UFC 266 Volkanovski vs. Ortega: Start time, how to watch and the return of Nick Diaz

He's third on the card, 38 years old and spent the majority of the last five years partying in Las Vegas, but Nick Diaz is back!. Sure, there are other fights on this card. UFC featherweight champ Alexander Volkanovski faces off against jiu jitsu savant Brian Ortega and we get another chance to see the unbeatable Valentina Shevchenko perform -- but you can guarantee all eyes will be on Nick Diaz this weekend as he makes his long awaited return to the UFC.

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Director Jon Watts to Direct MCU’s ‘Fantastic Four’

For nearly a decade at the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans eagerly awaited seeing how Spider-Man would eventually be adapted to fit into the film franchise. 2017’s debut for the web-slinger in Spider-Man: Homecoming far exceeded expectations fans and critics alike had and was followed by another phenomenal showing in 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home. Both movies were hugely successful due to the fantastic performances of Tom Holland, but also due to the expert direction of veteran filmmaker Jon Watts.

Protect Your Business with Speed and Security Thanks to This VPN

In the past year, 47 percent of small businesses experienced a cyber attack, up from 44 percent the year before. That's bad news for businesses and one of many reasons why you need to invest in cybersecurity for your business. But that doesn't necessarily mean you have to bring on an entire InfoSec team to secure your digital business.

Is Cow or Bat Urine Really in Your Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

In 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States mandated that all new vehicles powered by diesel engines be equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR). The SCR process uses diesel exhaust fluid, also known simply as DEF, to remove pollutants from diesel engine exhaust. Rumors that DEF contains urine, supposedly collected from cows or bats, have circulated for years. We at MotorBiscuit set the record straight in 2019. However, a recent article concerning diesel emulsifiers in Science Direct will likely lead to a resurgence of the rumor linking animal urine and diesel engines.

Child tax credit FAQ: Last 2021 payments, unenroll deadlines, IRS portals

Around 35 million households should have received their third child tax credit payment on Wednesday, with the majority of the payments directly deposited into bank accounts of qualified families. Future monthly payments are scheduled for Oct. 15, Nov. 15 and Dec. 15 -- each is up to $300 per child under age 6 and up to $250 per child ages 6 through 17. Parents who didn't get payments in July and August should have received an adjusted amount of $450 or $375 for each child (since the remaining checks will be spread out over four months instead of six).

iPhone 13: All the features we expected, but didn’t get – CNET

This story is part of Apple Event, our full coverage of the latest news from Apple. Apple’s iPhone 13 and 13 Pro certainly have a lot to offer over their predecessors: longer battery life, better cameras and more storage space at the base level. But there are still plenty of features we’d hoped to see on the iPhone 13 lineup that are missing from Apple’s latest iteration of smartphones. Many of these capabilities are available on Android competitors, while some can even be found on other Apple products.

Facebook slams WSJ series for ‘deliberate mischaracterizations’ – CNET [CNET]

Facebook on Saturday criticized a series of Wall Street Journal articles about the social media platform’s negative effects on users, saying the articles contained “deliberate mischaracterizations” and “conferred egregiously false motives to Facebook’s leadership and employees.”. The series, based on information culled from internal Facebook documents and online employee discussions,...

US sees surge in demand for monoclonal antibodies to treat Covid

Washington, Sep 19 (IANS) Monoclonal antibodies are high in demand for Covid treatment in the US, especially in those who reject the vaccine against the infectious disease, prompting the Joe Biden administration to impose new limits on orders for the drugs, the media reports say. Overall, the demand for monoclonal...

iOS 15’s best features: Focus mode transforms while FaceTime reinvents – CNET

This story is part of Apple Event, our full coverage of the latest news from Apple. Whether you’re getting Apple’s new iPhone 13 or holding onto a 6-year-old iPhone 6S, iOS 15 will be available to download to your phone starting Monday, Sept. 20. The new version of iOS has been in public beta for months undergoing a variety of tweaks leading to the final release. I’ve been testing iOS 15’s new features, and everything from bigger additions like FaceTime call web links for friends on Android and Windows to smaller changes like pinning conversations to the top of the Messages app has improved my iPhone without disrupting my daily status quo.

Apple’s iOS 15 update arrives Monday, but you might not want to install it right away – CNET

This story is part of Apple Event, our full coverage of the latest news from Apple. The next version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 15, will arrive on Monday. (Here’s how you’ll download and install iOS 15 when it appears.) Apple revealed the date during a launch event earlier this week, at which the tech giant also unveiled the iPhone 13, new iPads and the Apple Watch Series 7.