Predictions 2022: B2C CMOs Need To Adapt Or Get Sidelined

In 2022, B2C CMOs will either expand their remit and shine brighter than ever … or find themselves sidelined. The difference lies in whether a CMO can upskill and handle marketing’s new responsibilities or not, according to VP and Research Director Mike Proulx. Featuring:. Mike Proulx, VP, Research Director. Show...
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Revenue Growth Predicted for CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) for Automotive Market by 2026

GLOBAL INFO RESEARCH has made a brilliant attempt to elaborately and meticulously analyze the global CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) for Automotive market in its latest report. All of the market forecasts presented in the report are authentic and reliable. The CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) for Automotive market report provides a...
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CMOS Technology Leaps to New Levels With Latest sCMOS and qCMOS Sensors

A scientific complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (sCMOS) is typically used in applications related to biomedical imaging or astronomy; however, due to its superior resolution capability, it is being applied to alternative vision applications. Bae Systems’ newest sCMOS Hawkeye claims to be the first CMOS image sensor (CIS) to capture imagery in overcast...

Characterization of Low Light Performance of a CMOS sensor for Ultraviolet Astronomical Applications

Timothee Greffe, Roger Smith, Myles Sherman, Fiona Harrison, Hannah Earnshaw, Brian Grefenstette, John Hennessy, Shouleh Nikzad. We report the performance of a radiation hardened SRI 4K$\times$2K CMOS image sensor at temperatures down to 140 K. A biasing scheme to suppress readout glow during long exposures is highly effective so that the 0.077 $\mathrm{m\mathrm{e^-}/s}$ dark current floor is reached at 160 K, rising to 1 $\mathrm{m}\mathrm{e^-}\mathrm{s}$ at 184 K. We examine the trade-off between readout speed and read noise, finding that 1.43 $\mathrm{e^-}$ median read noise is achieved using line-wise digital correlated double sampling at 700 $\mathrm{kpix/s/ch}$ which corresponds to 1.5 $\mathrm{s}$ readout time. The 15 $\mathrm{k}\mathrm{e^-}$ well capacity in high gain mode is extended to 120 $\mathrm{k}\mathrm{e^-}$ in dual gain mode. Continued collection of photo-generated charge during readout makes possible a further dynamic range extension beyond $10^6\,\mathrm{e^-}$ effective well capacity with only $1\%$ loss of exposure efficiency by combining short and long exposures. A quadratic fit to correct for non-linearity reduces gain correction residuals from $1.5\%$ to $0.2\%$ in low gain mode and to $0.4\%$ in high gain mode. Crosstalk to adjacent pixels is only $0.4\%$ vertically, $0.6\%$ horizontally and $0.1\%$ diagonally. These characteristics plus the relatively large ($10\mathrm{\mu}\mathrm{m}$) pixel size, quasi 4-side buttability, electronic shutter and subarray readout make this sensor an excellent choice for wide field imaging in space, even at FUV wavelengths where sky background is very low.

Digital B2B Content Needs an Overhaul

B2B marketers embrace a new outlook on what kinds of content will resonate with audiences burned out from too much information. Bombarded by marketing content for nearly the past two years, B2B buyers are feeling burned out and are dramatically reducing their content intake. But that doesn’t mean brand managers can let up when it comes to developing their messaging efforts. To the contrary, CMOs and marketers have to stir their creative juices to develop the kinds of campaigns that have a touch of fun and, perhaps more important, treat their customers like humans.

MvBlueCougar-XT cameras

The first models of the mvBlueCOUGAR-XT camera range were equipped with the high-speed sensor models IMX530 (24.6 MP), IMX531 (20.4 MP) and IMX532 (16.2 MP) from the Pregius S Gen4 CMOS range from Sony. More sensors are now available with IMX535 (12.4 MP), IMX536 (8.1 MP) and IMX537 (5.1 MP).

13 hospitals seeking CMOs

Below are 13 hospitals, health systems or hospital operators that posted job listings seeking CMOs in the last two weeks. Note: This is not an exhaustive list. Job listings were compiled from online job seeker websites. 1. St. Mary's Healthcare in Amsterdam, N.Y.,. a CMO. 2. Livonia, Mich.-based Trinity Health.

