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Community Colleges Across the United States to Host the 2022 CGI University Annual Meeting

Through a partnership with the American Association of Community Colleges, member schools will serve as the virtual host campuses for the CGI U annual meeting April 11-13 CGI U students from across the world continue to come together virtually to take action on the COVID-19 pandemic, racial injustice, climate change, and pressing issues in their communities.
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Going global, starting local

The University has over 800 student organizations — students can choose to involve themselves in the arts, debate, advocacy, politics, sports, dance and far more. A focus for many groups, however, is service. Students volunteer their time to support local, national and even global causes. Despite these efforts, professors, fellow students and external communities voice ethical concerns with students volunteering outside the University community. In particular, issues with power dynamics and the long-term impacts of student volunteering have yet to be addressed at a large scale.
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‘Red-Handed’ Contains 1,093 Endnotes, No Unnamed Sources

Alex Wong/Getty, HarperCollins; Edit: BNN The soon-to-be-released bombshell book Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win by nonpartisan investigative bestselling author Peter Schweizer contains 1,093 endnotes totaling 81 pages of source material, Breitbart News has learned. Furthermore, the highly anticipated book relies on zero unnamed sources, making its...
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Video: Young Tattooed Guy In A Tank Top Learns The Hard Way Not To Mess With The Older Fella Wearing A Hat

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) ** One dude learned the hard way that old man strength is a very real thing. In a video that was sent to us this morning, a younger guy was trying to chirp an older gentleman. That’s when things went south in a fast way. The video is allegedly taken near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The older man threw a couple of professional punches and immediately knocked him out. Watch the wild video below. This younger, tattooed guy in a wife-beater picked the wrong grandpa to scrap with.

Exclusive: Revealed: The remarkable lengths taken to whitewash Bill Clinton's cosy links to pervert Jeffrey Epstein when Hillary ran for President

The email came out of the blue one day in 2016. Almost a decade had passed since Miles and Cathy Alexander had left their jobs as residential managers of Little St James, Jeffrey Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean.Since then, Epstein had been jailed — briefly — for paedophile offences and the couple had retired to their native South Africa.But now Darren Indyke, the disgraced tycoon’s attorney, was back in touch. The lawyer wanted the Alexanders to do something that would be of particular benefit to Hillary Clinton and her campaign to become the first female President of the United States,

Tulsi, Not Hillary, Is Biden’s Real Primary Threat in 2024

Tulsi Gabbard, the former congresscritter and feisty social media maven, is shaping up to be the Democrat challenger to watch as Joe Biden’s presidency collapses — no matter what Hillary Clinton and her hangers-on in the media want you to believe. Clinton, often best known among Democrats as...

Here Comes the Hildebeast!

Joke Biden’s approval ratings are in the basement. The Dems can’t prep Kamala because she’s completely incompetent and unlikeable. Good morning from sunny – and newly locked down – Cebu. It’s not a complete lockdown, but it’s stupid enough, especially with the lights still out...

Emerald Robinson: My Big Prediction for 2022

The Great Reset is a coordinated attempt by our corrupt ruling elites to end democracy around the world. Is there still time to stop it?. Please send Klaus Schwab straight to F.D.R. ASAP. Amen. 7. Human beings are not yet capable of democratically-elected, republic forms of government. We’ll come back...

Bill and Hillary Clinton want to return to politics.

Bill and Hillary Clinton want to GET BACK INTO OFFICIAL OFFICIAL OFFICIAL OFFICIAL. As the Democrats appear to be heading for a devastating midterm election this fall, Bill and Hillary Clinton see an opportunity to return to politics. According to Politico Playbook, the power couple believes their centrist, deal-making brand...

Democrats tease Hillary Clinton 2024 presidential run in op-ed

Could a third time be the charm for Hillary Clinton?. That’s the case made by two prominent Democrats who claim a “perfect storm” of President Biden’s plummeting job approval ratings, Vice President Kamala Harris’ own unpopularity and the commander-in-chief’s advanced age could provide an opening for the former first lady and secretary of state. ​

Using the Whole Whale - A Nonprofit Podcast

Search past episodes of Using the Whole Whale - A Nonprofit Podcast. Nonprofit News for mid January. Acquisition of Network For Good, Backed By Provide Equity Firm, Rolls Up Numerous Nonprofit Technology Products The same venture firm that brought EveryAction, Social Solutions and CyberGrants under one corporate roof has added Network For Good to its roster. Th…

Hillary Hints at 2024 Run

"Hillary Clinton's all-encompassing ambition will ensure that she can never be completely counted out for a presidential run as long as she is still drawing breath," noted Robert Spencer recently. With Biden more addled by the day, and few prospects on the bench, such a run could indeed happen -- especially with Hillary's recent hints on the matter.
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Chelsea Clinton Net Worth 2022, Age, Height, Weight, Biography, Wiki and Career Details

College: Stanford University, University of Oxford, Columbia University. Kids/Children Name: Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, Jasper Clinton Mezvinsky, Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky. Chelsea Victoria Clinton is the only child of the former US president, Bill Clinton. Chelsea is one of the most famous personalities in America as she has been in the limelight ever since she was a little girl. She is an American TV Personality, anchor, and author. Besides that, Chelsea has a seat on the board of Directors of the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global initiative. Well, this and a lot more about Chelsea Clinton is in this article.


Top 10 Grossest FOOD Moments with The Loud House Puppets! 🍝 | Nickelodeon Toymation. Top 10 Grossest FOOD Moments with The Loud House Puppets! 🍝 | Toymation. Come along with puppet Lincoln, Baby Lily, and more Loud siblings for some weird and funny gross food moments! Would you rather eat sushi covered in pancake syrup with Lincoln and Lisa, or bugs and slugs dipped in B.O. water with Lana?! We hope you're hungry!

Catching Up with 2020's Kid of the Year Honorees

A year has passed since the first TIME Kid of the Year TV special aired on Nickelodeon. The special introduced Bellen, Gitanjali, Ian, Jordan, and Tyler, and named Gitanjali the 2020 Kid of the Year. Since then, these kids have been busy with activism, art, and education. Read their updates below. And stay tuned: The next Kid of the Year special will air Wednesday, February 9 on Nickelodeon. Who will it be?

Hillary Takes To Begging For Change On Twitter

Oh, how the Dem favorite has fallen. It looks like after failing to become president twice Hillary Clinton's foundation is struggling to stay afloat. Even Dems don't like to back the wrong horse. So in order to try to keep her foundation alive, Hillary has been hitting Twitter with her hand out asking for donations.

North Korea missile launch puts Fort Greely on high alert

North Korea fired what is believed to be a missile into the waters of the Pacific Ocean on Wednesday morning, according to the Japanese government. In response, Fort Greely, Alaska personnel were ordered to find shelter immediately during what was still Tuesday afternoon in Alaska. It’s unknown what kind of...
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MercyOne Clinton Foundation seeks donations to help meet emergency prescription needs

CLINTON — MercyOne Clinton Foundation is sponsoring the Med Tree campaign through Jan. 31. The campaign raises funds for the Emergency Prescription Fund, which assists people in the community with emergency medication needs. The fund is administered by the Information, Referral, and Assistance Services agency in Clinton. “Many people...