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How fallout from top secret documents found at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort could affect Canada

Vincent Rigby saw a lot over his 30-year career in public service, much of it working with some of the most sensitive and secret intelligence issues in Canada. But for all that experience, the former national security adviser to the prime minister found himself in a state of disbelief in August when he saw the FBI search the home of former U.S. president Donald Trump and leave with boxes of highly sensitive, classified information.
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Military counterintelligence, SBU exposed ex-employee of Ukrainian Ministry who was working for Russia

Military counterintelligence and SBU investigators conducted a multi-stage special operation to expose an ex employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine who had planned to side with Russia. To dedicate his “usefulness” to the Russians, he gathered classified information about the management as well as personnel of the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies.

An ex-employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who collected classified data for Russia was detained at the border (photo)

The traitor planned to pass the information through the Russian embassy in Budapest. The security service detained a traitor who wanted to hand over to the Russians a flash drive with information about employees of the special services, as well as the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Main Directorate of Intelligence and the Azov regiment.
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Want to make it ‘top secret’? Pay top dollar.

The US government classifies information to protect it from falling into the wrong hands. Secretly gathered information on a foreign nation’s nuclear weapons posture, identities of US intelligence agents, or profiles of foreign leaders using secret informants clearly warrant such protection. Still, there is a broad bipartisan consensus that too much information is classified.

“DOJ moving to charge Trump criminally,” assumes former DOJ official

According to new reports, most notably from Politico, the U.S. Department of Justice is likely moving toward charging former President Donald Trump in its investigation that led to the search warrant executed at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. This is according to a former DOJ counterintelligence chief who spoke to Politico.

Media Serve the Governors, Not the Governed

Since 2006 WikiLeaks has been censuring governments with governments’ own words. It has been doing the job the U.S. constitution intended the press to do, says Joe Lauria. n his 1971 opinion in the Pentagon Papers case, U.S. Supreme Court. Justice Hugo Black wrote:. “In the First Amendment the...

Federal Office: iPhone and iPad are secure enough for classified information

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) releases iPhones and iPads for federal authorities. Why this is useful for Apple. According to the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), iPhones and iPads are secure enough for processing classified information. To this end, the authority examined the security properties of the devices and the iOS and iPadOS operating systems more closely. The integrated apps for e-mails, calendar and contacts are therefore to be regarded as secure mobile solutions.

Former US security contractor Edward Snowden Just Announced A CHILLING Message That Wasn’t Supposed To Become Public

Former US security contractor Edward Snowden, who made headlines in 2013 by leaking highly sensitive information from the country’s National Security Agency (NSA), has been awarded Russian citizenship. The 39-year-old whistleblower revealed classified information on top-secret NSA programs, including the PRISM surveillance program, with The Guardian and The Washington Post, which both published their first exposés in early June 2013, while he was still an employee and subcontractor of the agency. Snowden’s leak of thousands of documents triggered lengthy and heated arguments about the balance between national security and individual privacy, earning him both acclaim and charges of treason. In this video, we explore the latest terrifying leaked file that has shocked the entire world!

Losani Family Foundation provides $22,000 to Brant Food For Thought

Children and youth are the future, so when they’re unable to access nutritious foods, they run the risk of not reaching their full potential. Brant Food For Thought (BFFT) understands this and looks for innovative ways to support children by providing much-needed access to food through school programs. This includes partnering with businesses that share in the mission of ensuring children have everything they need to thrive.

Independent Media, Thabo Makwakwa granted leave to appeal interdict sought by SSA

Cape Town – Independent Media, Independent Online and journalist Thabo Makwakwa were granted leave to appeal a judgment by the North Gauteng High Court, which interdicted them from publishing an intelligence report on the alleged activities of the CIA in destabilising the ANC. The report in question was compiled...

Federal Grand Jury is now investigating Donald Trump’s PAC

A new bombshell report ABC News released on Thursday indicates that a federal grand jury investigating the January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol and former President Donald Trump’s role therein, are now focusing the probe on Trump’s leadership PAC. Katherine Faulders and John Santucci of ABC...
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How China’s Covert Operations Fooled the World

The biggest deception China has successfully perpetuated in the West is that it would rise peacefully, gradually liberalize and present enormous business opportunities. Behind that veneer of reform, Beijing has played a masterful influence game, ensnaring governments, academia, think tanks, cultural groups, and businesses in the West to further its goal of global preeminence.

$4.5 billion Bitfinex BTC laundering case to include classified info

One of the biggest mysteries in the digital asset world took an unexpected turn after a United States district judge ruled that it contained classified information. At the center of the mysterious case are Ilya Lichtenstein and his wife, Heather Morgan, with the latter being a rapper better known to her fans as Razzlekhan. Arrested in February, the two are accused of being in charge of laundering over $4 billion in BTC stolen from Bitfinex in 2016. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) allegedly recovered a BTC wallet from Razzlekhan containing 120,000 BTC, worth $3.6 billion at the time.
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Justice Dept. asks Pence to answer questions as part of Jan. 6 probe

Justice Department prosecutors have asked former vice president Mike Pence to answer questions as part of their sprawling probe into the events of Jan. 6, 2021, and efforts to overturn the 2020 election results, according to two people familiar with the matter. The informal request came in recent weeks —...


Once forced onto reservations and forbidden to speak their own language, Sioux Native Americans became valuable assets in the armed forces following the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Serving under General MacArthur, seven Sioux men formed a small unit, known as the Lakota Code Talkers. Communicating in their native dialect, these brave men crossed enemy lines and relayed classified information in a language only they understood.