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Fox News tops basic cable as MSNBC, CNN hit historic viewership lows

Fox News Channel has been the most-watched basic cable network for 35 straight weeks while MSNBC and CNN struggle for relevancy. Fox News averaged 1.4 million viewers to finish the week of Oct. 11-17 as the only basic cable network to crack the one-million viewers plateau. TBS finished second with 930,000 and ESPN came in third by averaging 897,000 viewers.
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CNN Touts Abortion as Vital for Underage Girls, No Reason to Regret

On Saturday night, CNN Newsroom weekend host Pamela Brown devoted a segment to promoting abortion as an important option for underage girls as she spoke with a young woman who had an abortion at age 17, and does not regret doing it. The pro-abortion activist even claimed that it “saved my life” by making it easier to go to college.
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WNE School of Law Professor Jennifer Taub Elected to American Law Institute

SPRINGFIELD — Professor Jennifer Taub of the Western New England University School of Law has recently been elected to the American Law Institute (ALI), the leading independent organization in the U.S. producing scholarly work to clarify, modernize, and otherwise improve the law. The organization includes judges, lawyers, and law professors...

‘I Suffer PTSD’: Actress Sues Bill Cosby, Alleging He Drugged and Raped Her

Actress Lily Bernard filed a lawsuit in New Jersey against comedian Bill Cosby on Thursday, alleging that he drugged and raped her in 1990. “It’s surreal, it’s empowering. I’m grateful to my attorneys, to the activists, legislators and governor of New Jersey for allowing me this opportunity to hold Bill Cosby accountable for the life-altering sexual crimes he inflicted upon me,” said Bernard, sitting in between her two attorneys, on CNN Newsroom on Friday. “I’m grateful that I’m going to be able to present my evidence, testimony and witnesses in a court of law, and I’m hoping that my case will inspire other states to also pass the Adult Survivors Act so that other survivors across the nation can see their day in court and clearly since only 2 percent of rapists ever see a day behind bars, that evidence is that our criminal justice system is stacked against survivors.”

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell Channel Their Inner Adele Singing and Crying Happy Tears Along With Artist’s First Single in Six Years

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell channeled their inner Adele while celebrating the artist’s first single in six years. Adele released her single “Easy on Me” on Thursday. On CNN Newsroom on Friday, a few seconds of her music video played. Afterward, Blackwell tried to sing part of the clip...

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The Spirit of 67 Foundation is Pleased to Support An Upcoming Webinar Presented by the Family Action Network. An Ordinary Age: Finding Your Way in a World That Expects Exceptional. With Author, Rainesford Stauffer. Tuesday Evening, November 4, 2021. (More information coming soon!) In conversation with young adults and experts...

Fox News Dominates Weekend Ratings

It’s well known that Fox News dominates the ratings during the week, and in prime time. After a rough patch earlier this year (CNN crushed Fox in January) the network is back to its usual position on top. What might not be known is that Fox News is now also back to dominating the weekend ratings.

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire: "Who Is Really Ready To Fight Against China?"

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire spoke about the difference between how France and the U.S. approach China during an interview Friday morning with CNN's Jim Sciutto. He also predicted that supply chain issues would continue worldwide until at least the end of next year: "More than a year. Because we have this negative consequences of good news. The good news is that we have a very strong, quick and solid economic recovery."
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CNN Urges 'Nuance' to Protect Flailing VA Dem, Shuns 'Gotcha' Politics

The Virginia gubernatorial election is fast approaching, and the poll numbers are close enough between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin to make the liberal media nervous. McAuliffe has faced major blowback after saying during a debate that he doesn’t think “parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” On Tuesday, politics editor-at-large Chris Cillizza appeared on CNN Newsroom and joined hosts Jim Sciutto and Erica Hill in doing damage control for McAuliffe.

Police Body Cams Show Cops Dragging Black Disabled Man From His Car By His Hair: ‘I’m a Paraplegic, Bro! You Can F**king Hurt Me!’

[Warning: this video contains content and language that some viewers may find offensive.]. A Black paraplegic man is accusing the Dayton, OH police department of profiling, unlawful arrest, and illegal search and seizure after he was dragged from his car during a traffic stop. Body cameras showed officers yanking Clifford Owensby from his car, pulling him by his hair and head onto the ground as he yells for help.

Republicans Need to Admit Trump is Running

Margaret Hoover — along with her fellow CNN commentator husband John Avlon — has had enough of Republicans playing ostrich about former President Donald Trump’s intentions to run again in 2024, bluntly saying they “need to get their head out of the sand,” recognize that he is running for re-election, and they need to deal with it.

Jim Acosta Asks Yang Why He Did Tucker Carlson Show: ‘He’s Just a Bad Person’ Who Spouts ‘White Nationalist Talking Points’

CNN anchor Jim Acosta grilled former presidential candidate Andrew Yang for granting Tucker Carlson an interview recently, and failing to call him out when he offered praise for the Unabomber. On Saturday afternoon’s edition of CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta, Acosta concluded his interview with Yang by asking him about...

CNN Attacks Fox for Saying It’s Wrong Treat Parents Like Terrorists

On Friday, CNN Newsroom claimed to discover the real villain of Attorney General Merrick Garland’s memo on “harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence” against local school boards: Fox News for pointing out the absurdity of it all and for defending those “angry parents.”. Host Victor Blackwell declared that ”This week...