First Impression: Sony HDC-F5500 Super 35-mm 4K CMOS Camera System

ENG/EFP/studio cameras and cine cameras have been on a collision course of converging technology in the last few years. You can see it in cine cameras equipped with studio camera connections, servo-cine glass, and now the Sony HDC-F5500 looks like a step in the evolution. It’s a camera designed to succeed in the live production workflow with the Super 35 sensor and a global shutter. The specs read as if it’s purpose-built for churches, and Craig Harper from Sony Faith confirmed that to be the case. In fact, the first of these cameras shipped to the US were sold to churches.
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Frustrated with agencies, CMOs say bringing media buying in-house is back on the agenda

As brands get their marketing back on track post-pandemic, marketers say in-housing media is taking priority. And they want more help from agencies to achieve it. A report from digital consultancy Kepler made harsh reading for media agencies. It involved over 150 senior marketers from leading brands across FMCG, automotive, retail and finance.

3 Things CMOs Need To Remember While Budgeting For 2022

CEO, Code3, a performance-driven digital marketing agency operating at the intersection of media, creative and commerce. Where brands win. Next year, the spotlight will be shining brighter than ever on chief marketing officers and how they allocate their budgets. In August of this year, surveyed CMOs said that their marketing spending had increased by more than 5% in the previous 12 months. And in 2022, spending is predicted to skyrocket by more than 13%. So the pressure is on, and room for error is shrinking. Here I will cover three major thoughts to consider while you decide which areas of strategy deserve the most dollars.

5 Cognitive Biases CMOs Should Watch For When Making Decisions

Editor’s note: This piece is part of our Columnist Network series, which explores the tactical thoughts and actions from Adweek’s community of high-level experts. Today, Jake McKenzie of Intermark Group lays out the cognitive pitfalls that marketers under pressure may easily succumb to. Below, in his own words, he offers five lessons to help keep bias out of decision-making.

A highly stable, nanotube-enhanced, CMOS-MEMS thermal emitter for mid-IR gas sensing

The gas sensor market is growing fast, driven by many socioeconomic and industrial factors. Mid-infrared (MIR) gas sensors offer excellent performance for an increasing number of sensing applications in healthcare, smart homes, and the automotive sector. Having access to low-cost, miniaturized, energy efficient light sources is of critical importance for the monolithic integration of MIR sensors. Here, we present an on-chip broadband thermal MIR source fabricated by combining a complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) micro-hotplate with a dielectric-encapsulated carbon nanotube (CNT) blackbody layer. The micro-hotplate was used during fabrication as a micro-reactor to facilitate high temperature (>700 \(^{\circ }\)C) growth of the CNT layer and also for post-growth thermal annealing. We demonstrate, for the first time, stable extended operation in air of devices with a dielectric-encapsulated CNT layer at heater temperatures above 600 \(^{\circ }\)C. The demonstrated devices exhibit almost unitary emissivity across the entire MIR spectrum, offering an ideal solution for low-cost, highly-integrated MIR spectroscopy for the Internet of Things.
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How the next generation of CMOs are shaking up marketing for the better

Customer champion, strategist, storyteller, frontline defender of the brand – the chief marketing officer (CMO) holds one of the most innovative and demanding roles in any organization. But the last 18 months have put even more strain on senior marketing leaders as they stepped up to lead their teams through...
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How can CMOs maximize influence among the C-suite?

This content is produced by a member of The Drum Network, a paid-for membership club for CEOs and their agencies who want to share their expertise and grow their business. After almost two years of accelerated digitization and change to consumer behavior, brands are still struggling to find ways to adapt to the rapidly shifting digital landscape. While consumer data is more abundantly available today than ever before, many brands are failing to use this data effectively to understand consumer needs.

CMOS Sensor

The Apx60 high-resolution CMOS sensor from Atik Cameras Ltd. is built for the industrial, scientific, and OEM sectors. The large device employs 61 MP over a 43.3-mm diagonal sensor. With no amp glow, it can be used in applications that demand large format images with high detail such as microscopy, spectroscopy, printed circuit board inspection, flat panel screening, colorimetry, neutron imaging, luminescence, fluorescence, and astrophotography. The Apx60 comes complete with a back focus of 17 mm ±0.5 which can be reduced to 9.5 mm ±0.5, reliable cooling to -35 °C delta, a 521-MB memory buffer, anticondensation and antireflection optics to increase transmission, and a robust build quality.

Headline Roundup: Michigan Hospital CMOs Urge Action Against COVID-19

The MHA published a consensus statement Nov. 22 on behalf of chief medical officers of Michigan’s community hospitals urging the public to take action to help slow COVID-19 growth throughout the state. Below is a collection of headlines from around the state that reference the statement and focus on the...