David Heyman and Tony Ayres on ‘Clickbait,’ the Power of Television and the Possibility of a ‘Harry Potter’ Series

In their new limited Netflix series, “Clickbait,” producers David Heyman and Tony Ayres set out to make something more than just visual clickbait. They wanted a show that blends compulsive viewing with deeper, universal themes. In the series, Adrian Grenier (“Entourage”) plays an outwardly devoted husband and father who finds himself at the centre of a murderous viral video as his family scramble to find him while a ghoulish public (and press) devour the story. “As I move into television, it’s about making shows that stay with you,” said Heyman, who has produced the “Harry Potter” films as well as Quentin Tarantino’s...
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'Clickbait' pulls you into a deep web and more to watch

(CNN) — Just when I thought I was done being obsessed with streaming, they pulled me back in!. Between rainy weather, scorching temps and wanting to stay safe from the Delta variant, I'm in this house where I am determined to declutter, learn a second language and meal prep. Right.
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‘He’s All That’ Review: Soulless Netflix Clickbait Lacks All the Charm of the ’90s Original

The charming if cheesy 1999 rom-com “She’s All That,” starring Freddie Prinze Jr. as a hot jock and Rachael Leigh Cook as the introverted art nerd he tries to transform into a glittering prom queen, turns 23 next year. Feel old yet? If you’re old enough for that Miramax production directed by Robert Iscove to mean anything, you’re probably too old for Netflix’s gender-flipped new sequel, “He’s All That,” to mean anything at all. Unless you enjoy the feeling of your soul being destroyed by another piece of Netflix clickbait, this is one to skip. Overstuffed with conspicuous product placement as...
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'Clickbait' Season 2: Everything We Know

Most people who grew up with the Internet have come to overlook its dark side. The World Wide Web is an amazing tool that stores knowledge, connections, and community, but it also gives people the chance to be anonymous, or have secret lives. Netflix's buzzy new thriller, Clickbait, examines what happens a viral video exposing unknown "truths" turn a family upside down.

'Clickbait' tells a twisty mystery that might not be worth a click

(CNN) — "Clickbait" is one of those intriguing ideas that's likely to lose followers as it progresses, a social-media-age whodunit that features a different character every episode, building toward an increasingly convoluted payoff. If you start watching you'll probably want to see this Netflix death-by-Internet mystery through to the end, but as is often true, think hard before that first click.

Clickbait creator reveals Netflix thriller is based on real cybercrime cases

"We became fascinated with the idea of the new categories of crime that have sprung up since the internet has taken over our lives," Tony Ayres says. In the murder-mystery thriller Clickbait, there's something even more sinister and dangerous out there than criminals: the internet. Netflix's new limited series is...

Clickbait: Adrian Grenier, Betty Gabriel Discuss IRL Catfishing & More

Netflix's character-based psychological thriller series Clickbait is currently streaming on the network portraying the dangerous world of social media misinformation. An eight-episode limited series told from revolving points of view, Clickbait is a compelling, high stakes thriller that explores the ways in which our most dangerous and uncontrolled impulses are fueled in the age of social media, revealing the ever-widening fractures we find between our virtual and real-life personas. Recently Adrian Grenier, who plays Nick Brewer- A seemingly upstanding college volleyball coach and devoted husband and father whose life is derailed when he becomes a part of a bizarre crime; and Betty Gabriel, who plays Nick's wife Sophie- an Oakland woman struggling to keep her family together as they become the subject of the biggest media story in the nation, sat with Bleeding Cool for a quick 5 minute Q & A where they discussed being catfished in real life, what drew them to the script, and the dangers of social media.

‘Clickbait’ Trailer: Netflix Kidnapping Thriller Puts Adrien Grenier in the Hot Seat

The latest limited series from Netflix looks to be drawing on a lot of topics seen swirling around social media, from bad men to internet conspiracy theories. Basedon the first trailer, which you can see below, “Clickbait” aims to be an edgy look at the ways we examine people and the simmering secrets that lie underneath. The series tells the story of Nick Brewer (Adrien Grenier) who one day disappears. As his wife (Betty Gabriel) and sister (Zoe Kazan) start looking for him, a livestream pops up showing Nick holding signs alleging he’s beaten and murdered women. When the videos hit...

Why Emma Beesly From Clickbait Looks So Familiar

In the Netflix miniseries "Clickbait," Adrian Grenier of "Entourage" fame portrays Nick Brewer, a man who, to many of those close to him, appears to be a prototypical family man. However, Nick mysteriously disappears — then surfaces in an online video in which he holds a sign announcing that he abuses women and that, if the video reaches 5 million views, he'll die. The series then examines how Nick's relationships with certain women landed him in such a dire situation, as those who think they know him best investigate whether or not Nick is hiding an abusive past.

Why Entourage's Adrian Grenier Returned To TV For Netflix's Clickbait

Entourage helped launch HBO into the mainstream and strengthen its reputation for releasing shows not afraid to push boundaries. Since it ended in 2011, some members of the cast went on to lead other television shows, but star Adrian Grenier only popped up sporadically on television. Now, Grenier is headlining his first series in a decade. The actor revealed why Netflix’s Clickbait brought him back to television, years after the HBO series ended.