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Controversial crime app Citizen launches $20/month Protect service

Chief among the new paid features is a “Get Agent” button, which offers access to a Citizen operator for a number of different scenarios. The company says it exists for instances where a user “may not want to be seen calling 911.” Whether that’s a matter of personal safety or other issues around calling the police no doubt depends on both the user and situation. The agents effectively work as a conduit to emergency operators.
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Crime-tracking app Citizen now includes a premium-priced safety help line

The crime-tracking app Citizen is now launching its own emergency response service, promising access to agents who can call 911 or keep tabs on a potentially dangerous situation. Protect, which costs $19.99 per month, builds on a beta program that launched earlier this year. It’s part of a larger — and sometimes controversial — expansion effort at the startup, which has built a crime-mapping system into a live broadcasting platform while experimenting with private security services.
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Citizen, the controversial safety app, is ready to profit from its fear-based platform

Citizen is officially getting into the fear monetization game. On Tuesday, the crowdsourced public safety app launched Citizen Protect. The $19.99/month service gives subscribers access to an on-demand Protect Agent, who they can call upon if they think they need — or might need — emergency assistance. A Citizen spokesperson told Recode that the company sees Protect as a major part of the app’s path to profitability, since it doesn’t sell ads or user information. Citizen built this platform, and now it’s time to leverage it.
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Platinum Tooling Announces Expansion to Tool Program

Platinum Tooling announces an expansion to their tool program for automatic lathes. Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc., the exclusive importer of Heimatec live tools, angle heads, and multi-spindle heads, is excited to announce their extended product offering to the current Citizen tool program. In addition to the standard live and static tools, they will offer 1:4 speed increasers for the most current Citizen machine models. Designed to optimize the machine’s parameters, these precision tools are efficient and cost effective.
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Citizen App is Paying People to Livestream Crime Scenes in Major Cities

The app Citizen, which is used to alert users about emergencies unfolding in their area, has been recruiting people to livestream crime scenes in Los Angeles and New York. The program was first reported on by The Daily Dot in June, which noted a curious case of a Los Angeles man who was frequently interviewed for Citizen at crime scenes around the city. According to the report, Citizen confirmed that the man was part of an effort by the company to send out teams of people in major cities to record crime scenes for the app.
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This crazy iPhone app will pay you $250/day to livestream crime scenes

The Citizen app is raising eyebrows again. A few months ago, this neighborhood watch-style crime alert app made headlines for a test it was running. It involved sending its own on-demand private security vehicles to “patrol” various neighborhoods. Sort of an extension of the local police department, if you will. That news, however, coupled with the sometimes racist NextDoor-style crime reporting instantly made people much more wary of the app. The latest news: That Citizen has reportedly been recruiting on journalism job sites, looking for “field team members.” Today’s Top Deal Behold: Apple AirPods Pro just hit Amazon’s lowest price of 2021! Price: $189.99 You...
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Citizen app pays $200 to $250 a day to trace and livestream crimes and emergencies

In a nutshell: Think about being paid to report on emergencies comparable to a lacking little one, a home hearth, a shootout, a hit-and-run. That is what Citizen is doing, an app that alerts its consumer about harmful occasions surrounding their space. In the meanwhile, Citizen counts with 12 “subject group members,” incomes between $200 to $250 a day.
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Citizen’s crime livestreams are no substitute for local journalism

When Citizen first hit the App Store in 2016, it was called Vigilante — it marketed itself as a platform to fight injustice with transparency, which might sound good in theory, but in practice, it deliberately encouraged users to seek out crime scenes to report them. Vigilante was removed from the App Store for violating a clause in Apple’s App Developer Review Guidelines that an app shouldn’t be “likely to cause physical harm from its use.”
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Citizen Wants to Pay You $25 an Hour to Be a Nightcrawler

The vigilante app Citizen, your source for perusing footage of your neighbors’ flaming homes and potentially deadly car accidents, is soliciting applications for users looking to livestream nearby emergencies. For $200-$250 a day, you can be the hero this city needs; alternatively, a tabloid fiend with a smartphone slowly devolving into a bug-eyed insomniac and losing any remaining shred of humanity because human suffering = great content.
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Citizen pays New Yorkers $25 an hour to livestream crime scenes

Need to make $200 a day in New York Metropolis? Rush to the scene of a homicide, a three-alarm hearth or a visitors accident — then pull out your cellphone and begin capturing. That’s the pitch from Citizen, a controversial neighborhood watch app that’s quietly hiring New Yorkers to livestream...

Watch Review: Citizen Calibre 0200 Automatic

I’ve never felt like high-fiving someone after wearing a new wristwatch, but that was my precise emotional sensation when first putting on the new Citizen Calibre 0200 automatic watch. Even though I unboxed this pretty, new high-end Japanese timepiece alone at home, it would have been great to walk around a room high-fiving Citizen micro-engineers and watchmakers on the achievement. This isn’t the most expensive Citizen watch ever produced, nor does it represent the brand’s latest high-tech innovation. Rather, this is the most impressive traditional-style mechanical watch Citizen has ever made — and products like it happen to be really en vogue with watch-collector hobbyists. The Calibre 0200 is really well-done, and it is a more than competent challenger to Grand Seiko.

Heimatec Live Tool Speed Increasers for Virtually Any Setup

Platinum Tooling Technologies Inc., importer of Heimatec live tools and angle heads, offers a new and expanding Citizen tool line. The line includes both live and static tools for most Citizen lathes, as well as all current L Series and new M532 models. These precision tools are designed to optimize the machine’s parameters, resulting in improved efficiency and cost effectiveness, the company says.