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How Mzbel ended live radio show and burst into tears after hearing the news of her father’s death [Video]

Yesterday, popular Ghanaian musician and radio show host, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, popularly known as Mzbel lost her beloved father to the cold hands of death. The news came to her when she was on the radio hosting her popular talk show which caused Mzbel to end her program in the middle of the night crying when she announced the death of her father.
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Oyo Senator Teslim Folarin loses wife

The senator representing Oyo Central Senatorial District in the National Assembly, Senator Teslim Folarin, has lost his wife, Angela, who died this afternoon, January 28. Late Mrs. Angela Nwaka Folarin, who died in the United Kingdom, was reportedly hale and hearty on Friday morning but she succumbed to the cold hands of death in the afternoon.
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Causes of Constant Cold

One of the most common problems we experience in winter is 'being cold'. When we go out in cold weather without dressing thickly enough, when the indoor heating system is not at the ideal temperature setting, we feel cold! In this season, we can see being cold as a normal situation by saying 'it is due to the cold'. But beware! The feeling of cold, which almost all of us complain about in cold weather, can also indicate some important diseases. Acıbadem International Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Türker Kundak warned that the complaint of cold should definitely not be ignored and said, “Because cold can be an important symptom of the Omicron variant during these periods, it should not be underestimated. In addition, since it can be caused by many other serious diseases, it is absolutely necessary to apply to a health institution, especially in cases where there is no infection and the complaint of cold is prolonged. Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Türker Kundak told about the important diseases that cause cold and gave warnings!
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Medical Causes of Cold Fingers

In chilly weather, it’s normal to experience cold fingers. But if you frequently have cold fingers or hands, it could be a sign of a medical condition. If you also have changes to your skin color, numbness, pain, or tingling, you might also be experiencing Raynaud's phenomenon, a variety of conditions sometimes called poor circulation.

How Do You Know When an Alzheimer's Patient Is Dying?

In the final stages of Alzheimer’s disease, neuronal damage and muscle weakness cause patients to lose the ability to coordinate even simple movements. Eventually, they are unable to walk, communicate, control bladder or bowel movements, or feed themselves without significant assistance and careful supervision. Signs that a patient with...

Silence for minutes

Dipping bread I realized a laugh. What I have done now. Did I forget to wear a head cap if this has happened? My messy hair would be presenting a jungle look. 🤥Or did I forget to wear a coat because my T- shirt looked like I haven't pressed it for a thousand years. What can I do while studying when I want to study in a sleep posture?😒 Literally a book drops from my hand and my mom finds me sleeping with a hanging arm🥴. I attempt my best to catch my book but in dreams.In all these thoughts punched by her brother moved her back to the dining table.

Seven Pittsburgh shops with body care products perfect for cold temps

The winter is a notorious time for cold hands, ashy legs, and chapped lips. The Pittsburgh weather landscape is also one of extremes, so it can be easy to go into the season unprepared. Before things get too bad, try this list of Pittsburgh-based companies where you can get body butters, facial skin care, and lip products.

Woman Visits Husband's Grave and Hears a Little Child Crying There — Story of the Day

One day, a bereaved woman visited her husband's grave and found a young boy crying. Eventually, the boy turned out to be the key to her finding happiness again. Find out how. Losing her husband and only child at the same time was a big blow for Nancy. They had been the perfect family before the cold hands of death took them away from her. Every night, Nancy had nightmares of that fateful day when her husband, Kevin, 34, and their daughter, Bethenny, 4, died.

Gear Review: AFTCO Helm Insulated Glove

The early part of the year inevitably means cold weather across most of the country, but finding a pair of gloves that are warm, yet thin enough to fish in can be tricky. AFTCO’s Helm Insulated Fishing Gloves are the best of both worlds. Built around a windproof four-way stretch outer shell and a microfleece thermal insulation liner, the Helm Insulated Fishing Gloves give anglers the mobility to fish all day and not sacrifice their warmth.

Must Have Winter Accessories for Moms

I am one of those people who is always cold. Mid-August air conditioning will find me wearing a sweater or at the very least a cardigan. So actual winter has me reaching for all of the cold weather accessories. I dress in layers year-round, but up the layer count in the winter. Some days I’ll have a minimum of 4 layers on…inside.

Nollywood Actress, Stella Damasus Loses Mom

Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus is bereaved as she had lost her mother to the cold hands of death. The US based filmmaker, shared the sad news and a photo of her mom on her Instagram page with the caption,. This is not goodbye, it’s TILL WE MEET AGAIN. Love you...

Protect Your Hands this Winter

KEWANEE - It can be relaxing and peaceful to enjoy the snow if you are able to look at it from inside the warmth of your own home. But in most cases, we need to venture out at some point – and winter weather can be especially frigid in the Midwest. Going out into wintery weather means cold hands and clearing paths to be able to walk and drive safely. However, too much time spent outside when it’s cold or not taking proper safety measures when outside can result in serious, even life-threatening, illness or injury to your hands and upper extremities, which is why it is important to remain cautious when venturing outside in the winter months. Dr. Mary Elizabeth Rashid, an OSF HealthCare hand and upper extremity surgeon, says the injuries she most frequently sees during this time of year occur that result in what are known as FOOSH (fall onto an outstretched hand) injuries. “The most common are probably falls related to ice – especially from accumulation of icContinue Reading

Best Winter Hiking Gloves: Keep Your Hands Toasty Warm in Cold Weather

Winter hiking is an enjoyable way to spend your time, but it can be hard on your hands if you’re not wearing gloves. And while some people prefer to hike in nothing more than their bare hands during winter, that’s a dangerous choice for most of us. If you want to enjoy outdoor activities like Hiking without risking frostbite or other unpleasant effects of cold weather, make sure you have the best winter hiking gloves.

Watch: 3 Thermal Foods That May Keep You Warm In Winter – Celeb Nutritionist Pooja Makhija Reveals

At the peak of the winter season, it is not always about how many layers you have on, you need to warm your body from within for that overall protection. This is why experts suggest to add few foods to our diet to boost immunity and overall nourishment, especially in the cold weather. Consultant nutritionist Rupali Datta suggests, “During winters, what you eat matters a lot for fighting the cold outside. There are certain foods that can generate heat in the body naturally. Hence, one must customise the pantry and include winter-friendly foods in it for the season.” We all know that winters in India are synonyms to delicacies made with jaggery (gud) and sesame (til) that are known for their naturally warming properties. However, did you also know that sweet potato could help you stay warmer from within? Well if you didn’t, fret not, because celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija has come up with a video explaining about some other warming foods including sweet potatoes and why they help us protect from the cold.

Cold feet? This is why your feet are always freezing

Cold feet are one of the body's normal reactions to colder temperatures. When the body enters a colder area, the blood vessels in the extremities, such as the hands and feet, constrict. This reduces blood flow to these areas, which also reduces the amount of heat the body loses. The...

My Story: The Spark

On March 13, 2020, I was 16 years old. Had I known that this would be the last time I would see my daily routine, many of my friends and my school, I might have stayed longer and savored the moment like a bittersweet taste on my tongue. But instead, I walked out the door like any other day and left with my friends’ goodbyes clear in my head. My backpack tugged at my shoulders, heavy with homework and uncertainty, but I didn’t give either a second thought. After all, I knew we would be back to normal in three weeks.