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TikTok Faces State Lawsuit Over Security Concerns and Mature Content Access

TikTok is at the receiving end of a lawsuit from Indiana, as they accuse the platform of security risks and having mature content accessible to all ages. The state's Attorney General claims that TikTok broke consumer law because it didn't warn users that, theoretically, sensitive data can be acquired. There's...
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RingCentral: Still Working From Home, Buy This UCaaS Stock

RingCentral Inc is down nearly 81% YTD. We believe the stock provides a solid turnaround investment toward 2023. We expect RingCentral to expand its position as a high-growth SaaS company in 2023 and is better positioned now to outperform in the UCaaS space. The macroeconomic environment has not been kind...

Project aims to boost field connectivity

Many farmers and agricultural experts see digital farming as the way of the future. Managing farms using sensors, drones and robots, artificial intelligence, advanced data analytics and more will be key to efficiently feeding the world’s increasing population, expected to reach 10 billion by 2050. But maximizing agricultural technology’s...

Deutsche Bank, NVIDIA to Embed AI into Financial Services

Deutsche Bank (ETR: DBK) announced a multi-year innovation partnership with NVIDIA in order “to accelerate the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in the financial services sector.”. Combining Deutsche Bank’s financial industry expertise with NVIDIA’s leadership in AI and accelerated computing “will hasten the development of...

Pentagon awards $9 bn in cloud computing deals to four firms

The Pentagon announced Wednesday it has awarded $9 billion in cloud computing contracts to Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Oracle, after scrapping a previous deal during a dispute between two of those firms. The Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability (JWCC) is a "multiple-award contract vehicle that will provide the DoD the opportunity...

Three cloud security lessons learned in 2022 – and the path forward

Enterprises across every vertical in every geography have moved to the cloud en masse. The cloud has revolutioned the way IT infrastructure gets managed – removing the need to purchase, install, and configure hardware – shifting the focus to building applications. Cloud-first enterprises are reaping the benefits of...
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Salesforce and Veeva Systems Are Set to Sever Ties. Here's What Investors Need to Know

Veeva Systems said it will not renew its long-time relationship with Salesforce in 2025. Meanwhile, Salesforce has also been losing a number of executives. It's been a tough year for cloud stocks, and both companies are likely feeling pressure to cut costs. You’re reading a free article with opinions that...

Kyndryl: Guide to Company’s History, Operations & Investments

Kyndryl is an innovative technology company revolutionizing how businesses and customers interact. Established in 2021, Kyndryl Holdings has quickly become a leader in developing digital solutions. That enable organizations to improve customer experiences. In this blog post, we will discuss the company’s history, operations. In conclusion, investments to give you a better understanding of what it is all about. From providing cloud-based customer service solutions to leveraging artificial intelligence. To ptimize customer interactions, it is at the forefront of the technological revolution. Let’s dive in and explore the fascinating world of Kyndryl.

Why Early Threat Detection Is Important In K-12 Cloud Security

Cloud security is a lot like running a race. The faster you are, the better. But unlike the typical marathon, there’s no reward for finishing in second place. Instead, there are serious consequences, especially when you’re protecting sensitive student data. Simply put, time is of the essence. That’s...

Keeper Security Announces StateRAMP Authorization

Keeper Security Government Cloud, a platform for managing and protecting passwords, secrets and privileged accounts, meets stringent StateRAMP standards. Keeper Security, the leading provider of zero-trust and zero-knowledge cybersecurity software protecting passwords, secrets and connections, announced that the company has obtained StateRAMP Authorization at the Moderate Impact Level for its Keeper Security Government Cloud (KSGC).

Cloud Computing: How Creators and Innovators are Redrawing the Landscape of the Tech Industry

The global of generation, just like the cosmos, is continuously expanding. New technology are being delivered with such rapidity that the generation of nowadays will become outdated, even obsolete, in only a few weeks’ time. The latter 1/2 of of the twentieth century noticed rapid technological advancements, headlined via way of means of the start of computers. These machines reinforced the crucial human enterprise of simplifying tasks, growing performance and productivity, and optimally making use of the confined resources, along with time, at our disposal. The introduction of the cloud marked a watershed second withinside the area of laptop technology and for all time modified the legal guidelines governing the technological universe.

The Broken Promise Of AI: What Went Wrong Between 2012 And 2022

Lewis Wynne-Jones is the Vice President of Product at ThinkData Works. In 2012, two things happened that set the tone for the next decade of data investments. One was technological, the other was professional, and they both revolutionized the way we think about data. Together, these events directly led to the emergence of artificial intelligence as a business prerogative. Today, however, AI is fraught with problems, and fewer businesses, not more, are saying they’re data-driven.

Report: The Hotelier’s Guide to Digital Transformation in Hospitality F&B

Hotel POS solutions continue to present challenges and obstacles, with most still facing end-of-life risks, leading to unmet guest or employee needs. So, what is the key in today's digital world for a successful and innovative future in your F&B business? We interviewed hoteliers, F&B experts and cloud technology providers to get the right answer: move your technology stack to a modern cloud environment and know how to use it to enhance your hotel tech.

5G Technology: What You Need To Know About The Future Of Internet Connectivity

5G technology offers a huge leap forward in terms of performance, with download and upload speed up to 10 times faster than 4G. With 5G technology, users are no longer limited by location, as it operates on a wireless system. This wireless connectivity creates almost instantaneous data transmission speeds and significantly lower latency rates. In addition, 5G boasts improved scalability over traditional methods of data transfer, which allows for greater flexibility in the use of applications such as streaming services and cloud computing.

Create Website Google Cloud

Create Website Google Cloud – Posted at 11:04 am, Comments Off on The Easy Way to Host and Build Your Website on the Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is offered by Google and is a product of cloud computing services that suddenly increases the demand for the very platform that Google uses internally for its end applications, for example, Google Search, Gmail, data storage and YouTube.