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Milley’s actions were attempted military coup against Trump: Goodwin

In the continuing war for the truth, the good guys went to battle with a lone pea shooter against miscreants that have a military. To be precise, it is the military of the United States of America. Its leader is the latest to have been exposed trying to delegitimize Donald...
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Tucker Carlson: The Biden administration finally forced to stop lying

As American forces were pulling out of Afghanistan this summer, Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, announced a new and highly innovative intelligence partnership. The Pentagon, Milley said, would begin sharing classified information with the Taliban — the bearded religious extremists in man pajamas that for 20 years we’ve been told pose a major threat to the United States. But no longer, they’re our partners now. The Biden administration, Milley explained, was open to coordinating with the Taliban on counterterrorism strikes against our new enemies — a shadowy group that may or may not actually exist, called "ISIS-K":
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At the Supreme Court, a Plea to Reveal Secret Surveillance Rulings

WASHINGTON — Last year, six months before he was nominated to be attorney general, Judge Merrick B. Garland wrote a forceful opinion on the importance of openness in the justice system. Court decisions, he said, are public documents. “Indeed,” he wrote, “since at least the time of Edward III, judicial...
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Legal Pundits and the Washington Post Line Up To Mock Durham’s “Zombie Investigation” in Stark Contrast to The Same Mueller Charges

In Washington, there is no greater indication of wrongdoing than the number of people denouncing efforts to investigate it. The “nothing to see here” crowd went into hyperventilation this week when Special Counsel John Durham indicted a former Clinton campaign lawyer, Michael Sussmann. Legal experts who spent years validating every possible criminal charge against Trump and his associates are now insisting that Durham needs to end his investigation. The Washington Post heaped ridicule on Durham despite an indictment detailing an effort to hide the connection of the Clinton campaign and a concerted effort to push false Russian collusion claims.

We Need to Save Expertise From the Experts

Much has been written about what the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan means for the future of that country and America’s global standing. But the failures of the war reveal a need for deeper introspection into what has gone wrong with American democracy and its institutions — including the story of failed expertise.

Ahmednasir On His Working Relationship With NIS

Arguably one of the most powerful figures in the judiciary, Ahmednasir Abdulahi aka Grandmullah known for not holding back his thoughts, is seen to command so much power and authority. For time, many have speculated that he’s an national intelligence asset. During an interview with Sunday Nation, he did a...

Q&A With The Grand Mullah Ahmednasir Abdullahi

Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi otherwise known as the Grand Mullah spoke to Nation on his time in the JSC, his views on the Judiciary past and present, and the political scene. Grand Mullah! A random Kenyan on the street will most likely know you by that name but has no...
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Carlson: ‘If You Fire Mark Milley for Killing a Bunch of Kids Unintentionally and Then Lying About It, Maybe the Accountability Chain Will Start’

Friday, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson began his program with a shot at the Biden administration for a drone strike that Pentagon brass now acknowledge killed civilians. Carlson hammered Milley for claims that he sought to share information with the Taliban and that strike. He suggested the accountability process would begin with the termination of Gen. Mark Milley’s tenure as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Should Biden’s Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff be Court Martialed?

It’s amazing people are not totally freaking out over this….Mark Milley secretly conspired with the Chinese military to end civilian control of our military. Milley secretly informed China that he would warn them in advance of any attack by U.S. military forces. Pentagon sources have admitted that Milley made the calls to the Chinese. But they insist that the general assured China that there would be no surprise attacks. It is a distinction with very little difference.

The moment QAnon took the person I love most

It has been four years since online posts claiming to be from a self-styled government insider, known as Q, first appeared making extreme assertions about those at the very top of US power and society. It spawned a far-reaching conspiracy theory that has torn families and friendships apart. It was...

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Pelosi Confirms General Milley Treason

(Patriot Insider) – Jennifer Griffin, a National Security Correspondent for Fox News, is now reporting that the Pentagon is saying Gen. Mark Milley “reviewed lawful launch procedures” after receiving a phone call from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a move that only further confirms this man committed a brazen act of treason.

CSotD: Staying off John Chancellor

Given that today is only the 17th, I have no idea how many people will turn out tomorrow to protest the arrests of people who attempt the violent overthrow of the government. Nor, assuming they show up, do I know whether they will be met with the rubber bullets, truncheons and tear gas used against those who protest police brutality or who clutter the site of photo ops at Episcopal Churches.
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'Hannity' on Milley's alleged phone call, Americans in Afghanistan

This is a rush transcript from "Hannity" September 15, 2021. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: All right. And thank you, Tucker. And welcome to HANNITY. ANNOUNCER: Americans Held Hostage Abandoned Behind Enemy Lines, Day 32. HANNITY: Sad...