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I went into BBNaija House to have fun – Tega

Tega, an evicted housemate of Big Brother Naija Show, says she went into the house to have fun. She said this in an interview with Classic FM on Tuesday. Tega, a married woman, has been under fire since she got evicted from the show on Sunday. Her romantic relationship with...
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The Music That Made Me: classical and film music

My first collection of albums was an eclectic one. I usually got a few CDs for Christmas – one year, when I was seven or eight, I got a soundtrack album from a hit new show called Spongebob Squarepants. Another year, I got an Atomic Kitten CD. But, when I was old enough to actually choose music of my own, I opted for film score collections. In later years, I diversified to listen to classical music and opera too – and yet, I grew up in an area where music was so uniform, it’s amazing I found this world at all.

Flight Attendant: “We Don’t Go With Federal Law – We Follow United”

We’ve had a lot of discussion on Live and Let’s Fly about passengers unjustifiably disobeying flight attendants, but sometimes it is necessary to stand up for yourself rather than roll over when the flight attendant is clearly in the wrong. An incident concerning a violin and a misinformed flight attendant makes this point clear.

Difficult bedtimes with insomniac 10 year old - any advice?

My 10 year old DS has always found getting to sleep difficult but lately it’s reaching epic proportions and he’s sometimes awake at 2am. I feel I have to be awake / can’t leave him anxious and alone so it’s getting exhausting and I lost my cool last night at 1.30am which didn’t help him or anyone. He’s quite an anxious little person so I know I need to tackle a bigger issue but also just need some short term tips. I was thinking about going back to bath/chat in the evening and reading a story and then leaving him with a podcast or book to read if he can’t settle. At some point though I still need to turn the light out or he’ll go on all night! Any podcast recommendations for 10 year olds? He really enjoyed Brian Cox series on planets and space-time but finished those and I think screens are probably not helping either late at night. Any podcast recommendations or other advice appreciated as I’m at the end of my tether!

West Sussex Philharmonic Choir: new season, new musical director

Suzanne Gates, chairman of WSPC, said: “Sean will bring his outstanding combination of talent and energy and humour to the choir as the new season starts on Tuesday, September 7 in Horsham. “The choir was unable to rehears or perform for 16 months and had to wait until July this...

How I ‘tricked’ Radio Africa CEO to pay me first salary of Sh. 380,000

Maina Kageni Salary Per Month: Maina Kageni is not only one of the most renowned media personalities in Kenya. He is also one of the highest paid. But how did he start his journey and what does he earn? Well, the radio presenter at Radio Africa’s Classic FM says that when he first joined Kiss 100 FM his starting salary was Sh. 380,000.

Apple challenges Classic FM and Radio 3 with Primephonic takeover

Apple is targeting fans of Beethoven and Mozart, taking on Classic FM and BBC Radio 3 with a new music streaming app for classical music lovers. The iPhone maker has snapped up Primephonic, a classical music streaming app, which will join its Apple Music business. The US technology company said...

The 25 greatest TV themes of all time

From ‘Downton Abbey’ to ‘Game of Thrones’, we reveal the very best musical themes ever written for the small screen. The job of TV themes is to get us excited for the next instalment of our favourite programmes, let us know when they’re starting, and evoke their world wonderfully in their carefully-chosen notes.

Number one TV theme song revealed by Classic FM

Inspector Morse has been voted the number one TV theme song of all time in a poll by music fans. More than 20,000 Classic FM listeners and Radio Times’ readers voted in a poll for their favourite TV themes. The dark, hypnotic theme tune to the ITV crime drama series,...

The music to ‘Inspector Morse’ revealed as the nation’s number one TV theme

The dark, hypnotic theme tune to Inspector Morse, composed by Australian-born Barrington Pheloung, has been voted the nation’s favourite TV theme, 34 years after its debut on screens. The UK’s favourite television music has been revealed in the Classic FM TV Music Countdown, in partnership with Radio Times. The chart...

Inspector Morse theme voted most popular in Classic FM and Radio Times poll

Two decades may have passed since Sunday nights were centred upon discovering which crime the brilliant detective with a flair for classical music was about to solve. Yet it appears the nation continues to remain enthralled by Inspector Morse, having voted its haunting theme tune the best ever made, overtaking modern favourites.