Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle: Millions of Wiggles Coins Will be Distributed Next Month

If you’ve already got the records, the lunchbox, and the skivvies (in all four colors), there’s a new round of Wiggles merch that’d jangle in your back pocket. The legendary Aussie children’s entertainers are set to appear in a special set of coins, pressed by the Australian Royal Mint and decorated with the cheery foursome and their friends.

Amateur Divers Discover Trove of 53 Roman Gold Coins in Spain

Last month, two men snorkeling off Spain’s Mediterranean coast during a family vacation found a stash of Roman coins that turned out to be one of the largest of its kind ever discovered in Europe. The gold coins date to between the fourth and fifth centuries C.E., reports Rafa Burgos...

Canada: `Tis the season, holiday five-coin gift card set released includes exclusive Christmas-themed one-dollar coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has released its 2021-dated holiday gift card range well in time for gift-giving. This year, the holiday-themed card set features on the cover a typical snowman seen on just about every front snow-covered lawn during the winter season. Dapper in his wool hat and scarf, most snowmen are decorated with carrots for a nose and either small rocks or buttons for eyes and a smile. If you’re feeling creative and there is a spare top hat lying around, consider using it as the crowning touch on your new winter friend. Snowmen builders may be tempted to go out on the first (or coldest) day during the snowfall and try their hand at snowman-building. However “frost experts” suggest waiting for a relatively warm day following a large snowfall which is the perfect time for making snowmen. Start with a small ball of snow and roll it until it grows into the desired size two or three times. Remember, it’s all about the fun of being outdoors on a cool winter’s day with friends and family, and there is no right or wrong look for a snowman — it’s your creation!

FIFA 22 tips for coins: 5 ways to get FUT coins on FIFA Ultimate Team 22

Maximising the number of coins you have on FIFA Ultimate Team is always what people are on the lookout for – particularly in the first weeks after getting the game. Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve just put together a guide detailing five of the best coin-making methods in FIFA 22 - so if you’d like to figure out new ways to grow your coin balance, check out our guide below.