to No. 1 on the national albums chart with Voyage (Universal). ABBA’s first studio LP in 40 years is an immediate hit in Australia, bowing at the summit of the ARIA Albums Chart. It’s the...


Dua Lipa & Elton John take over the cover of Spotify's flagship playlist as their collaboration "Cold Heart–PNAU Remix" (EMI/Interscope) moves to the top slot. New adds to Today's Top Hits include Summer Walker f/SZA's "No Love" (LVRN/Interscope), Taylor Swift f/Ed Sheeran's "Run (Taylor's Version)" (Republic), Juice WRLD's "Already Dead" (Grade A/Interscope) and ROSALÍA f/The Weeknd's "La Fama" (Columbia).

How Hitman’s Agent 47 became an iconic anti-hero

When we think of a stereotypical ‘hitman’, we imagine a taciturn thug with a cold heart. And indeed, this is how Hitman’s Agent 47 was initially depicted: a clinical killer so precise in approach that he can’t even afford to have a hair on his head. Yet, by the end of the rebooted trilogy, Agent 47 has become far more sympathetic. He exudes charm and coolness, and his targets are uncaring billionaires and diabolical scientists; he kills to bring down a nefarious shadow government. How did 47 become an iconic anti-hero?

Sir Elton John ‘raring’ to make new music after hip operation

Sir Elton John says he has undergone hip surgery but is “raring to go” and been spurred on to make new music and raise Aids awareness, after receiving a prestigious national award. The global star walked with the aid of an ornate stick after being made a member of the...

Elton John receives elite royal honor from Prince Charles

LONDON (Reuters) — Singer Elton John received a rare royal honor from Prince Charles in a ceremony at Windsor Castle on Wednesday in recognition of a music career lasting more than five decades and his charity work centered on AIDS. John, aged 74, was appointed to the Order of the...