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Isn’t it time for a consumable network fabric?

Data centers have been built around consumable compute and storage resources for decades. However, the network and switches needed to support this were not included. Because of this, hyperscalers ran into scaling limits and, for some time, have been building networks that attempted to meet the demands of both compute and storage. Network equipment vendors have been slow to follow that suit; perhaps because their businesses were built around selling purpose-built hardware.
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Microsoft cloud storage: is OneDrive or Azure right for your business?

Microsoft is one of the best cloud storage providers, and offers some of the best cloud storage for business too. But before you can dive into Microsoft cloud storage, you have to choose between two different products: OneDrive and Azure. Microsoft OneDrive is a file storage service that integrates with...

AMD and MediaTek rumored to form joint venture focusing on notebook SoCs

Rumor has it that the joint venture would focus on notebook SoCs with integrated Wi-Fi 6, 5G and high bandwidth wired controllers. AMD could also be looking to use future MediaTek custom ARM cores in combination with RDNA graphics for high-end notebook processors competing with Apple's M models. AMD is...

DevSecOps and hybrid cloud: 4 items for your security checklist

Cyberattackers are looking for the path of least resistance into enterprise systems and networks. Consider the raft of recent cyberattacks—Kaseya, Colonial Pipeline, SolarWinds, Capital One, Weight Watchers; the list goes on and on. Human error is the common thread. Indeed, Gartner has said that, through 2025, 99% of cloud security-related issues will be the result of human error. Think misconfigurations, compromised (or no) passwords, unpatched systems, and so on.

Here's how to setup your own cloud

Despite all their apparent advantages, there are several drawbacks to using a cloud service. Even if you ignore the privacy repercussions of transferring confidential files to remote servers, many of the public services will quickly become financially infeasible for small businesses as the costs quickly mount with the addition of users and files.

Is Microservice Architecture the best choice for Machine Learning Deployment?

Understanding the difference between Monolithic Architecture and Microservice Architecture. Machine Learning deployments trends are moving towards agility, scalability, flexibility, and shift to cloud computing platforms. Organizations that previously managed and deployed applications with a central team and Monolithic architecture has reached the bottleneck when it comes to scaling with the increase of data volume and demand. Therefore, Microservices Architecture is becoming a popular approach for organizations and has been adopted by large organizations such as Netflix, Amazon, Uber, Grab, etc.
COMPUTERS Inc.: The Earnings Continue To Rise

Shares of Inc. (NYSE: CRM) traded at a new 52-week high today of $285.73. Approximately 7.2 million shares have changed hands today, as compared to an average 30-day volume of 6.5 million shares. Inc. has overhead space with shares priced $283.75, or 38.0% below the average consensus analyst...
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Implementing IT Service Management Changes with CloudOps

As organizations become increasingly dependent on software-based solutions, strategies to improve their efficiency and reliability are critical. IT Service Management (ITSM) provides a blueprint for the business strategy required to facilitate collaboration between your organization’s operations and the technology used to support them. CloudOps takes this one step further, allowing organizations to focus on their core-competencies rather than on creating and maintaining backend IT infrastructure and underlying technologies.

Implications of Serverless Technologies in Healthcare

Only a handful of technologies have the power to drive the digital transformation of robust, traditional systems, allowing for fast pacing, like those that exist in healthcare. This trailblazing technology relies on the most advanced services to offer flexibility, automatization, and the much-needed personalization in the medical landscape. It can...

HPE campaigns against 'cloud first' push in UK public sector

Comment Hewlett Packard Enterprise has posted a "UK Public Sector Manifesto" with nine themes, alongside a campaign hyping the value of hybrid cloud. The bugbear for HPE is that UK government introduced a "cloud first" policy in 2013. The current version was revised in 2017 but it mandates that central...

This Kubernetes training is your ticket to a job in cloud computing

By the end of last year, 67% of enterprise infrastructure could be found in the cloud according to Forbes. By the time 2021 finishes, you can bet that figure is going to be much higher. This trend is growing rapidly, and jobs are keeping pace. If you want to land...
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Why Salesforce Shares Continue To Rise Today Inc (NYSE:CRM) is trading higher Friday after several firms maintained bullish ratings on the stock and raised price targets following the company's Investor Day presentation. Salesforce said it now expects its fiscal year 2022 revenue to be in a range of $26.25 billion to $26.35 billion versus the estimate...

IBM Stock: Is It A Buy Right Now? Here’s What Earnings, Chart Show

When Arvind Krishna became chairman and chief executive of IBM (IBM) in April 2020, he immediately prioritized building what the company calls an open, hybrid cloud platform. This expansion also focused on artificial intelligence technology. So is IBM stock now a buy?. X. A hybrid cloud architecture means IBM can...
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Cloud Becoming Ubiquitous for Market Data Delivery

While some traditional financial services companies have more slowly transitioned to the cloud, capital markets firms have embraced cloud computing across their entire value chains — front-, middle-, and back-office. We wanted to understand the dynamics behind this rapid adoption, the most common use cases, and the types of technology most in use, particularly as it relates to market data. Google Cloud commissioned Coalition Greenwich to survey 102 institutional capital markets professionals — at exchanges, trading systems, data aggregators, data producers, asset managers, hedge funds, and investment banks — in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Three characteristics to ensure success for live streaming

"The only thing that is constant is change." In a world shaped by the Covid-19 pandemic over the past 18 months, never has this quote from Greek philosopher Heraclitus been more true. Shaped by lockdowns and social distancing, the world in which we live, learn, and work has altered irrevocably, with technology coming to the fore as a critical enabler for collaboration, engagement, and how we consume content.